How to join AvistaZ

I’m not a staff, I only provide a tutorial on how to try to get an invite to AvistaZ for those who are interested.

On rare occasions the site opens up for new members to register, this usually happens on weekends.

As a user you are only allowed to have one (1) account per IP address.

Inviting your friend(s) that use the same shared connection will not work. If you invite anyone, you are responsible for them to not have duplicate accounts. If that’s the case, both you and the one(s) you invited will be banned. (Re)inviting yourself will get you banned.

If you have not downloaded / uploaded anything within 30 days after account creation, it will be pruned for inactivity.

Starting January 1st 2017 accounts will no longer be re-activated.

What are the minimum requirements to get an invite?
it depends on the site you’re posting your ratio proof from. Minimum of a month activity and having a ratio of 1.0 or greater is required. In case you’re on one of the sites from AvistaZ’s network, these are the minimum upload data requirements per site that you need to have in order to get invited to any other of the sites.

50GB for AvistaZ
20GB for CinemaZ
100GB for PrivateHD

How much upload data is required from other trackers?

15GB for literature-only trackers (e-books)
50GB for music-only trackers
100GB for trackers with mixed content

  • If you are a member of any other private tracker(s). Take screenshot(s) of your profile that prove you got a good ratio.
  • Upload the screenshot(s) to
  • Go to
  • Connection: From the list choose “Rizon [webirc]”
  • Nick: Choose a nickname you want to use in chat.
  • Channel: #AvistaZInvite
  • Read the first message you see when joining.
  • Post link(s) to the screenshot(s) you took in the IRC channel and say which site you want an invite to.

And here you can find a more detailed guide on how to join.
If you’re not able to join, try your luck elsewhere.


  1. Hi dear,
    How are you ?
    I can say to everybody it is working! So try… and you will find some jewels!
    thanks again Keiko, hope north of Europe is not so hot… 🙂

    • Hello Mélinéee! It’s starting to get cold here, and it’s dark in the evening. I hope the fall and winter goes fast. I like the Swedish spring and summer the most.

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