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Jimi ni Sugoi (2016) [JPN Subs] (ep1-3 of ??)

Jimi ni Sugoi (2016) [JPN Subs] (ep1-3 of ??)

Jimi ni Sugoi episode 3 is out!

Added subtitles synced to episode 3 720p-DoA.

Jimi ni Sugoi! (2016)Title: 地味にスゴイ!
Title (romaji): Jimi ni Sugoi!
Also known as: Pretty Proofreader
Tagline: 校閲ガール・河野悦子 / Kouetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Work comedy
Episodes: TBD
Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast period: 2016-Oct-05 to 2016-Dec-??
Air time: Wednesday 22:00
Theme song: Heaven’s Door ~Hi no Ataru Basho~ by Kanna Chise
Opening theme: 12-gatsu no Ame by chay

Etsuko Kono is a 28-year-old woman who loves fashion. Aspiring to become a fashion editor, she joins a publishing company, but she is sent to work in copy editing section. There, her job is to correct errors and inadequate parts of documents and copies.

Based on the novel “Koetsu Garu” by Miyagi Ayako, published March 14, 2014 by KADOKAWA.

Ishihara Satomi as Kouno Etsuko
Suda Masaki as Orihara Yukito
Honda Tsubasa as Morio Toyoko
Wada Masato as Yoneoka Mitsuo
Eguchi Noriko as Fujiiwa Rion
Taguchi Hiromasa as Oda Daisuke
Adachi Rika as Imai Cecil
Ise Kayo as Hatano Nozomi
Soda Marie as Sato Yuri
Matsukawa Naruki as Aoki Yohei
Sugino Yosuke as Masamune Nobuyoshi
Mr. Chin as Higashiyama
Nagae Hidekazu as Nishida
Tencho Matsumoto as Kitagawa
Kaga Takeshi as Hongo Daisaku (special appearance)
Yoshimoto Miyoko as Kamei Sayaka
Aoki Munetaka as Kaizuka Hachiro
Kishitani Goro as Takeyama Shoon

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Other languages
ENG softsub / 英語字幕 by Mikilove13
ENG hardsub / 英語字幕 by Menimienaimono

Oshin (1983) [ENG Subs] (ep1-180 of 297)

Oshin (1983) [ENG Subs] (ep1-180 of 297)

Episode 179 and 180 is out!
Fuji is invited to Ise, will she go?

oshinpic003Title: おしん
Title (romaji): Oshin
Episodes: 297
Sub-genre: Human drama
Broadcast network: NHK
Broadcast period: 1983-Apr-04 to 1984-Mar-31
Viewership ratings: Ep1=39.2, High=62.9, Avg=52.6
Opening theme song: Oshin Main Theme

Oshin is born as a poor sharecropper’s daughter in a small village of Yamagata Through hard work and perseverance she eventually triumphs over pain and adversity to achieve fame and success.

Main Cast
Kobayashi Ayako as Oshin (6 to 10 years old)
Tanaka Yuko as Oshin (16 to 46 years old)
Otowa Nobuko as Oshin (50 to 84 years old)

Additional cast


Izumi Pinko as Fuji (Oshin’s mother)
Ito Shiro as Sakuzo (Oshin’s father)
Oji Michio as Naka (Oshin’s grandmother)
Yoshioka Yuichi as Shoji (Oshin’s older brother)
Watanabe Eriko as Tora (Shoji’s wife)
Sendo Nobuko / Senno Hiromi as Haru (Oshin’s older sister)
Watanabe Fumiko as Riki (family friend)

