One year since D-Addicts torrent section closed

I have been an active member of D-Addicts since 2006, and visit the site almost daily. In January of 2014 I was contacted and asked if I wanted to become a moderator and I accepted the offer.

One year has gone by since D-Addicts torrent section closed, I still clearly remember that day, and the following turbulent days. It was a very sudden announcement, and I got very very very sad when reading it. Those days I listened much to “Tusen Bitar” (Thousand Pieces) by Björn Afzelius.

I wonder how many people have been inspired to study Japanese/Korean/Chinese, taken part in the JET program because of it.

I’m not angry at Ruroshin for the decision he made, but so sad that this had to happen to such a great community. With the closing of the torrent section and new layout a lot of people left, and the drama discussion threads got less active.

I want to thank all members of the D-Addicts from the bottom of my heart, those who left (I miss you), stayed, returned, or recently joined for still sharing your love for Asian dramas. Many whom I consider a friend, and a few of you mean very much to me.

A special thank you to some, I’m sure many more could be added here.

Ruroshin for keeping the site up.

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Jpsubbers 有り難う御座います

Swedish version “Tusen Bitar” (Thousand Pieces) by Björn Afzelius

Original Danish version “Tusind Stykker” by Anne Linnet.

English version by Goombay Dance Band.


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