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  2. Oshin (1983) [Eng Subs] (ep1-142 of 297) — 2015-08-19
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  4. D-Addicts status — 2015-08-15
  5. Itsuka Mata Aeru (1995) [Eng Subs] (Complete) — 2015-08-09

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  1. Oshin (1983) [Eng Subs] (ep1-142 of 297) — 11 comments
  2. D-Addicts status — 9 comments
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Seoul 1945 (2006) [Eng Subs] (ep1-4 of 71)

Episode 4 is out!
The dead are buried.

Oshin (1983) [Eng Subs] (ep1-142 of 297)

Episode 142 is out!
Oshin is being told the truth.

Seeding Dramas

Seeding jdramas “Hidamari no Ki” and “Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta Koto” until September 1st.

D-Addicts status

Updates on D-Addicts status.

Itsuka Mata Aeru (1995) [Eng Subs] (Complete)

Episode 12 is out!
And here is the final episode of Itsuka Mata Aeru!

Duran Duran – Ordinary World

Duran Duran – Ordinary World.

Searching for Home: Chapter 26

Title: Searching for Home
Authors: Chelle and Nikki
Disclaimer: This fictional story is hosted at Gifted Ones with permission from the author Chelle. This is a fictional story about fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. No profit was made from this work.
Rating: PG

Brianna yawned as she reached out her key to unlock her door. As she started to push the key in, she noticed a few small scratches at the latch. She pulled her key back and stared for a moment. She glanced around her and then back at her door.

Dear My Sister (2011) [Eng Subs] (ep1-75 of 130)


Episode 75 is out!
Geumju returns to Deokcheon. Mija and Jeomnye continues to argue over Yeongdeok.

Books on North Korea

List of books on North Korea.

Searching for Home: Chapter 25

Title: Searching for Home
Authors: Chelle and Nikki
Rating: PG

Brianna had tried to figure out if Taylor was simply trying to amuse them or if he was serious with his questions. After a little while though, she had realized that he was, indeed, completely clueless about the whole story of a princess, and how she had fallen in love with a poor boy from a village and was forbidden to see him again.

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