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Aug 15th-Sep 1st Koufuku no Ouji

Subtitles: Chinese hardsub

koufukuTitle: 幸福の王子
Title (romaji): Koufuku no Ouji
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Tragedy
Episodes: 11
Viewership ratings: 11.6%
Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast period: 2003-Jul-02 to 2003-Sep-10
Air time: Wednesday 22:00-23:39
Theme song: Drawing by Mr.Children

This is the tragic love story of Shuhei and Umi. Shuhei is the only surviving son of a hospital director. He loves to play the piano as accompaniment to Umi’s cello. Umi is the only daughter of a couple who own a little restaurant. As she is a great cellist, Umi obtained a scholarship to attend a famous music school in Austria. While Shuhei dreams of going to Austria with her, being the sole heir in his family, he has to take up medicine to become a doctor. Ryosuke is Shuhei’s best friend, but he secretly covets Umi for himself. On graduation day, he purposely lied to the young lovers, causing them to miss meeting each other. On her way home, Umi was knocked over by a truck, and lost the full mobility to her fingers, dashing her dream of becoming a cellist. Shuhei meanwhile, thinks that Umi had given up on him, and left for Austria. He goes on to medical school, and marries an influential banker’s daughter, Noriko. He doesn’t know that Umi had in fact stayed behind in Japan, helping out at her family’s restaurant. Or that she still loves him, but thinks that she’s not good enough for him. One day, they meet by chance…



Motoki Masahiro as Narugawa Shuhei
Kanno Miho as Umi
Sakashita Chiriko as Noriko
Ayase Haruka as Mayu
Kuga Kotomi (空閑琴美) as little Mayu
Watanabe Tetsu as Umi’s father
Omori Akemi as Umi’s mother
Kawano Naoki
Tachikawa Eri
Sunaga Kei
Uehara Yoshie (上原由恵)
Suga Kenta
Harada Shuichi (原田修一)
Sakai Toshiya
Kawahara Masahiko (河原雅彦)
Hankai Kazuaki (ep1)
Tanaka Ritsuko
Hiraizumi Sei
Matsubara Chieko
Imori Miyuki as Momoko
Watabe Atsuro as Yoda Ryosuke

I have up to episode 32 of Gunish Kanbee, a new batch will be posted when I’ve got episode 40.

Apr 1st-Apr 15th Episode 1-10 (480p and 720p)
Jun 1st-Jun 15th Episode 11-20 (480p and 720p)
Aug 15th-Sep 1st Episode 21-30 (480p and 720p)

Gunshi KanbeeTitle: 軍師官兵衛
Title (romaji): Gunshi Kanbee
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Jidaigeki
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: NHK
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-5 start
Air time: Sunday 20:00
Subtitles: English

July 1590, Odawara. Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s army had surrounded the Odawara Castle for over 3 months, hoping to conquer this last obstacle to his dream of the country’s unification. Standing at the gate of the castle, a lone man facing the menacing guards shouted out: “Do not throw your lives away. Treasure living!”. Not long after, the castle gates opened and the reigning lord surrendered. The name of that man is Kuroda Kanbee. An excellent military strategist, he worked hand-in-hand with Hideyoshi to unify the country.

Kanbee’s family had fled to Harima, and were relatively poor. As the protege of Kodera Masamoto, Kanbee was very much trusted and relied upon by his lord liege. Kanbee became the head of the Kuroda clan at 22 years of age. Masamoto was aging and he very much wanted someone to take over his responsibilities, and thus he decided to marry off his much-loved daughter, Teru, to Kanbee. They were blessed with a son, but since many years had passed and yet Teru couldn’t seem to conceive a second child, Kanbee decided to adopt the young children of his vassals as his proteges who were known as “Kuroda’s warriors”.

When Kanbee turned 30, a revolutionary young lord was slowly laying siege to all the various shogunates, aiming for a unified Japan. Harima became the place where the clash between Oda and Mori Terumoto was set. Kanbee was very attracted to Oda’s unification plans, and had gone to Gifu Castle to meet up with him. There, he became acquainted with Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and soon became Hideyoshi’s right-hand man, marking the birth of Gunshi Kanbee.

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