[2012.06.23] GACKT’s Line Message


Translation by excused-early
…Yesterday during the rehearsal, many friends would nonchalantly open up the page in FRIDAY, stop in front of me to get in my view on purpose, and say
You’re in the article, aren’t you~
.  Ahahahaha.  It’s my policy to never stop playing or going on a date no matter how busy I am with work.  It’s all over for a guy if he can’t play anymore just because he’s busy.  I don’t have a television, so I didn’t know this, but I heard the article from yesterday made quite a noise in tabloid shows.  Is it just me, but is that something to make such a big fuss over?  It’s not like I’m gay, it wouldn’t be strange if I were dating four or five hundred women, would it now?  Actually, I’m glad they didn’t take a picture of me embracing and kissing a guy.  Ahahahaha.  Well, I should be careful when I get drunk so they won’t write that I’m crazy in love with a guy.  OK, off to go training now.  Let’s go.  YOSSHA!!!!
He’s neither confirming an relationship nor denying it.
And a statement from ICONIQ made on her Twitter, without saying anything of the rumored relationship: “If I were to say one thing, I’d say that even I at least go out on dates.
Sources: Tokyohive (ENG), Oricon (JPN)

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