Namiki Shiro as Ryuzo (Oshin’s husband)
Sato Hideo as Daigoro (Ryuzo’s father, as listed in the NHK book)
Kitamura Kazuo as Daigoro (Ryuzo’s father)
Takamori Kazuko as Kiyo (Ryuzo’s mother)
Kitamura Soichiro as Fukutaro (Ryuzo’s older brother)
Kanze Yoko as Tsuneko (Fukutaro’s wife)
?? as Sataro (Fukutaro’s son)
Imafuku Masao as Imamura Genemon
Ito Takeshi -> 萩堂 -> Yamano Reo -> 槇浩 -> Matsuda Yoji -> Fuke Norimasa as Yuu (Oshin’s oldest son)
Yamashita Shinji -> Takahashi Etsushi as Hitoshi (Oshin’s son)
Tanaka Misako -> Asaji Yoko as Michiko (Hitoshi’s wife)
Kawakami Maiko as Midori (Hitoshi & Michiko’s daughter)
Suzuki Mie as Akane (Hitoshi & Michiko’s daughter)
Yoshino Yukiko as Tei
Kirihara Fumio as Sakita Tatsunori (husband of Tei)
Nagashima Yuko → Sasaki Ai as Hatsuko (Oshin’s adopted daughter)

Kaga-ya (rice dealer)
Shikiya Aya -> Azuma Terumi as Yashiro Kayo (Oshin’s friend – same age)
Nagaoka Teruko as Kuni (Kayo’s grandmother)
Kobayashi Chitose as Mino (Kayo’s mother)
Ishida Taro as Seitaro (Kayo’s father)
Nomura Manzo as Yatsushiro Nozomi (Kayo’s son)
Ohashi Goro as Kei (Nozomi’s son)

Hairdressing Shop
Watanabe Misako as Hasegawa Taka (owner)
Nagawa Shinobu as Ritsu
Tomizawa Michie as Natsu
Shimamura Miki as Kei
Kiuri Mirai as Sode
Maya Yuko as Sono
Tanaka Setsuko as Toyo

Screenwriter: Hashida Sugako
Music: Sakada Koichi
Naraoka Tomoko
Producer: Okamoto Yukiko
Directors: Eguchi Hiroyuki (ep1-6, 55-60), Kobayashi Heihachiro, Takemoto Minoru (ep13-18, 49-54, 127-132), Mochizuki Yoshio, Ichiryu Kunihisa, Yoshimura Fumitaka, Ebata Jiro, Oki Kazufumi

English WIkipedia | Japanese Wikipedia

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Translation: UTB Channel
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Piano scores for Oshin Main Theme as played below can be found in a book named: ピアノ・ソロ NHKテーマ名曲大全集. I found four books on, to me it looks like the book published in 2012 has the scores for Oshin.

Cain to Abel (2016) [JPN Subs] (ep1 of ??)

Cain to Abel (2016) [JPN Subs] (ep1 of ??)

Cain to Abel episode 1 is out.

Cain to Abel (2016)Title: カインとアベル
Title (romaji): Cain to Abel
Also known as: Cain and Abel
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romance
Episodes: TBD
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2016-Oct-17 start
Air time: Monday 21:00
Theme song: Give Me Love by Hey! Say! JUMP
Related TV shows: Cain and Abel (SBS, 2009)

Takada Yu is an employee of Takada Real Estate Co, an estate development firm. His father Takayuki is the company president and a perfectionist who has favored his high-achieving elder son Ryuichi and been indifferent to Yu since young. So Yu craves for his father’s love and wants his recognition somehow. Then one day, Yu encounters Yahagi Azusa who also works for Takada Real Estate Co. Although it was the worst possible meeting, he gradually starts to have romantic feelings for her through work and an unexpected development. But ironically enough, Azusa turns out to be Ryuichi’s girlfriend… Yu begins to realize what he truly treasures and matures as a person as he struggles with this complicated romance and with his older brother and father. — Jdrama Weblog

Yamada Ryosuke as Takada Yu
Kiritani Kenta as Takada Ryuichi
Kurashina Kana as Yahagi Azusa
Takashima Masanobu as Takada Takayuki
Kinoshita Houka as Dan Mamoru
Hino Yojin as Sasaki Hajime
Yamazaki Hirona as Shibata Hikari
Nishimura Motoki as Ando Mitsuru
Tozuka Junki as Mizawa Yota
Minami Kaho as Takada Momoko
Otsuka Nene as Hirose Saki
Hira Mikijiro as Takada Soichiro

