Seeding Dramas

Usually every 15 day I pick different drama(s) that I seed.

Jul 15th-Aug 1st Aitsu to Watashi


aitsuwatashiTitle: あいつと私
Title (romaji): Aitsu to Watashi
Also known as: That Guy And I
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast period: 1967-Feb-13 to 1967-Jul-03

This story about a college student, Nishida Keiko (eldest among four sisters) subtle love relationship with a delinquent guy, Kuroda Saburo at the university. Saburo is the son of a famous hairdresser. One day, a squabble during class started that sparked Keiko’s interest in Saburo who has a sharp tongue and uninhibited, intense personality.



Matsubara Chieko as Nishida Keiko
Kawaguchi Wataru as Kuroda Saburo
Judy Ongg as Keiko’s sister
Kobashi Reiko as Keiko’s sister
Matsui Yachie as Keiko’s sister
Osaka Shiro as Keiko’s father
Kato Haruko as Keiko’s mother
Hanabusa Taro as Keiko’s grandmother
Funaki Kazuo as Kasuya Junpei
Toake Hisao as Saburo’s father
Miyagi Chikako as Saburo’s mother
Matsuyama Seiji
Tsukioka Yumeji
Hirose Misa
Ito Ruriko
Sawa Tomomi
Maki Kyoko
Kayashima Narumi
Nakao Akira
Arikawa Hiroshi
Kawachi Tamio
Fujimura Arihiro
Saito Tatsuo
Yamauchi Ken

Jul 15th-Aug 1st Akuryo Byoto


akuryobyotoTitle: 悪霊病棟
Title (romaji): Akuryo Byoto
Genre: Horror
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: TBS / MBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Jul-18 to 2013-Sep-26

Set within a hospital, located on the outskirts of town, mysterious phenomenons occur in sequence around a nurse. The nurse is suspected as the cause for some horrible cases and finds herself in danger.



Kaho as Ogami Runa
Shimada Kyusaku as Ogami Tatsuo
Kawakami Julia as Suzuki Ayaka
Moriwaki Eriko as Kito Junko
Kikui Aki as Mitaka Ryoko
Shimazaki Ami as Magome Miho
Noguchi Seiko as Tokiwa Mai
Inami Mao as Sasaki Chiharu
Haruta Junichi as Kumagawa Keita
Owada Kensuke as Kumagawa Asahi
Takahashi Choei as Ishikawa Isao
Lizzy as Tehi
Suzuki Kazuma as Madarame Kazuya
Takada Riho as Sakai Manami

Jul 15th-Aug 1st Ashita ga Aru kara


Title: あしたがあるから
Title (romaji): Ashita ga Aru Kara
Also known as: Because There’s Always Tomorrow
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 1991-Oct-18 to 1991-Dec-20

Reiko, an office girl, wants to marry her boyfriend, who works in the same office. However, the situation becomes quite complicated when the young woman is promoted to manage a major project. Reiko is left feeling lost and helpless before this unexpected move by the company president. Did her father have a secret agreement with the president? Will the future hold any happiness for her? — TBS



Imai Miki
Ishibashi Ryo
Sendo Nobuko
Nakajima Tomoko
Fukuyama Masaharu
Murai Kunio
Igawa Hisashi
Ookusu Michiyo
Tanaka Masayuki

Jul 15th-Aug 1st Sanbiki no Ossan (season 1)


sanbiki1Title: 三匹のおっさん
Title (romaji): Sanbiki no Ossan
Tagline: ~正義の味方、見参!!~
Tagline (romaji): ~Seigi no Mikata, Kensan!!~
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-17 to 2014-Mar-14

Kiyota Kiyokazu (Kiyo), Tachibana Shigeo (Shige) and Arimura Norio (Nori) are childhood friends. Upon reaching the retirement age, Kiyo had to retire from his job, only to take up contract work at a Game Center. Shige owns an izakaya (Japanese pub) and used to run it until recently, having handed over the reins to his son, Kosei. Nori is a manager of a machinery equipment manufacturing plant. Back in high school, the three of them were part of the “Three Bad Boys” group. Kiyo is an expert in Kendo, while Shige has a black belt in Judo, and Nori is an ex-military strategist. All in their 60’s now, the 3 of them get together to form a vigilance committee, and patrol the neighborhood at night. – by TV Tokyo



