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Dear My Sister (2011)

Episode 72 is out!
5 years have passed and Yeongmisa is doing very well. Yeongpyo is on business trip to Seoul, and while there meet up with Bokhui. Deokcheon Winery isn’t doing well, Malgu has (another) plan on how to save it. Jeomnye doesn’t spoil Yeongdeok at all.

Oshin (1983)

Episode 115 and 116 is out!
Oshin and Ryuzo deal with the aftermath of the earthquake in different ways.

D-Addicts status

Updates on D-Addicts status.

Lipstick (1999)

Ai ends up in a correction facility. There she finds new friends and falls in love with a warden.

GIVEAWAY: Banners needed – Win a MOE Magazine!

I’m in need of some banners for my website. I’m not very good with Photoshop myself. So I’m asking for your help.

One lucky person will receive HANSON’s Official Fan Club MOE Magazine #6 (no longer in print), which I have an extra copy of. It is in good/very good condition. It will be mailed anywhere in the world without charge.

Artwork: J-pop & J-rock

Drawings of Japanese musicians such as GACKT, Kami, HYDE, hide.

Searching for Home: Chapter 24

Title: Searching for Home
Authors: Chelle and Nikki
Rating: PG

Brianna hadn’t seen Taylor at all and hadn’t talked to anyone about anything except what as happening with work at the time. It was nearly too much to handle in one afternoon.

Searching for Home: Chapter 23

Title: Searching for Home
Authors: Chelle and Nikki
Rating: PG

Brianna sat down and tapped her pen on her desk. What is he doing? Why would he have said something like that? He knows how I feel. Brianna thought.

Searching for Home: Chapter 22

Title: Searching for Home Authors: Chelle and Nikki Rating: PG It seemed as though she was finally getting things on track. She was beginning to think that as more time passed, she could possibly come to see Tulsa as home. That made her feel happier than she had in a long time. Everything seemed to …

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Artwork: People

Drawings of people I’ve done over the years.

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