Production Credits
Original writing: The Bible, Old Testament, Book of Genesis: Chapter 4
Screenwriter: Aso Kumiko, Kanazawa Tatsuya
Producer: Hatori Kenichi, Ikeda Takuya, Nishisaka Mizuki
Director: Takeuchi Hideki, Hayama Hiroki, Tanimura Masaki
Music: Kanno Yugo

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Official site | Japanese Wikipedia | DramaWiki

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Other languages
FRA hardsub / 仏語字幕 by Algernon no Fansub
SPA hardsub / 西語字幕 by Crazy Asian Love

Dear My Sister (2011) [ENG Subs] (ep1-86 of 130)

Dear My Sister (2011) [ENG Subs] (ep1-86 of 130)

Episode 86 is out!
Byeongman wants to kick Mija and Malgu out of the house. Being upset, Mija tells her mother. Gannan have lately started to show signs of having Alzheimer, this day however happens to be one of her better days. Bad for Byeongman, good for Mija and Malgu?

bokhui002Title: TV소설 복희 누나 / TVsoseol Bokhui Nuna
Title (Japanese): TV小説 ボクヒ姉さん
Title (English): TV Novel: Dear My Sister
Also known as: Bok Hee
Genre: Family drama
Format: TV Novel
Episodes: 130
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Nov-07 to 2012-May-04
Air time: Monday to Friday 9:00 AM

Everyone dream of success in life but it is not easy to find lifetime achievers in the real world we are living in. This would be one of the reasons why people love dramatic success story overcoming failures and setbacks, even though it is commonly happening in TV dramas. This drama tells us about an impressive life story of a woman named Bokhui. Let’s think about true meaning of life by seeing the stories of Bokhui and the people around her. – KBS World

Song family
Kim Ji Young as Choi Gannan (Bokhui’s step-grandmother)
Lee Hyo Jung as Song Byeongman (Bokhui’s step-father)
Kyun Mi Ri as Yun Jeongae (Bokhui’s mother)
Chae Min Hee as Song Mija (Byeongman’s younger sister)
Bae Dong Sung as Yang Malgu (driver and Mija’s husband)
?? as Yeongdeok (Mija and Malgu’s son)
Jang Mi In Ae as Han Bokhui
Jung Ji In as young Han Bokhui
Choi Chang Yeob as Han Boknam (Bokhui’s half-brother)
In Ji Won as young Han Boknam
Kim Yoo Ri as Song Geumju (Byeongman’s oldest child)
Seo Ji Seung as young Song Geumju
Yuk Dong Il as Song Taeju (Byeongman’s second child)
Kim Ki Hyun as young Song Taeju
Seo Eun Chae as Song Eunju (Byeongman’s youngest child)
Kim Yoo Ri as young Song Eunju
Park Sung Hee as Hwang Bunok (Taeju’s wife)

Brewery people
Choi Woo Seok as Ji Yeonpyo
Kwak Jung Wook as young Ji Yeonpyo
Im Seung Dae as Bae Dalbong
Kim Na Woon as Choi Jeomnye (housemaid)
?? as Giyeong (ep74)

Ja Ae Clinic
Han Jung Gook as Kim Jinguk (doctor)
Kwon Kyung Ha as Kang Insuk (nurse and doctor’s wife)
Kim Ki Yeon as Na Jukja (nurse)
Ryu Tae Joon / Yoo Tae Joon as Kang Junmo (Kang Insuk’s younger brother and Bokhui’s teacher)
Kim Si Ohn as Kim Minsu (Kang Junmo’s nephew)
Lee Ji Oh as young Kim Minsu
?? as patient Kim Sucheol (ep74)

Yeongmisa people
Seo Seung Man as Gwon Yongsul
Kim Sun Eun as Go Bongsu
Kim Hyun Ah as Cha Pilsun
Park Hee Eun as Gong Okja
Kim Sun Young as Seoun Seowon
?? (양수진) as Kim Sungeum

