Oshin (1983) [ENG Subs] (ep1-156 of 297)

Episode 156 is out!
Oshin talks to Okayo about the heir of Kaga-ya.

Added subtitles timed to episode 147-156 (DVDrip).

oshinpic003Title: おしん
Title (romaji): Oshin
Episodes: 297
Sub-genre: Human drama
Broadcast network: NHK
Broadcast period: 1983-Apr-4 to 1984-Mar-31
Viewership ratings: Ep1=39.2, High=62.9, Avg=52.6
Opening theme song: Oshin Main Theme

Oshin is born as a poor sharecropper’s daughter in a small village of Yamagata Through hard work and perseverance she eventually triumphs over pain and adversity to achieve fame and success.

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Gisou no Fuufu (2015) [JPN Subs] (ep3-10 end)

Added episode 3!

gisoufuufuTitle: 偽装の夫婦
Title (romaji): Gisou no Fuufu
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast period: 2015-Oct-07 to 2015-Dec-09
Air time: Wednesday 22:00
Theme song: What You Want by JUJU

Everyone who chances upon Kamon Hiro will think her the ideal woman, with her aloof looks and beautiful and gentle smile. They are all dead wrong, as Kamon Hiro, 45 year old single, actually hates everyone else. Deep within her heart, seethes endless poisonous thoughts of other people. On those numerous times she unleashes her true self, many have been hurt in the process. Ever since the only man she had ever loved left her during her university days, she had closed up her heart, and became who she is today. Determined to live her life out alone, one day, she suddenly meets up with the love of her life again, and finds herself in a marriage… a fake one, that is!

Amami Yuki as Kamon Hiro
Sawamura Ikki as Himura Chouji
Uchida Yuki as Mizumori Shiori
Inoue Rinna as Mizumori Yuu
Kudo Asuka as Deshimaru Tamotsu
Sakai Maki as Nanami Yaeko
Shibamoto Yuki as Hara Sumire
Sato Jiro as Goda Tenjin
Tanaka Yoji as Sudo Riichi
Uechi Haruna as Oda Mari
Kimura Midoriko as Goda Teruno
Fuji Sumiko as Himura Kanae

Hiraizumi Sei (ep3-4)
Sakurai Hijiri (ep5)
Kamio Yu (ep6)
Izumi Akiko (ep6)

Screenwriter: Yukawa Kazuhiko
Chief Producer: Ito Kyo
Producer: Ohira Futoshi, Ko Myonhi, Ueda Risa
Director: Fukagawa Yoshihiro, Ishio Jun, Higurashi Ken
Music: Hirai Mamiko

Subtitles by Jpsubbers (untimed)

JPN Subs / 日本字幕 ep3-10 end
Timer: keiko1981
Status: Status page, or keiko1981’s Twitter

ENG Subs / 英語字幕 by Arakira

Timed to 480p at Jdramacity.

Tokai TV to stop airing hirudora

Tokai TV will stop broadcasting their hirudoras at the end of March. They have been airing for 51 and a half years. The first drama Yukimoe (雪燃え) aired in 1964, and will end with the 214th hirudora Arashi no Namida (嵐の涙〜私たちに明日はある〜) starting on February 1st 2016.

Tokai TV will be producing dodora (Saturday night dramas) instead. Currently this time slot is used by Fuji TV, but from April Tokai TV will take over it and get extended time, from the current Saturday 23:40-00:05 to 23:40-00:35.

Hirudora 昼ドラ (昼 hiru – noon, midday. ドラ dora – short for Japanese “dorama” meaning drama.) These dramas usually air Monday-Friday at 13.25-13:55. They can be described as soap operas with much melodrama in them.

Sources: Oricon, Yomiuri (archived), and Zemus, thank you for letting me know. :)

List of all hirudora

I can’t guarantee all titles are correct.

