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Usually every 15 day I pick different drama(s) that I seed.

April 1st-April 15th Neko Zamurai (2013)

English (ep1) and English (ep2-ongoing)

nekoz03-04Title: 猫侍
Title (romaji): Neko Zamurai
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Jidaigeki
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: BS Fuji
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-13 to 2013-Dec-29
Air time: Sunday 23:00-23:30
Theme song: Waga Michi yo by NOAH

Madarame Kyutaro is a swordsman who was feared by people at one time. Now, he is poor and lives alone quietly. Kyutaro doesn’t know how to earn money without using his sword.

By chance, Sakichi happens to see Kyutaro’s swordsmanship and offers to hire him for a job. Sakichi wants Kyutaro to kill a white cat named Tama-no-jyo which his boss Yozaemon is fascinated by.

According to Sakichi, after Yozaemon began to raise the cat, he changed to a childlike person. Kyutaro initially turns him down thinking its an absurd request, but decides to take the job for the money. When Kyutaro opens the door to where the cat is, he sees the lovely white cat.



Kitamura Kazuki as Madarame Kyutaro
Hirata Kaoru as Wakana
Mizusawa Shingo (水澤紳吾) as Sakichi
Ito Yozaburo as Yozaemon
Sato Chikau (佐藤誓) as Goro
Kasahara Shinji (笠原紳司) Naito Kanbe
Yuki Ryoichi (ユキリョウイチ) as Ishiwatari Masamichi
Kawamura Ryosuke as Hachigoro
Motomiya Yasukaze (本宮泰風) as Hachiya Magosaburo
Takahashi Kaori as Oshichi
Yokoyama Megumi as Oshizu
Iwata Runaka (岩田月花) as Haru
Noguchi Masahiro (野口雅弘)
Kawaguchi Kazuna (川口和宥)

April 1st-May 1st Gold Land

English (ep1-45)

goldlandTitle: TV소설 순금의 땅 / TVsoseol Soongeumui Ddang
Also known as: TV Novel: Gold Land / Land Of Gold / Soon Geum’s Land
Genre: Family, romance, melodrama, period
Format: TV Novel
Episodes: 163
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-06 to 2014-Aug-22
Air time: Monday to Friday 9:00

Success story of Jung Soon Geum in ginseng business set in 1950s to 1970s, Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province.



Main Cast

Kang Ye Sol as Jung Soon Geum
Park Ha Young as young Soon Geum
Kang Eun Tak as Kang Woo Chang
Uhm Do Hyun as young Woo Chang
Baek Seung Hee as Han Jin Kyung
Ahn Eun Jung as young Jin Kyung
Lee Byung Hoon as Yoon Jung Soo
Jung Jae Min (정재민) as young Jung Soo

Soon Geum’s family

Kwon Oh Hyun as Jung Soo Bok
Village People
Song Young Jae (송영재) as Kim Bong Dal
Kim Jin Gook (김진국) as Woo Chang’s father
Lee Hwa Young (이화영) as Duk Goo’s mother
Jo Sun Hyung (조선형) as Jang Duk Goo
Hyun Suk Joon (현석준) as young Duk Goo
Jun Won Joo as inn owner
Park Ha Eun (박하은) as Duk BoonPeople around Se Woon Dang
Jung Ae Ri as Madam Se Woon Dang
Kim Myung Soo as Han Chi Soo
Kim Do Yun as Ji Yun Hee
Yoo Seung Bong as Haeng Rang Ah Bum
Shin So Yi (신소이) as young Jo Mi Ja
Jo Hye Sun (조혜선) as Jo Hyang Ja
Kim Esther (김에스더) as young Jo Hyang Ja
Cha Da Young (차다영) as Mi Soon
Park Sung Il (박성일) as Dok Sa
Kim Young Bae as Yang Bang Gi
Song Kyung Hoon(송경현) as Han Jae Il
Jo Sung Bum (조성범) as young Jae IlOthers
Lee Hyun Kyung as Seo In Ok
Choi Chang Yub as Yoon Young Soo
In Ji Won (인지원) as little Young Soo
Yoo Ah Mi (유아미) as Ssera
Choi Jong Nam (최종남) as Yak Jae Sang
Kim Joo Young as Park In Tae
Shim Yang Hong as Chairman Baek
Park Hye Young as Seo Hyun Jae
Shin Chul Jin (신철진) as Chairman Lee
Jung Yoo Geun as Kang Jin Woo
Im Jae Geun (임재근) as Hwang Gae Dong


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sketches

A couple of drawings I’ve made on Galaxy Note 4, using the default S Sketch app.