Lee Je In as Lee Eunyeong
?? as Junyeong (baby)
?? as Junyeong (child)
Jo Sun Hyung as Hong Baekgu (President of Ujin Corporation)
?? as Yong (works for Hong Baekgu)
Otani Ryohei as Baek Taeung
Kwang Hoon as university student
?? as Oh Yeongsuk (ep79)
?? as Director Park (runs an orphanage) (ep85)
?? as Ms. Sin (ep86)

Production Credits
Chief Producer:
Hwang Ui Kyung
Director: Moon Young Jin
Screenwriter: Lee Geum Rim
Asst. Director: Lee Jae Hoon, Hwang Seung Gi

Official site
| Korean Wikipedia

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Seoul 1945 (2006) [ENG Subs] (ep1-22 of 71)

Seoul 1945 (2006) [ENG Subs] (ep1-22 of 71)

Episode 22 is out!
A mob of angry people are after Baron Moon.

seoul1945op00Title: 서울 1945
Title (Japanese): ソウル1945
Title (English): Seoul 1945
Genre: War, daeha drama
Episodes: 71
Broadcast network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2006-Jan-07 to 2006-Sep-10
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:30

The story revolves around the lives of four young adults who grew up together. Choi Woon Hyuk is a child prodigy born into a family of poor miners, Kim Hae Kyung is the eldest daughter of tenant farmers, Lee Dong Woo is the heir to a wealthy, well-connected family; and Moon Suk Kyung is the only child of an affluent and powerful political ally of Japan.

In a blend of personal choices and circumstances beyond their control, each individual embarks on different paths that reflect the chaotic nature of the time as well as their true character. As their paths collide, love, friendship, loyalty, vengeance, moral conscience, and ideology become driving forces to irrevocably change the course of their lives.

Main Cast
Ryu Soo Young as Choi Woon Hyuk
Kim Suk as young Woon Hyuk
Han Eun Jung as Kim Ke Hee / Kim Hae Kyung / Kaneda Hikaru
Go Joo Yun as young Kim Ke Hee
Kim Ho Jin as Yi Dong Woo
Kim Soo Min as young Dong Woo
So Yoo Jin as Moon Suk Kyung / Fumiyama Yukei
Park Eun Bin as young Suk Kyung
Park Sang Myun as Park Chang Ju
Go Kyu Pil as young Chang Ju

Supporting Cast


Choi family
Jung Han Yong as Choi Eun Kwan (Woon Hyuk’s father)
Lee Duk Hee as Jo Soon Yi (Woon Hyuk’s mother)
Park Shin Hye as Choi Geum Hee (Woon Hyuk’s older sister)
Yoon Hye Kyung as Choi Eun Hee (Woon Hyuk’s younger sister)
Jin Ji Hee as young Eun Hee
Han Min as Choi Song Hee

Kim family

Jang Hang Sun as Kim Pan Chul (Ke Hee’s father)
Go Doo Shim as Jung Hyang Geum (Ke Hee’s mother)
Jo An as Kim Ma Ri / Kim Yeon Kyung (Ke Hee’s younger sister)
?? as Kim Joong Hee (Ke Hee’s younger sister)
?? as Kim Cha Hee (Ke Hee’s younger sister)

Moon family and servants
Kim Young Chul as Baron Moon Jung Kwan / Fumiyama Yamato (Suk Kyung’s father)
Lee Bo Hee as Ame Kaori (Baron Moon’s mistress)
Hong Yo Seob as Moon Dong Gi (Suk Kyung’s uncle)
Kim Kyung Sook as Yoon Jung Ja

Yi family and servants
Choi Jong Won as Lord Yi In Pyong (Dong Woo’s father)
Kim Se Ah as Jo Young Eun (Dong Woo’s governess)
Kim Ji Young as servant

Son Jong Bum as Park Sung Ju
Lee Byung Wook as Oh Chul Hyung
Lee Gun as Kim Ki Soo
Kwon Sung Duk as Syngman Rhee
Yoon Seung Won as Jung Bong Doo
Lee Mi Young as Ji Kye Ok
Shin Hyun Tak as Jung Dol Yi
Kim Dong Hyun as Chang Taek-sang
Kim Hyo Won as Park Heon Young
Shin Goo as Lyuh Woon-hyung / Mong Yang
Park Chul Ho as chairman
Song Yong Tae as vice-chairman
Park Yong Jin as North Korean officer
Hyun Won as North Korean officer
Jang Dong Jik as South Korean soldier
Kim Hyung Il
Ahn Shin Woo

