Seeding Dramas

Now and then I pick different drama(s) that I seed. You can subscribe to my blog to get notified when I start seeding new drama(s).

If there’s no one seeding a drama, first look here to see if a seed request thread already exist. If it doesn’t, create a new topic in this forum.

Name it: [Seed Req] Name of drama

[Seed Req] Hoteller

In your post, mention what episode(s), version(s), and where you download from so others know.

How to download individual files from a batch.


Seeding until October 15th
Hissatsu Shigotonin (2009)


And specials from 2007-2014.
2007 SP
2009 SP
2010 SP (396p and 720p)
2012 SP
2013 SP
2014 SP

Dear My Sister (2011) [Eng Subs] (ep1-76 of 130)

Episode 76 is out!
Dr. Kim and his wife visit the Song family. Eunju and Geumju go out and have lunch. Dojin gets in trouble.

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D-Addicts status

ao_nono2Official Twitter account for D-Addicts.

To see if the site is offline visit

When the forum is down you can visit the status thread at Some news may be posted there.

When the forum is down you can not access the subtitles index. If you know who is subbing a drama try to find their blog/follow them on social media.

Forum was inaccessible.

I’ve contacted admins regarding the recent problem with different browsers reporting about untrusted connection to D-Addicts forum. They are aware of the problem and will look into it.

Some things went kaput on the site. At the moment you get the message about untrusted connection when accessing D-Addicts forum. I don’t know the exact cause of the problem. A temporary solution is to use instead.

For example the thread Firefox reporting untrusted connection to

Remove the “s” from https:// to be able to read it.

MoerkJ wrote
524 and 520 errors (from CloudFlare):
Such errors may happen when accessing the forum when the forum server is veryvery busy or when it crashed. Then the cloudflare proxy cannot access our forum server. The CloudFlare proxy is a worldwide distributed network. The service quality may also depend on your location (country, state, or continent).

Downtimes at noon
At 11:00 and at 12:00 (noon, European time) we do our daily scheduled backups. During that time the servers (forum and wikis) may be more or less unusable for some minutes. The critical database backups take only 1-2 minutes. After that some uncritical file backups and file transfers start, which take about 30-60 minutes. During that time the servers may run slower than usual. If the forum server is very busy then the forum and/or the search function will be automatically disabled.

On November 19th 2014 D-Addicts closed down its torrent section.

Only the torrent section is closing. Discussions, subtitles, DramaWiki, etc will remain according to Ruroshin’s post.

Some people have moved over to Nyaa now. (Dramas can be found under the “Live Action.” category).

Heiwa Fansubs

See Links of Interest for more places to find information, dramas and subtitles.

At first, when I saw the I announcement I thought, “Maybe it’s an old thread.” I had to double check the date. Sadly it wasn’t. I wish it was April 1st.

And I happened to be the last one. :(




Seoul 1945 (2006) [Eng Subs] (ep1-8 of 71)

Episode 8 is out!
Choi Woon Hyuk and Park Chang Ju have an appointment with Baron Moon.

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Oshin (1983) [Eng Subs] (ep1-146 of 297)

Episode 146 is out!
Yuu “disappears.”

Added subtitles synced to episode 137-146 (640x480p).

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Itsuka Mata Aeru (1995) [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Episode 12 is out!
And here is the final episode of Itsuka Mata Aeru! :)

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Duran Duran – Ordinary World

Ordinary World with Duran Duran is one of my many favorite songs from the 90’s. :)

Searching for Home: Chapter 26


This is as many chapters there is of this story, the authors have stopped writing on it.

Title: Searching for Home
Chelle and Nikki
Disclaimer: This fictional story is hosted at Gifted Ones with permission from the author Chelle. This is a fictional story about fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. No profit was made from this work.
Rating: PG

Brianna yawned as she reached out her key to unlock her door. As she started to push the key in, she noticed a few small scratches at the latch. She pulled her key back and stared for a moment. She glanced around her and then back at her door.

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Books on North Korea

nkoreamapAt the moment I plow through books on North Korea. We didn’t get much (any?) education about North-South Korean history. Instead our teacher prioritized history about Scandinavia and how Europe colonized different parts of the world.

Suggestions is welcome. So far I’ve read the following.

Finished reading
A Thousand Miles to Freedom by Kim Eun Sun

All Monsters Must Die by Magnus Bärtås & Fredrik Ekman A story about a group of people traveling to North Korea in 2008.

Escape from Camp 14 by Blaine Harden The first book I read. Tells the story of Shin Dong Hyuk, born in labor camp 14. After reading the book you may want to read this about the reliability of Shin’s story.

Dear Leader by Jang Jin Sung The opposite to Escape from Camp 14.

Mr. Han’s Chronicle by Hwang Sok Yong

Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick Really good book about how regular people live in Chongjin, North Korea’s third largest city.

The Embassy in Paradise by Lovisa Lamm A book about how Sweden was quick open an embassy in Pyongyang, and the consequences of it.

Plan to read
The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot by Blaine Harden

Searching for Home: Chapter 25

searching5homeTitle: Searching for Home
Chelle and Nikki
This fictional story is hosted at Gifted Ones with permission from the author Chelle. This is a fictional story about fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. No profit was made from this work.

Brianna had tried to figure out if Taylor was simply trying to amuse them or if he was serious with his questions. After a little while though, she had realized that he was, indeed, completely clueless about the whole story of a princess, and how she had fallen in love with a poor boy from a village and was forbidden to see him again.

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