Kitaoji Kinya as Kiyota Kiyokazu
Izumiya Shigeru as Tachibana Shigeo
Shiga Kotaro as Arimura Norio
Nakada Yoshiko as Kiyota Yoshie
Nishida Naomi as Kiyota Takako
Ohno Takuro as Kiyota Yuki
Komoto Masahiro as Kiyota Kenji
Fujita Yumiko as Tachibana Tomiko
Tsumura Noriyoshi (津村知与支) as Tachibana Kosei
Suzuki Maika as Tachibana Rieko
Mine Azusa (三根梓) as Arimura Sanae

Itsuka Mata Aeru (1995)

Episode 11 is out!
Junko asks Kanzo for a favor.

Turns out this drama got more twists than I thought it’d have.


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Oshin (1983)

Episode 136 is out!
Okiyo gives Oshin an offer.

Subtitles synced to episode 127-136 (DVDrip) is out, too.

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Searching for Home: Chapter 26


This is as many chapters there is of this story, the authors have stopped writing on it.

Title: Searching for Home
Chelle and Nikki
Disclaimer: This fictional story is hosted at Gifted Ones with permission from the author Chelle. This is a fictional story about fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. No profit was made from this work.
Rating: PG

Brianna yawned as she reached out her key to unlock her door. As she started to push the key in, she noticed a few small scratches at the latch. She pulled her key back and stared for a moment. She glanced around her and then back at her door.

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Dear My Sister (2011)

Episode 75 is out!
Geumju returns to Deokcheon. Mija and Jeomnye continues to argue over Yeongdeok.

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Seoul 1945 (2006)

Episode 2 is out!
Going back in time to the 1930s.

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Books on North Korea

nkoreamapAt the moment I plow through books on North Korea. We didn’t get much (any?) education about North-South Korean history. Instead our teacher prioritized history about Scandinavia and how Europe colonized different parts of the world.

Suggestions is welcome. So far I’ve read the following.

Finished reading
A Thousand Miles to Freedom by Kim Eun Sun

All Monsters Must Die by Magnus Bärtås & Fredrik Ekman A story about a group of people traveling to North Korea in 2008.

Escape from Camp 14 by Blaine Harden The first book I read. Tells the story of Shin Dong Hyuk, born in labor camp 14. After reading the book you may want to read this about the reliability of Shin’s story.

Dear Leader by Jang Jin Sung The opposite to Escape from Camp 14.

Mr. Han’s Chronicle by Hwang Sok Yong

Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick Really good book about how regular people live in Chongjin, North Korea’s third largest city.

The Embassy in Paradise by Lovisa Lamm A book about how Sweden was quick open an embassy in Pyongyang, and the consequences of it.

Plan to read
The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot by Blaine Harden

Searching for Home: Chapter 25

searching5homeTitle: Searching for Home
Chelle and Nikki
This fictional story is hosted at Gifted Ones with permission from the author Chelle. This is a fictional story about fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. No profit was made from this work.

Brianna had tried to figure out if Taylor was simply trying to amuse them or if he was serious with his questions. After a little while though, she had realized that he was, indeed, completely clueless about the whole story of a princess, and how she had fallen in love with a poor boy from a village and was forbidden to see him again.

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Banners batch 1

Here is banners I am, or have used on my blog.

Dear My Sister
Credit: Keiko at Gifted Ones

Credit: Kaptain “Kappy” A at A Virtual Voyage. Thank you very much! :)

Lead the Dance
Credit: Keiko at Gifted Ones

Cheo Yong

I’ve finished watching the ghost hunting drama Cheo Yong. I think the drama was so-so. Watch it if you have time.

I was watching episode 6 in the middle of the night. The opening scared me half to death :)

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