AOX [Invite only]

Information on when registration is open at AOX will be posted here. You can subscribe to Gifted Ones be notified when this post is updated and registration is open.

I do not invite anyone. There’s no way for me to really know if anyone has duplicate accounts, or if anyone has already registered to the site if you use a shared connection.

One (1) account per IP address.

Accounts with no activity (upload/download) are pruned every 1-2 months.
Accounts with activity are pruned every 5-6 months of no activity (logging on).
Accounts that have not been validated within a couple of days will be automatically deleted.

Registration is currently closed. Invite only.

Registration was open on
2017-May-11 to 2017-May-14 Last open signup for some time.
2017-Apr-28 to 2017-May-01

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