More to be added…

Yukimoe / 雪燃え (1964) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Danryuu / 暖流 (1964) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Ware Nakinurete / われ泣きぬれて (1964) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Shin Jiyuu Gakkou / 新・自由学校 (1965) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Kono yo no Urei / この世の愁い (1965) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Aru Rakujitsu / ある落日 (1965) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Midareru / 乱れる (1965) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Gogo no Bishou / 午後の微笑 (1966) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Onna no Kao / 女の顔 (1966) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Itoshi no Taiyou / 愛しの太陽 (1966) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Karada no Naka wo Kaze ga Fuku / 体の中を風が吹く (1966) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Nichinichi no Haishin / 日日の背信 (1967) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Moeru / 燃える (1967) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Yuuhi Shizumu Toki / 夕陽沈むとき (1967) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Shiroi Juujika / 白い十字架 (1967) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB
Gouban Chou Yuugiri Rou / 五番町夕霧楼 (1968) JPN Wiki / TV Drama DB

To be added…

To be added…

To be added…

To be added…

Indigo no Yoru / インディゴの夜 (2010)
Shoufu to Shukujo / 娼婦と淑女 (2010)
Asu no Hikari wo Tsukame / 明日の光をつかめ (2010)
Tenshi no Dairinin / 天使の代理人 (2010)
Hanayome Noren / 花嫁のれん (2010)
Sakura Shinjuu / さくら心中 (2011)
Kiri ni Sumu Akuma / 霧に棲む悪魔 (2011)
Asu no Hikari wo Tsukame (season 2) / 明日の光をつかめ2 (2011)
Dokuhime to Watashi / 毒姫とわたし (2011)
Hanayome Noren (season 2) / 花嫁のれん (2011)
Suzuko no Koi / 鈴子の恋 (2012)
Shichinin no Teki ga Iru! / 七人の敵がいる! (2012)
Boku no Natsu Yasumi / ぼくの夏休み (2012)
Akai Ito no Onna / 赤い糸の女 (2012)
Shiawase no Jikan / 幸せの時間 (2012)
Momeru Kado niwa Fuku Kitaru / モメる門には福きたる (2013)
Hakui no Namida / 白衣のなみだ (2013)
Asu no Hikari wo Tsukame -2013 Natsu- / 明日の光をつかめ -2013 夏- (2013)
Kiyoko Ranman / 潔子爛漫 (2013)
Tengoku no Koi / 天国の恋 (2013)
Hanayome Noren (season 3) / 花嫁のれん (2014)
Seibo Kiyomi Monogatari / 聖母・聖美物語 (2014)
Ao no Umi / 碧の海 (2014)
Hottokenai Majotachi / ほっとけない魔女たち (2014)
Cinderella Date / シンデレラデート (2014)
Hanayome Noren (season 4) / 花嫁のれん (2015)
Platinum Age / プラチナエイジ (2015)
Ashita mo Kitto, Oishii Gohan / 明日もきっと、おいしいご飯 (2015)
Iyashiya Kiriko no Yakusoku / 癒し屋キリコの約束 (2015)
Wakaretara Suki na Hito / 別れたら好きな人 (2015)
Shin Botan to Bara / 新・牡丹と薔薇 (2015)
Arashi no Namida / 嵐の涙 (2016)

AKB48, SMAP, Jdramas, and Idol Culture in Japan

Interesting video with Hikosaemon, Jake Nalton and Gimmeabreakman talking about AKB48, SMAP, Jdramas, and idol culture in Japan. You don’t need to watch the video, you can listen to it while doing your laundry. :)



Dear My Sister (2011) [ENG Subs] (ep1-77 of 130)

Episode 77 is out!
Junmo has been arrested, Bokhui and Eunyeong do everything in their power to see him.
bokhui002Title: TV소설 복희 누나 / TVsoseol Bokhui Nuna
Title (Japanese): TV小説 ボクヒ姉さん
Title (English): TV Novel: Dear My Sister
Also known as: Bok Hee
Genre: Family drama
Format: TV Novel
Episodes: 130
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Nov-07 to 2012-May-04
Air time: Monday to Friday 9:00 AM

Everyone dream of success in life but it is not easy to find lifetime achievers in the real world we are living in. This would be one of the reasons why people love dramatic success story overcoming failures and setbacks, even though it is commonly happening in TV dramas. This drama tells us about an impressive life story of a woman named Bokhui. Let’s think about true meaning of life by seeing the stories of Bokhui and the people around her. – KBS World

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Seoul 1945 (2006) [ENG Subs] (ep1-13 of 71)

