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Sep 30

Oshin (1983)

Episode 105 is out!
Poor Oshin, doesn’t know what to do when these ladies arrive.

Sep 27

Tentai Kansoku (2002)

It’s been three years since that summer when they laughed together gazing at the stars. Will Kyoichi, Tomoya, Takeshi, Mifuyu, Satomi, Yuri and Kenta continue to drift farther apart as friends? Or will they manage to strengthen their friendship again?

Sep 21

Dear My Sister (2011)

Episode 67 is out!
Yeongpyo meets President Hong. Geumju has returned home to Deokcheon. Malgu has another discussion with Byeongman.

Sep 02

Kono yo no Hate (1994)

Maria is in need of money. Because her day-time job doesn’t pay enough, she works at night at a cabaret. She needs the money so that she can pay for her sister, Nana’s eyes operation. When both Maria and Nana were younger, Maria burned down the home, causing her sister’s blindness and killing their father (mother survived.) Shiro is a famous concert pianist. However, he isn’t happy with his marriage or his life in general. Maria and Shiro are united through a traffic accident, causing Shiro to be hospitalized. Faking amnesia and his identity, he stays at Maria’s place and eventually starts to work at the cabaret as a piano player. As you will find out later on, life was not meant for Maria and Shiro to find one another.

May 18

Aridong’s Last Cowboy (2010)

The landlord Sim Deoksu and ex-police Park Pyeongdal hunt a killer who has disturbed the neighborhood of Aridong for the past 30 years.

Apr 21

Itsuka Mata Aeru (1995)

I’m sorry to say that I’ll be dropping this project.
I’ve tried using honorifics in the subtitles, but with the editing I’m doing. I’m afraid I’ll just make them worse. If you are interested in transcribing this drama, please send Avallac’h a PM.

Jan 19

Oshin drama notes

I’m making a separate post for Oshin where I explain some things.
Thank you very much to Ethlenn and y0ssy for their help.

Jan 13

Lipstick (1999)

Ai ends up in a correction facility. There she finds new friends and falls in love with a warden.

Sep 09

How I make subtitles

Some random thoughts about timing and typography.

Jul 20

The Angel of Death Comes with Purple High Heels (2010)

The story of a struggling manhwa artist, his long-suffering partner at the publication company who has feelings for him, and a strange 19-year-old girl dressed in ridiculous costume.

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