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A collection of links on where to find dramas, subtitles, drama bloggers etc.

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Audience Rating TV (Japanese)
D-Addicts / Twitter Discuss dramas, subtitles.
DramaWiki Information on Asian dramas, actors and actress.
Polish DramaWiki
FansubWiki Part of D-Addicts, see who will sub/have subbed a drama. Look to the left of the main page under “Fansub Map.”
Polish FansubWiki
AsianMediaWiki Info on Asian dramas and movies.
HanCinema Info on Korean dramas and movies.
Jdrama Weblog Good site, fast on posting info about upcoming Japanese dramas.
Korean Drama
TV Drama Database (Japanese)
TV Drama Rating (Japanese)
Wikipedia (Chinese)
Wikipedia (Japanese)
Wikipedia (Korean)

Where to find dramas
Some of the more popular sites are.

Nyaa The new Nyaa. See Live Action category for dramas. By uploader: FuneraL, keiko1981, miax, VampireXxX

AvistaZ (private tracker | How to Join) Open registration on rare occasions.
AOX | Twitter (private tracker) Open registration now and then.
540p-ZASK Earlier 540p-SAM, run by sinecure. Mostly Korean dramas.
A Virtual Voyage Part of the ZASK team. Mostly Chinese dramas.
Dark Angel
JdramaCity furransu’s blog
Light of Angels (need to join to access files) Index of dramas and movies.
Plotboxes (need to join to access files) Index of dramas and movies.
Rare & Old Doramas xaxa’s blog

Try to search using the original title as well.

newTrackon List of working trackers.

Aidoru Online
AsianDVDClub (private tracker)
eTorrents (in Korean, registration needed)
Hello!Online (private tracker)
isoHunt (index site)
Tokyo Toshokan
TorrentGirls (Korean)
TorrentKim (Korean)
TorrentProject (index site)
Torrenters (Korean)
TV Nihon
Zhuixin Fan (Chinese)

Dorama x264
Dorama x265
Free Korean Dramas
Kpopella’s FileFactory and Uploaded, follow on Twitter for updates.
MQ Old Kdramas

Some restrict their subtitles, I’m not going to list which ones since it can change from one day to another.

International Standards & Guidelines on Subtitling
How to Re-time subtitles
8thSin Translation Guide (archived)
English Grammar Rules

Jpsubbers (mirror site no longer updated) [JPN]
Mediacrit [JPN]
Pikataa3’s Ameba | Twitter [JPN]
Zenbun Kakiokoshi [JPN]
1004 Fansub | Facebook | Twitter [HUN]
Aigoo Fansub [SPA]
AKB48 Bits | Twitter
Akina Fansubs | Facebook [DEU]
akira1999495 [FRA]
Ame no Uta | Twitter [ENG]
anna3751 Dreamwidth | LiveJournal [ENG]
AozoraSubs | Twitter [ENG]
Asia Team [SPA]
Asia TV Subtitle
Asian Team [POR]
Bagi Kuy | Twitter [IND]
BillaSub [ENG]
Byakuya Fansubs [HUN]
Candylemon [ENG]
Colette Subs [HUN]
Chuks no Uta [ENG]
Colorful Subs [ITA]
Crazy Asian Love | Facebook | Twitter [SPA]
Csószunban Magyarul [HUN]
DarkSmurfSub | Twitter [MISC]
Dorama Forever Fansub [HUN]
Dorama no Fansub [SPA]
Doramatique [ENG]
Drama Jisho Fansub | Facebook [FRA]
DramaCrazy Fansubs
DramaMania [ITA]
DSS Indonesia [IND]
Dwaejitokki Fansubs [HUN]
Dz Idol World | Twitter [ENG] dobod’s blog.
Earth and Sky, Colors and Dreams [ENG]
Egao Fansub [HUN]
Eito Kick Ass | Twitter [ENG]
eXtraTranz [ARA]
Ezoritu Subs [HUN]
Furritsubs | LiveJournal | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter [ENG]
GaijinRyan [ENG]
GiriGiri Fansubs [ENG]
GrTeam Fansubs | Facebook [ELL]
HaroRangers [ENG]
Haru Haru Fansub [ITA]
Heaven and Earth [ENG]
Hajimero Fansub | Twitter [FRA]
Hi no Tori Fansubs
Honey and Clover – Fangirl’s Delight
kurokouchi / hontontoko Dreamwidth | LiveJournal [ENG]
Hoshizora no Koi [ENG]
Il Giardino di Exenia [ITA]
Izzyosa [ENG]
J-drama Indonesia Subtitle [IND]
Jdramafied [ENG]
Jiang Hu Fansub | Facebook [ENG]
Jigoku Heaven
JinHoFansub | Twitter [FRA]
Jiyuu Fansub | Facebook [ENG / IND]
JUMPing STORM / Facebook / Twitter / tumblr [ENG]
k1s3k1’s Pastebin
Kataomoi no Aji [ENG]
kingofbeer’s Pastebin | Twitter
Kioku Fansubs [ENG]
KTNEWS Fansubs [POL]
LDH Subs | Twitter
Lhsarafes | Twitter
Luffy no Tomo
Mahal Dramas Fansub | Facebook | Twitter [POR]
Menimienaimono | Fickleunicorn’s Twitter [ENG]
MegaBeast Empire [ENG]
mikilove13 Fansubs | Twitter [ENG]
Miso Drama
MIST Fansub | Facebook | Twitter [ITA]
My Korea [HUN]
MVP Group [ENG / SPA]
My Aidol
Neko no Koi [ENG]
NYA! Fansubs
Oneokusagi | Twitter | YouTube
pururucchi LiveJournal [ENG / IND]
Random Balderdash [ENG]
sacchanxd Dreamwidth | LiveJournal | Facebook | Twitter [ENG]
Sarangbi Fansubs [FRA]
SARS Fansubs [ENG]
Serendipity Fansubs [ENG]
SkewedS Translations [ENG]
Sky Tree Subs [ENG]
Sophia London [ENG]
Space Case Subs [ENG]
STORMY Team | Twitter [ENG]
Subs for All Soo-jin’s projects.
Subnung [THA]
Subtitles by Yuuki [ENG]
The Blue Panda
TrulyAzn’s Pastebin | Twitter
Unmei Fansubs [VIE]
Unsolved Cases [ENG]
Vajandi Sub [HUN]
Veeai Project
Youkai Subs
Zenith Subs

Blogs about Asian Dramas/Popular Culture etc
If by Japan Also subber.
Nao Kanzaki and a few friends
Outpost Nine: I’m a Japanese School Teacher Funny stuff! “Miss Americanized” among others.
Ritsu no Dorama Land / Twitter Also subber.
Sageuk: Korean Historical Dramas
thundie’s prattle

Asian Oldies
Jrock Scans (Scans Directory) Scanned Japanese music magazines.
Japanese Oldies
Oldies but Goodies Jpop Idol music from the early 60’s-90’s.


    • I can only recommend searching at Nyaa (very little there), AvistaZ doesn’t a many Japanese variety shows, mostly Korean there.

      Various LiveJournal communities, for example those focusing on SMAP.

      Other than that try looking at different streaming sites and search using the original Japanese title.

  1. Did anyone ever get around to finishing subtitles for dososei? I’ve managed to find the videos.. but can’t seem to locate subtitles anywhere…

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