4. Drawn from memory. I think I’ll make a second try on coloring it.
6. Trying out shading in SketchBook Express.
7. Another drawing done in Sketchbook Express.

Oshin (1983)

Episode 126 is out!
Oshin runs away.

Added subtitles synced to ep117-126 (DVDrip).

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Searching for Home: Chapter 25

searching5homeTitle: Searching for Home
Chelle and Nikki

Brianna had tried to figure out if Taylor was simply trying to amuse them or if he was serious with his questions. After a little while though, she had realized that he was, indeed, completely clueless about the whole story of a princess, and how she had fallen in love with a poor boy from a village and was forbidden to see him again.

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Banners batch 1

Here is banners I am, or have used on my blog.

Dear My Sister
Credit: Keiko at Gifted Ones

Credit: Kaptain “Kappy” A at A Virtual Voyage. Thank you very much! :)

Lead the Dance
Credit: Keiko at Gifted Ones

Cheo Yong

I’ve finished watching the ghost hunting drama Cheo Yong. I think the drama was so-so. Watch it if you have time.

I was watching episode 6 in the middle of the night. The opening scared me half to death :)

Dear My Sister (2011)

Episode 72 is out!
5 years have passed and Yeongmisa is doing very well. Yeongpyo is on business trip to Seoul, and while there meet up with Bokhui. Deokcheon Winery isn’t doing well, Malgu has (another) plan on how to save it. Jeomnye doesn’t spoil Yeongdeok at all. :)

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D-Addicts status

ao_nono2Official Twitter account for D-Addicts.

DramaWiki and FansubWiki appears to not be affected when the forum is down.

When the forum is down you visit the status thread at Some news may be posted there.

You can also see D-Addicts status at:

When the forum is down you can not access the subtitles index. If you know who is subbing a drama try to find their blog/follow them on social media etc.

See Links of Interest for places to find information, dramas and subtitles.

Status Log
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Currently a new site is being worked on. Development updates will be posted here. Until the new site is up, see links of interest.

On November 19th 2014 D-Addicts closed down its torrent section.

Only the torrent section is closing. Discussions, subtitles, DramaWiki, etc will remain according to Ruroshin’s post.

From now on some will post over at Nyaa. Look under “Browse” and “Live Action.” For other places see links of interest.

At first, when I saw the I announcement I thought, “Maybe it’s an old thread.” I had to double check the date. Sadly it wasn’t. I wish it was April 1st.

And I happened to be the last one. :(



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I think Santa’s reindeers have been chewing on some cables.
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Word from @D_Addicts (Ruroshin/Admin): Forum going offline for maintenance.

Forum down approx. 15 hours.

Word circulate on Twitter that CJ Entertainment America has shut down D-Addicts.

Quoting Edohiguma from Jdorama
Those are just removal requests, including asking Google to remove D-Addicts from the search. Besides, CJ Entertainment has been doing this for weeks.
What we saw was the server not loading, then the MySQL database being gone and now it’s all down. My guess is something got fried big time. Repairing can take a while (especially over the weekend), and usually you wait for any news on that before switching hosts. I’m convinced D-Addicts will come back, it may just take a while.

Forum down approx. 8 hours.

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Forum down due to database crash.