Episode 13 is out!
Suk Kyung and Ke Hee travel through a freezing cold Russia.

seoul1945op00Title: 서울 1945
Title (Japanese): ソウル1945
Title (English): Seoul 1945
Genre: War, daeha drama
Episodes: 71
Broadcast network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2006-Jan-07 to 2006-Sep-10
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:30

The story revolves around the lives of four young adults who grew up together. Choi Woon Hyuk is a child prodigy born into a family of poor miners, Kim Hae Kyung is the eldest daughter of tenant farmers, Lee Dong Woo is the heir to a wealthy, well-connected family; and Moon Suk Kyung is the only child of an affluent and powerful political ally of Japan.

In a blend of personal choices and circumstances beyond their control, each individual embarks on different paths that reflect the chaotic nature of the time as well as their true character. As their paths collide, love, friendship, loyalty, vengeance, moral conscience, and ideology become driving forces to irrevocably change the course of their lives.

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One year since D-Addicts torrent section closed

snoopyhugOne year has gone by since D-Addicts torrent section closed, I want to thank all members of the community from the bottom of my heart, those who left (I miss you), stayed, returned, or recently joined for still sharing your love for Asian dramas. Many whom I consider a friend, and a few of you mean very much to me.

A special thank you to some, I’m sure many more could be added here.

Ruroshin for keeping the site up.

\( -o _ o- )/, Ais (SkewedS Studios), AkiraMike, amrayu (SARS Fansubs), ap, arakira, areea-chan, Avallac’h, avieamber, BaekSoo, Candylemon, cha2, Chiaki (Dorama World), Chuks, danburi, dhisashi, earthcolors, Ethlenn, ersby, esmer86, furransu (Jdramacity), GGib, GiriGiri Fansubs, groink, gryzze, Heiwa Fansubs, huyie, izzyosa, jadefrost (Jdrama Weblog), Jiang Hu Fansub, k361, koshonin, micehell, MoerkJ, Nanashi No Gonbey, Orion1986, Resie (DoReMii Fansubs), RetroHelix, Schwefelhexafluorid, saigo_x, semi-fly, sensei991, sinecure (540p-ZASK), suany (Ame no Uta), subie06, Takez0, The Chaos, thundie, tinkerbell (Unsolved Cases), UsagiYojimbo, uedajirou, VampireXxX, waf, Watanuki (Araei), WITHS2, ZemusDS, zdorama, xaxa (Rare Doramas), XrayMind, y0ssy

Jpsubbers 有り難う御座います

Popu Lady – Gossip Girls

Popu Lady with “Gossip Girls”. Music used for the lyrics is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky‘s “The Four Little Swans” from Swan Lake.

Thoght it was “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” (The Nutcracker) at first. Thank you for the correct information Kaat.

Artwork: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sketches

Here’s several drawings I’ve made on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using the S Note app. I don’t like how you can’t tap-hold and move your sketch in Sketch Book Express so I tend to use S Note more.

Algernon ni Hanataba wo (2015) [JPN Subs]


Title: アルジャーノンに花束を
Title (romaji): Algernon ni Hanataba wo
Also known as: Flowers for Algernon
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 10
Viewership ratings: 8.53%
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Apr-10 to 2015-Jun-12
Air time: Friday 22:00
Related TV shows: Algernon ni Hanataba wo (Fuji TV, 2002), Hello, God (KBS2, 2006)
Theme song: The Rose by Bette Midler

Shiratori Sakuto is 28, but has the intelligence of a 6-year-old boy. He works for Dream Flower Service, a flower distribution centre which provides employment for problem youth. One day, he and a colleague, Yanagawa Ryuichi, delivers a rose bouquet to the apartment building where Mochizuki Haruka lives. Because Haruka does not know that the deliveryman is mentally challenged, she is shocked by his response and tries to call the police. Haruka works for a brain physiology research centre where Professor Hachisuka Daigo has been studying the improvement of mental performance. He has succeeded in lab experiments on a white mouse called Algernon. Sakuto is transformed into a genius through surgery. But Algernon’s new intelligence begins to fade, and he dies. Sakuto realises that his genius, too, is destined to leave him. – Jdrama Weblog

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