Seeding Dramas

seoul1945op00Usually every 15 day I pick different drama(s) that I seed.

Jul 1st-Jul 15th Seoul 1945


Oshin (1983)

Episode 134 is out!
Atsuko finds out that Oshin is pregnant too.

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Itsuka Mata Aeru (1995)

Episode 9 is out!
Shinichi’s father visits. Kanzo gets two unexpected surprises.


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Seoul 1945 (2006)

Episode 1 is out!
A picnic turns into a quarrel with threats, that eventually lead to jail time.
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Dear My Sister (2011)

Episode 74 is out!
Yeongmisa hires a new staff. Malgu have a discussion about Deokcheon Winery with Dalbong. Jinguk gives Eunju the truth regarding Minsu.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sketches

A couple of drawings I’ve made on Galaxy Note 4, using the default S Sketch app.

4. Drawn from memory. I think I’ll make a second try on coloring it.
6. Trying out shading in SketchBook Express.
7. Another drawing done in Sketchbook Express.

Books on North Korea

nkoreamapAt the moment I plow through books on North Korea. We didn’t get much (any?) education about North-South Korean history. Instead our teacher prioritized history about Scandinavia and how Europe colonized different parts of the world.

Suggestions is welcome. So far I’ve read the following.

Finished reading
A Thousand Miles to Freedom by Kim Eun Sun

All Monsters Must Die by Magnus Bärtås & Fredrik Ekman A story about a group of people traveling to North Korea in 2008.

Escape from Camp 14 by Blaine Harden The first book I read. Tells the story of Shin Dong Hyuk, born in labor camp 14. After reading the book you may want to read this about the reliability of Shin’s story.

Dear Leader by Jang Jin Sung The opposite to Escape from Camp 14.

Mr. Han’s Chronicle by Hwang Sok Yong

Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick Really good book about how regular people live in Chongjin, North Korea’s third largest city.

The Embassy in Paradise by Lovisa Lamm A book about how Sweden was quick open an embassy in Pyongyang, and the consequences of it.

Plan to read
The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot by Blaine Harden

Searching for Home: Chapter 25

searching5homeTitle: Searching for Home
Chelle and Nikki

Brianna had tried to figure out if Taylor was simply trying to amuse them or if he was serious with his questions. After a little while though, she had realized that he was, indeed, completely clueless about the whole story of a princess, and how she had fallen in love with a poor boy from a village and was forbidden to see him again.

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Banners batch 1

Here is banners I am, or have used on my blog.

Dear My Sister
Credit: Keiko at Gifted Ones

Credit: Kaptain “Kappy” A at A Virtual Voyage. Thank you very much! :)

Lead the Dance
Credit: Keiko at Gifted Ones

Cheo Yong

I’ve finished watching the ghost hunting drama Cheo Yong. I think the drama was so-so. Watch it if you have time.

I was watching episode 6 in the middle of the night. The opening scared me half to death :)

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