Lipstick (1999)

LipstickTitle: リップスティック
Title (romaji): Lipstick
Genre: Human drama
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 1999-Apr-12 to 1999-Jun-28
Air time: Monday 21:00
Theme song: Friends (remixed edition) by Rebecca
Insert song: Maybe Tomorrow by Rebecca
Insert song: Virginity by Rebecca

Hayakawa Ai commits a crime which lands her in a correction facility for juveniles. There she meets and becomes firm friends with four other delinquents and falls in love with one of the wardens, Ariake Yu, an artist with secrets…

Mikami Hiroshi as Ariake Yuu
Hirosue Ryoko as Hayakawa Ai
Ishida Issei as Kasai Takao
Nakamura Aimi as Mike Anna
Ito Ayumi as Matsuda Eriko
Ikewaki Chizuru as Ikawa Masshiro
Magara Kanako as Suzuoka Kobato
Kubozuka Yosuke as Makimura Koki
Tanaka Minako as Sawamura Yukino
Aso Yumi as Kuwata Chihiro
Natsuyagi Isao as Koizumi Shogo
Yoshimoto Takami as Nagumo Akiko
Ukaji Takashi as Tadokoro Shigehisa
Nojima Shinji as Yoshioka Atsushi
Yamashita Yorie
Tsukayama Masane

Production Credits
Original writing: Yu Miri
Screenwriter: Tabuchi Kumiko
Producer: Sugio Atsuhiro
Director: Sawada Kensaku, Nagayama Kozo, Nakae Isamu
Music: Yoshimata Ryo

21st Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Director (Sawada Kensaku)

Japanese Wikipedia

Please, do not stream or make profit from these subtitles.
Feel free to translate into other languages.

Translation: Nippon Golden Network (slightly edited)
Transcriber/editor/timer: keiko1981
Also thanks to:

2014.12.02 Added re-broadcast version.

English subtitles (HQ, 640x480p, re-broadcast)

Videos: Rare Doramas

The message at the end of last episode.


ZeldAx and occultangle suggested the following meanings.
“And I’m sure you won’t eat a red apple on the eve of the new century.”

I notice that they use the English word “Eve”, which yes, could be eve such as “New Year’s Eve”, but it could also be the name Eve. Which might make more sense considering the apple, as in the biblical story, where the forbidden fruit is often depicted as an apple. The word they use for century, “seiki” is often used in a figurative way to refer to an “age” or “era.” So this sentence might mean something like, “I bet Eve of the new age won’t eat the forbidden fruit.”

Episode 1 名もなき恋人へ
Episode 2 第2ボタンの純情
Episode 3 私の心を当てて
Episode 4 窓ごしに告げた愛
Episode 5 青のプラトニック
Episode 6 私だけのあなた
Episode 7 17歳の妊娠
Episode 8 Her Loss of Eyesight (彼女の失明)
Episode 9 The Great Escape (大脱走)
Episode 10 Martians’ Love (火星人の恋)
Episode 11 さよなら私の先生
Episode 12 END 21世紀の恋人へ

GIVEAWAY: Banners needed – Win a MOE Magazine!

Update 2014.12.04
No contestants.

I would be very happy if someone would like to help me with some banners for some of the fanfics I’m hosting on my website. I’m not very good with Photoshop myself.

One lucky person will receive Hanson’s Official Fan Club MOE Magazine #6 (no longer in print), which I have an extra copy of. It is in good/very good condition. It will be mailed anywhere in the world without charge.

Note MOE Enhanced CD is not included. I’m only giving away the magazine.

moe601 moe602

How to participate

Make a banner based on any of the stories listed below. The banner should have the dimension 960 x 198p.

Upload your banner to any of the following: Photobucket, Mega, MediaFire, ZippyShare, and leave a comment with a link to it.

Thank you in advance and good luck.

The contest is open until December 1st 2014, and the winner will be contact shortly afterward.

I’m requesting banners for the stories below. The year(s) in brackets is when the story takes place.

A Change of Grace (1997/1998/1883) You may use the image of the Dakota which can be found on index page.
And We Shall Shine On (1997/1998)
Journey (1997/1998)
Mirror Image (1997/1998)
Out of Order (1997/1998)
Searching for Home (2000 something)
Time Goes On (2004)
Walls (1997) and the sequel Roads (1998)

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