Production Credits
Screenwriter: Jung Sung Hee, Lee Han Ho
Chief producer: Lee Sung Joo
Producer: Jung Young Chul
Director: Yoon Chang Bum, Yoo Hyun Ki
Assistant Director: No Sang Hoon, Kim Jin Won

2007 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Drama Award
2006 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award – Actor (Ryu Soo Young)

Photos from filming locations (credit to piano_lady)
Books on North Korea

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Additional help: narfiso, hhjudit (signs in Hangul, ep1), Avallac’h (signs in Russian, ep12-13, 16), icexshinigami (ep18)
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Asa ga Kuru (2016) [JPN Subs] (ep1-3 and ep5-8 end)

Asa ga Kuru (2016) [JPN Subs] (ep1-3 and ep5-8 end)

The last episode is out. Episode 4 is missing, if anyone can provide me with it I’d be happy to time.

Fuji TV does have a short description of each episode in English (with spoilers!).

asagakuruTitle: 朝が来る
Title (romaji): Asa ga Kuru
Also known as: Comes Morning
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Human drama
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: Fuji TV / Tokai TV
Broadcast period: 2016-Jun-04 to 2016-Jul-30
Air time: Saturday 23:40
Theme song: Si jamais j’oublie by ZAZAZ

Satoko had thought that this happiness would last, but on the day of Asato’s birthday, she receives a phone call from a mysterious woman identifying herself as the boy’s mother, Katakura Hikari. “I’m Katakura. I want my child back. I gave birth to Asato-kun.” – Jdrama Weblog

Yasuda Narumi as Kurihara Satoko
Kawashima Umika as Katakura Hikari
Hara Nanoka as young Hikari (age 14)
Tanaka Naoki as Kurihara Kiyokazu
Ishida Eri as Asami Yoko
Satsukawa Aimi as Goto Kasumi
Takizawa Saori as Hoshino Risa
Hayashida Yusaku as Kurihara Asato
Kurokawa Tomoka as Hirata Konomi
Yamamoto Ryuji as Yamamoto Tetsuo (deceased)
Akama Mariko as Katakura Sakiko
Senoo Seiko as Katakura Hiroshi
Kojima Riria as Katakura Akane
Saito Taiyo as Hoshino Ozora
Minahara Yuki as Sugimoto Miki
Akino Roza as Tachibana Naomi
Sakakibara Tetsuji as Ando Ryota
Yamada Masayuki as Sakagami
Suzunosuke as Gonda
MEGUMI as Shirakawa Akemi
Hayashida Yusaku as Kurihara Asato
Yamashita Rio as Haruna (ep8)

Production Credits
Original work (novel): Asa ga Kuru by Tsujimura Mizuki
Screenwriter: Takahashi Maki
Producer: Matsumoto Keisuke, Shibuya Miki
Director: Furusawa Takeshi, Kaneko Yoshikazu

External Links
Official site

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JPN Subs / 日本語字幕 ep1-3 and ep5-8 end (480p and 720p-DoA)
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How to join AvistaZ

This is a short tutorial on how to try to get an invite to AvistaZ, earlier known as AsiaTorrents. On rare occasions the site opens up for new members to register, this usually happens on weekends.

You could try this, if you’re not able to be invited by someone you know.

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If you’re not able to join, try your luck elsewhere.

Inochi (1986) [ENG Subs] (ep1, 3 of 50)

Inochi (1986) [ENG Subs] (ep1, 3 of 50)

Episode 3 is out!
Miki finds out her mother has cancer. The doctor gives her the advice to not tell her mother, or other family members about it.

Makes you wonder if you really would want to know how long you had left to live if you were seriously ill. Would it really make you feel any better?

