Imai Akira share thoughts on tabloids regarding GACKT

Imai Akira (今井彰), OHP
He is a writer, former executive producer for NHK, a visiting professor at Nagoya Economics University, the host in a BS11 documentary show.
During his career as an executive producer for NHK, he won many awards in the field of
documentary and came to be called the “standard bearer of documentaries”.

In English, translation by excused-early
Tabloids reporting on GACKT: What’s sad is the people who believe them at face value. Tabloids are scandal amplifiers. They’ll report rumors as if they were true. They warp every story. How can they know if Marusa (Criminal Investigation Department of Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau) actually came? Unless the Taxation Bureau reported it publicly, the tabloids couldn’t know. But people take their word for it. How about that?

Tabloids reporting on GAKCT, No.1: It’s the norm for the Taxation Bureau to investigate individuals and companies that have more than a certain level of income/revenue. The Taxation Bureau always asks for an amended tax return, it’s called Omiyage (souvenir). This is completely different from Marusa or tax evasion. These are trick articles, the common practice among tabloids. It lacks common sense to blame the individual by believing this low-level content.

This is what I think GAKCT may be feeling. You get bummed out when you’re attacked by a tabloid, you feel the eyes of the others as if they were needles. It’s particularly rough because it upsets your parents. Even celebrities are just fragile human beings. I know, because I’ve been a victim of their complete lies, too. If you argue with them, they’ll only take your words out of context. You just have to endure it all. If you’re his fan, please believe in him.

GACKT-san, I misspelled your name. Forgive me. But why is G-A-C-K-T pronounced “GAKUTO”? Sorry to stray from my own mistake, but please tell me.

On GACKT (correctly spelled this time), No.3: Tabloids first choose whom they’re going to prey on. Then, they choose only rumors that are filled with malicious intent. Then, the main writer creates a scandalous story in his/her own fantasy world, and then ambushes the very person for an interview. You may try to argue, but their article has already been finished, so they won’t listen to you anyway. To them, the truth is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is sales.

Tabloids reporting on GACKT, No.4: Looks like there are many people shouting at him, “Prove it if you’re innocent”. They don’t get it at all. You’re surrounded with malicious intent, anything you may say to explain things will only be used as fuel for more scandals. There is no one in the world that has the obligation to prove anything to the media, including tabloids. The media do not represent the nation. They are profit organizations.

1. I’m receiving questions from GACKT-san’s fans, asking whether he can sue them. His fans may believe him, but indeed, the scandalous information has been distributed to over 500,000 people by the tabloids and several million people over the Internet. Unfortunately, many of these people do believe it completely. It is absolutely possible that this will damage his honor and hinder his career.

2. On GACKT-san. I will answer this question as one college professor who gives lectures on mass communication, and also as someone with an experience of being the victim of fabricated articles. I do believe he can file a lawsuit against the tabloids for this. But tabloids are used to lawsuits. They’ll hire countless lawyers and use the strategy of endlessly prolonging the case.

3. GACKT-san and his team will have to start preparing necessary papers for the lawsuit, and gather all of the enormous amount of materials to prove how unjust the articles are. Further, GACKT-san will also have to appear in court and give his testimonies, during which time he will suffer through extremely vicious questions. This is how they exhaust you. I guess the compensation for damage would be about 2-3 million yen (2-30,000 dollars). It is rather pitiful, but at least it has the effect of making them stop fabricating things once and for all.

/End of Translation

In Japanese
Source:  Imai Akira’s (今井彰) Twitter
GACKT、週刊誌報道。情けないのは丸々信じる人たち。週刊誌はスキャンダル増幅装置。噂話でも本当のように書く。ひとつの話を歪曲する。マルサが来たなんて、 どうして分かるの?国税が発表しない限り、週刊誌にはわかりませんよ。それをまともに受けるのは、どうだろうね。

GAKCT,週刊誌報道、その2。一定以上の収入がある個人や会社に税務調査が入るのは当たり前。おみやげと言って修正申告を必ず税務署は求める。それと マルサや脱税は全く違う話。これはトリック記事で、週刊誌のやる常套手段。この程度の中身を信じて個人を非難するのは常識がない。

GAKCTの胸中を察するに。週刊誌にやられると本人はへこむ。周りの視線は針のように感じる。特に、親が動揺するから、きつい。有名人でも弱い人間だか ら。私も嘘ばっかり書かれたからよくわかる。反論しても言葉尻をとらえられるだけ。忍耐しかない。ファンの方は信じてあげて下さいよ。


GACKT(今度はスペル大丈夫)関連、その3。週刊誌はまず獲物を決める。次に悪意に満ちた噂だけをチョイス、さらにメインの記者が妄想でスキャンダル ストーリーを作り、後は本人に突撃取材。反論しても記事が出来上がっているので、聞く耳など持たない。彼等は真実など関係ない。売れればいい。

GACKT、週刊誌報道、その4。シロなら証明しろと叫んでいる人が多いようですね。全くわかってない。何か釈明しても、悪意の中ですから、歪曲されて次 のスキャンダルが作られるだけ。週刊誌を含むマスコミに証明する義務など、世界中誰一人ないのです。マスコミは国民代表ではない。営利団体です。

1、GACKTさんのファンの方々から訴えられないかと質問を頂いています。確かに、ファンの方は彼を信じても、週刊誌で50万以上、ネットで数百万以上 にスキャンダル情報が流れ、残念ながらそれを真に受ける大量の人々もいます。名誉を傷つけ活動の阻害要因になる可能性は十分あります。続く。

2、GACKTさんについて。マスコミ論を講義する大学教授の一人として、また私自身、捏造記事の被害にあった体験からお答えします。今回の件で、訴える ことは出来ると思います。しかし週刊誌は訴訟に慣れています。海千山千の弁護士が出てきて、訴訟を徹底して長引かせる作戦に出ます。続く。

3、GACKTさん側も訴訟に当たり準備書面を始め、いかに不当な記事か膨大な資料を揃える必要がある。さらにGACKTさんも出廷し、証言。その間、相 当悪辣な質問を浴びます。消耗戦です。賠償金は2、3百万ですかね。虚しく見えますが、相手のこれ以上の捏造記事を止めさせる効果はありますね。

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