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Oct 1st-Oct 15th Again!!

Japanese (untimed)

againTitle: アゲイン!!
Title (romaji): Agein!!
Title (English): Again!!
Format: Renzoku
Genre: School, romance, comedy
Episodes: 10
Viewership ratings: TBD
Broadcast network: TBS and MBS
Broadcast period: 2014-Jul-21 to 2014-Sep-22 (MBS) / 2014-Jul-23 to 2014-Oct-01 (TBS)
Air time: Sunday 24:50-25:20 (MBS) / Tuesday 25:11-25:41 (TBS)
Opening theme: Superstar by Johnny’s West
Ending theme: Yume wo Dakishimete by Johnny’s West

Imamura Kinichiro ends high school life with not a single thing; no friends or even memories. After the graduation ceremony, he for some reason goes back in time to the morning of the enrollment ceremony three years ago, and has a second chance at high school life. Contrary to Kinichiro’s expectations about the tedium of repeating the three years, the head cheerleader Usami calls out to him, and he sets out on a completely new high school life.



Fujii Ryusei as Imamura Kinichiro
Hayami Akari as Usami Yoshiko
Kojima Fujiko as Shibata Uraraitoguchi
Kamiyama Tomohiro as Hiro-kun
Kondo Yoshimasa as Kitajima
Asada Miyoko as Imamura Satoko
Tsutsumishita Atsushi as Suga Gakuki
Kusumi Koharu (久住小春) as Abe Tama
Okano Maya (岡野真也) as Fujieda Akira
Okayasu Tabibito (岡安旅人) as Okamoto Masaki
Watanabe Yutaro (渡辺佑太朗) as Okuma Tatsuhiko
Miyazato Shun (宮里駿) as Suzuki Kazufumi
Sato Rei (佐藤玲) as Emma
Ishizaki Natsumi (石崎なつみ) as Chie
Koseda Mayu (小瀬田麻由) as Nami
Hirama Shogo (平間彰吾) as Nao
Makimura Senzaburo (牧村泉三郎) as Teahcer Kocho
Fuji Natsuko (藤夏子) as Ba-chan
Abe Nanami (阿部菜渚美) as Hitomi
Hamano Kenta (浜野謙太) as Iwasaki Chihiro

Oct 1st-Oct 15th Dososei

Japanese (untimed)

dososeiTitle: 同窓生
Title (romaji): Dososei
Tagline: ~人は、三度、恋をする~ / Hito wa, Sando, Koi wo Suru~
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 10
Viewership ratings: TBD
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 2014-Jul-10 to 2014-Sep-11
Air time: Thursday 21:00
Theme song: Rakuen by merengue
Insert song: Honto no Koi by May J

Divorcee Kenta who quit his job and is working in his family’s laundry shop while Akehi, his former girlfriend from junior high who is a housewife but has an unhappy marriage. The two of them become drawn to each other again after the alumni reunion despite the circumstances they are in. On the other hand, Kaoruko who is beautiful and clever but has grown not to trust men due to a failed relationship and doesn’t pay attention to her looks anymore. After the alumni reunion, she finds herself being involved with Ryosuke who is a playboy and never sticks to one woman for long.



ARATA as Yanagi Kenta
Yoshida Haruto (吉田晴登) as young Kenta
Inamori Izumi as Kamakura Akehi
Yoshida Riko as young Akehi
Itaya Yuka as Hirono Kaoruko
Nakagawa Mao (中川真桜) as young Kaoruko
Matsuoka Masahiro as Sakurai Ryosuke
Kikuchi Haru (菊池ハル) as young Ryosuke
Okamoto Rei as Yan
Ichige Yoshie as Yanagi Haruko
Tsuruta Shinobu as Yanagi Yoshio
Emoto Akira as Samejima Hideaki
MATSU as Kamakura Taro
Yoshida Naito (吉田騎士) as Kamakura Koji
Yokoyama Kota as Kamakura Ichiro
Suda Rio (須田理央) as Kamakura Misa
Miura Rieko as Sakurai Kanako
Awano Riko as Sakurai Shihori
Ichikawa Miwako as Kibata Saeko
Saeki Yuenshi (佐伯元希) as Yanagi Shota
Takabayashi Yukiko as Ishimoto Mizue
Totsugi Shigeyuki as Shimizu Junya
Takachi Noboru as Aoki Kei

I have up to episode 38 of Gunish Kanbee, a new batch will be posted when I’ve got episode 40.

Gunshi Kanbee
Apr 1st-Apr 15th
Episode 1-10 (480p and 720p)
Jun 1st-Jun 15th Episode 11-20 (480p and 720p)
Aug 15th-Sep 1st Episode 21-30 (480p and 720p)

Gunshi KanbeeTitle: 軍師官兵衛
Title (romaji): Gunshi Kanbee
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Jidaigeki
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: NHK
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-5 start
Air time: Sunday 20:00
Subtitles: English

July 1590, Odawara. Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s army had surrounded the Odawara Castle for over 3 months, hoping to conquer this last obstacle to his dream of the country’s unification. Standing at the gate of the castle, a lone man facing the menacing guards shouted out: “Do not throw your lives away. Treasure living!”. Not long after, the castle gates opened and the reigning lord surrendered. The name of that man is Kuroda Kanbee. An excellent military strategist, he worked hand-in-hand with Hideyoshi to unify the country.

Kanbee’s family had fled to Harima, and were relatively poor. As the protege of Kodera Masamoto, Kanbee was very much trusted and relied upon by his lord liege. Kanbee became the head of the Kuroda clan at 22 years of age. Masamoto was aging and he very much wanted someone to take over his responsibilities, and thus he decided to marry off his much-loved daughter, Teru, to Kanbee. They were blessed with a son, but since many years had passed and yet Teru couldn’t seem to conceive a second child, Kanbee decided to adopt the young children of his vassals as his proteges who were known as “Kuroda’s warriors”.

When Kanbee turned 30, a revolutionary young lord was slowly laying siege to all the various shogunates, aiming for a unified Japan. Harima became the place where the clash between Oda and Mori Terumoto was set. Kanbee was very attracted to Oda’s unification plans, and had gone to Gifu Castle to meet up with him. There, he became acquainted with Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and soon became Hideyoshi’s right-hand man, marking the birth of Gunshi Kanbee.

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