I look forward to working on this drama. Kobayashi Ayako and Izumi Pinko is in it. I’m not so familiar with the rest of the cast. It seems to have an interesting plot, and it has the same narrator, screenwriter, and music composer as Oshin.

inochi001Title: いのち
Title (romaji): Inochi
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 50
Viewership ratings: 26,6% (1st ep), 36,7% (highest ep), 29,3% (average)
Broadcast network: NHK
Broadcast period: 1986-Jan-05 to 1986-Dec-14
Air time: Sunday 20:00

The drama is begins in August 1945, three days after the end of the Pacific war. A freight train completely jam-packed with passengers heads for Aomori from devastated Tokyo. Among the passengers is Takahara Miki Takahara and her sister Sachi.
Miki and Sachi are the daughters of a wealthy landlord living in a village in the Tsugaru area in Aomori prefecture but they have been living in Tokyo since before the war to attend school. After seeing her village does not have a doctor, Miki is determined to become a rural doctor.

Main Cast
Mita Yoshiko as Takahara Miki
Tanba Tetsuro as Miki’s father
Kuga Yoshiko as Takahara Chie
Ishino Mako as Takahara Sachi
Watanabe Toru as Nakagawa Kuniyuki
Ishida Taro
Osaka Shiro as Kudo Seikichi
Akagi Harue as Kudo Ine
Ibu Masato as Iwata Gozo
Sugai Kin as Iwata Teru
Yamazaki Senri
Kobayashi Daisuke -> Kato Akihito -> Uchida Junichi -> Shindo Eisaku as Tatsuo
佐藤央望 -> 清水愛 -> Nikaido Chihiro -> Takagi Miho as 岩田典子
高松涼子 -> Miyahara Nami -> Kobayashi Ayako -> Kishimoto Kayoko as 岩田征子
Kusami Junpei

Production Credits
Screenwriter: Hashida Sugako
Producer: Shibuya Yasuo
Directors: Tomizawa Masayuki, Komiyama Yoshinori, Abe Yasuhiko
Music: Sakata Koichi
Narration: Naraoka Tomoko

External Links
DramaWiki | Japanese Wikipedia

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Harry Hole books by Jo Nesbø

Harry Hole books by Jo Nesbø

jonesbosnowmanThe books follow Harry Hole, a police struggling with alcoholism and his own demons, who works for Crime Squad, later on with the National Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos).

Right now I’m reading Phantom, I don’t think this book is so good.

I like the following the most. The Bat, The Redbreast (Harry calls Ellen), The Snowman, it reminded me a little of Kuchisake Onna.

I have also read The Headhunters and The Son by Jo Nesbø. The Headhunters have been made into a movie, and a movie based on The Snowman starring Michael Fassbender is being worked on.

Overall I think Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole series is okay, but he isn’t my favorite crime author. Read it if you got time.

Book No. Original Norwegian title Swedish title English title
1. Flaggermusmannen Fladdermusmannen The Bat
2. Kakerlakkene Kackerlackorna Cockroaches
3. Rødstrupe Rödhake The Redbreast
4. Sorgenfri Smärtans hus Nemesis
5. Marekors Djävulsstjärnan The Devil’s Star
6. Frelseren Frälsaren The Redeemer
7. Snømannen Snömannen The Snowman
8. Panserhjerte Pansarhjärta The Leopard
9. Gjenferd Gengångare Phantom
10. Politi Polis Police

Parts of The Leopard takes place in the Congo Republic where Mount Nyiragongo is located, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. I found the National Geographic documentary Volcano Under the City on YouTube.

Photographer and filmmaker Carsten Peter holding a seminar about what it was like exploring the volcano.

FansubWiki: Editing Jdrama Fansub Maps

FansubWiki: Editing Jdrama Fansub Maps

I’m taking a temporary break from subbing to do some editing of the Jdrama Fansub Maps, sorting dramas by date first aired, and adding the function to sort dramas by; date, network, or title. While I’m at it I’m also sorting subtitles by status; complete, in progress, announced.

There are several subtitles either in closed communities, or subtitles in none-English languages where I can’t check if a drama has been completed. I’d like to encourage those who knows to update the status on FansubWiki.

Done, back to subbing.