Seoul 1945 (2006) [ENG Subs] (ep1-25 of 71)

June 16, 2017 keiko1981 9

Seoul 1945 episode 25: Dong Woo returns home, there he gets some news which upsets him. Suk Kyung, her mother, and servant Jung Ja are on their way to Tokyo. Both Woon Hyuk’s and Ke Hee’s family have decided to move to Seoul.

Gomen Aishiteru

Gomen, Aishiteru (2017) [JPN Subs] (announcement)

April 10, 2017 keiko1981 0

I plan on timing Japanese subtitles for the upcoming jdrama Gomen Aishiteru. A remake of Sorry I Love You (KBS2, 2004).

Okazaki Ritsu was abandoned by his mother when he was a child and lived on the margins of society. The underworld was the only place for him. One day, in a strange turn of events, Ritsu saves Mita Rinka. This is an encounter that will change both their destinies. Then, Ritsu gets involved in an accident and sustains a grave head injury. No one knows if he will be able to survive. Wanting to be filial to his mother in his last moments, Ritsu starts searching for her. He finds Hyuga Reiko with the information he has obtained. However, he sees the mother whom he believed had given him up because of poverty, shower tremendous love on her son Satoru. He is taken aback by their wealth and happy expressions, and struggles with conflicting feelings of yearning and loathing. Then he meets Rinka again. Rinka has had feelings for her childhood friend Satoru but it is not reciprocated while Ritsu seeks love because he has never been loved by anyone before. Rinka is gradually drawn to him as his loneliness and warmth touch her. Satoru has received all his mother’s love and lives without a care, not knowing Ritsu’s anguish. And Reiko dotes on Satoru without realizing that her son is by her side. Now their lives intersect.

Quartet (2017) [JPN Subs] (Complete)

March 26, 2017 keiko1981 0

Four people’s paths cross one winter by chance: two women and two men in their 30s, all whose dreams have gone sadly unfulfilled. Instead of swelling toward the peak of their lives, their lives all seem headed gently downhill. Despite being total strangers, they decide to share a house together in the wooded resort area of a Karuizawa. But “chance” also hides some pretty big secrets in this brand new adult-sized drama that will have you laughing at odd chemistry, biting your nails at unexpected turns, and even alarmed by some stark truths of the human condition.

Okaasan, Musume wo Yamete Ii desu ka (2017) [JPN Subs] (Complete)

March 20, 2017 keiko1981 0

A suspenseful family drama revolves around a mother and daughter who have an excessively close relationship. They have overcome many challenges together based on mutual trust; however, the tight-knit relationship was shaken by an encounter with a man. As the daughter becomes intimate with him, she begins to keep a distance from her mother. Being deeply disturbed by her behavior, the mother makes a radical move to have her daughter nearby.


Hokuto (2017) [JPN Subs] (announcement)

March 16, 2017 keiko1981 0

I plan on timing Japanese subtitles for Hokuto when I find RAW videos.

20-year-old Hokuto is being detained as a murderer and tells his court-appointed lawyer Takai Soichi to get him the death penalty. Hokuto was actually severely abused by his parents in his childhood and starved of love. He met Kondo Ayako who became his foster mother through child welfare services and learned of love for the first time. Released from the darkness of his mind, he started to feel like a new person but he is made sport by bizarre fate and becomes a murderer.

Hitoya no Toge (2017) [JPN Subs] (announcement)

March 16, 2017 keiko1981 0

I plan on timing Japanese subtitles for Hitoya no Toge when I find RAW videos.

The new prison officer Takeshima Ryota witness bullying and gambling inside of Kita Kanto Prison. With the help of Akimura Shigeharu he tries to make it a better place.