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  1. Oshin (1983) [ENG Subs] (ep1-164 of 297) — 15 comments
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Seoul 1945 (2006) [ENG Subs] (ep1-18 of 71)

Suk Kyung returns to Seoul after three years. Park Chang Ju is promoted to lieutenant. Woon Hyuk meets with Mong Yang.

OUR HOUSE (2016) [JPN Subs] (ep1-6 of ??)

Sakurako falls in love.

D-Addicts status

Updates on D-Addicts status.

Dear My Sister (2011) [ENG Subs] (ep1-80 of 130)

Eunyeong is still in the hospital. Malgu tries to convince Mija to help out save Deokcheon Winery.

Oshin (1983) [ENG Subs] (ep1-164 of 297)

Kayo tells Kota about Oshin’s current situation.

The Legend of the Ice People by Margit Sandemo

Book covers for The Legend of the Ice People.

Gisou no Fuufu (2015) [JPN Subs]

Everyone who chances upon Kamon Hiro will think her the ideal woman, with her aloof looks and beautiful and gentle smile. They are all dead wrong, as Kamon Hiro, 45 year old single, actually hates everyone else. Deep within her heart, seethes endless poisonous thoughts of other people. On those numerous times she unleashes her true self, many have been hurt in the process. Ever since the only man she had ever loved left her during her university days, she had closed up her heart, and became who she is today. Determined to live her life out alone, one day, she suddenly meets up with the love of her life again, and finds herself in a marriage… a fake one, that is!

Tokai TV to stop airing hirudora

Tokai TV will stop airing hirudoras at the end March. They have been airng for 51½ years. The first drama Yukimoe (雪燃え) aired in 1964, and will end with the 214th hirudora Arashi no Namida (嵐の涙〜私たちに明日はある〜) starting on February 1st 2016.

AKB48, SMAP, Jdramas, and Idol Culture in Japan

Interesting video with Hikosaemon, Jake Nalton and Gimmeabreakman talking about AKB48, SMAP, Jdramas, and Japanese popular culture. You don’t need to watch the video, you can listen to it while doing your laundry.

One year since D-Addicts torrent section closed

One year has gone by since D-Addicts torrent section closed.

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