Sep 30

Oshin (1983)

Episode 105 is out!
Poor Oshin, doesn’t know what to do when these ladies arrive.

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Sep 27

Tentai Kansoku (2002)

English subtitles for Tentai Kansoku will become available here. For status updates see the status page or follow me on Twitter.

tentaikansoku00Title: 天体観測
Title (romaji): Tentai Kansoku
Also known as: Searchin’ for My Polestar
Episodes: 12
Viewership rating: 12,7%
Broadcast network: Fuji TV, KTV
Broadcast period: 2002-Jul-02 to 2002-Sep-17
Air time: Tuesday 22:00
Theme songs
Main theme: Will by Nakashima Mika
Insert theme: Tentai Kansoku by BUMP OF CHICKEN

It’s been three years since that summer when they laughed together gazing at the stars. Will Kyoichi, Tomoya, Takeshi, Mifuyu, Satomi, Yuri and Kenta continue to drift farther apart as friends? Or will they manage to strengthen their friendship again?

Ito Hideaki as Sayama Kyoichi
Sakaguchi Kenji as Kawamura Tomoya
Odagiri Joe as Kisaki Takeshi
Koyuki as Sawamura Mifuyu
Tabata Tomoko as Miyabe/Yamase Satomi
Konishi Manami as Ida Yuri
Yamazaki Shigenori as Yamazaki Kenta
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Sep 22

Seoul 1945 opening

There are some dramas where you by just watching the opening get the feeling that this will be a good drama. Seoul 1945 is one of them. Let the marathon begin.

Seoul 1945 is a drama that takes place during turbulent times in Korea, spanning from the end of the Japanese occupation to the eventual split of the country into North and South.

The story revolves around the lives of four young adults who grew up together. Choi Woon Hyuk is a child prodigy born into a family of poor miners, Kim Hae Kyung is the eldest daughter of tenant farmers, Lee Dong Woo is the heir to a wealthy, well-connected family; and Moon Suk Kyung is the only child of an affluent and powerful political ally of Japan.

In a blend of personal choices and circumstances beyond their control, each individual embarks on different paths that reflect the chaotic nature of the time as well as their true character. As their paths collide, love, friendship, loyalty, vengeance, moral conscience, and ideology become driving forces to irrevocably change the course of their lives.

Apparently there was some controversy over it.

At a press conference held in June 2006, 254 right-wing conservative groups accused the state-run KBS network of distorting history. They complained that Seoul 1945 had a left-wing bias, with its portrayal of Syngman Rhee as “a Japanese collaborator whose lust for power leads him to abandon a unified Korea, while characters of the Left are usually portrayed as considerate and concerned for the future of the nation,” and that the drama accuses Rhee and others of involvement in the assassination of the center-left leader Lyuh Woon-hyung. They asked for a halt to the broadcast and threatened a campaign to boycott the television subscription fee.[2]

In July 2006, Rhee In-soo, adopted son of South Korea’s first president Syngman Rhee, and Jang Byung-hye, daughter of former prime minister Jang Taek-sang, filed a lawsuit against the producers of Seoul 1945, claiming that the drama distorts history and belittles the achievements of their late fathers.

Source: English Wikipedia

Screenshots from the opening.

Sep 21

Dear My Sister (2011)

Episode 67 is out!
Yeongpyo meets President Hong. Geumju has returned home to Deokcheon. Malgu has another discussion with Byeongman.

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Sep 02

Kono yo no Hate (1994)

Title: この世の果て
Title (romaji): Kono yo no Hate
Also known as: The End of the World
Genre: Kurai, Romance
Episodes: 12
Viewership ratings: avg=22.9%, highest=25.3%
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 1994-Jan-10 to 1994-Mar-28
Air time: Monday 21:00
Theme song: OH MY LITTLE GIRL by Ozaki Yutaka (尾崎豊)

Maria is in need of money. Because her day-time job doesn’t pay enough, she works at night at a cabaret. She needs the money so that she can pay for her sister, Nana’s eyes operation. When both Maria and Nana were younger, Maria burned down the home, causing her sister’s blindness and killing their father (mother survived.) Shiro is a famous concert pianist. However, he isn’t happy with his marriage or his life in general. Maria and Shiro are united through a traffic accident, causing Shiro to be hospitalized. Faking amnesia and his identity, he stays at Maria’s place and eventually starts to work at the cabaret as a piano player. As you will find out later on, life was not meant for Maria and Shiro to find one another.

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Aug 12

D-Addicts status

ao_nono2Official Twitter account for D-Addicts.

Forum downtime is most likely caused by a MySQL database crash (or spam bots), it usually gets back online after a couple of hours. DramaWiki and FansubWiki appears to not be affected by this.

When the forum is down you visit the status thread at Some news may be posted there.

You can also see D-Addicts status at:

Many of the torrents posted on D-Addicts can be found by searching for them at Bitsnoop or BTDigg. You can also try searching the original Japanese/Korean name of a drama.

For example if your looking for Faith, search: 신의

Another alternative is adding D-Addicts’ torrent page as an RSS feed:

to Feedly (tutorial), or any other RSS reader that you use.

When the forum is down you can’t access the subtitles index. If you know who is subbing a drama try to find their blog/follow them on social media etc.

On the Links of Interest page have I listed places where to find dramas, fansub groups, among other things.

Status Log

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Jul 28

GIVEAWAY: Candy Candy cards

I’m a giving away these small Candy Candy cards. They did follow along with a DVD box I bought. If you want them, just reply to this post. Please use a valid e-mail when commenting. I will use it to contact you for more details.

Free shipping.

Congratulations to Purin, the cards have mailed and received.


Jul 26

Searching for Home: Chapter 20

searching5homeTitle: Searching for Home
Chelle and Nikki

Taylor glanced up, seeing that she was right. Her eyebrows were knitted and she had a true expression of part fear and part worry on her face. He felt sorry for not having told her from the beginning. Taylor wiped his hands on his napkin and then took a deep breath.

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Jul 23

Searching for Home: Chapter 19

searching5homeTitle: Searching for Home
Chelle and Nikki
Warnings: Deals a little with death, has some drinking in it. Some curse words, violence and sex, but nothing gory or graphic.

Brianna glanced at the table and saw the light on her answering machine blinking. She took off her shoes and pushed the button.

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Jul 23

Searching for Home: Chapter 18

searching5homeTitle: Searching for Home
Chelle and Nikki
Warnings: Deals a little with death, has some drinking in it. Some curse words, violence and sex, but nothing gory or graphic.

‘Home’. She thought to herself… or at least what she knew as home. Although she did feel a little bit out of place. It wasn’t the apartment or being away from her hometown, it was Tulsa altogether. She just didn’t feel like she belonged.

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