Jdrama Fansub Map 2020

Last updated: 2020-May-26

Jdrama Fansub Map 2020 with information about who has completely or partly subbed what Japanese drama or special. You’re welcome to contact me if you’d like to inform me of any projects.

The following dramas have been postponed or terminated due to COVID-19….

Massor med manga

Alla böckerna är på Engelska och i mycket gott skick, om inget annat anges. Inga böcker säljs för sig. Inget prutande! Manga böckerna säljs lokalt och skickas ej med post….

Dandan (2008) [ENG Subs] (ep1-42 of 150)

Dandan episode 42: Megumi, Nozomi and Takayasu visit Matsue during the summer vacation.

The 79th NHK asadora is Dandan. The twin girls Tajima Megumi and Ichijo Nozomi was separated at birth after their parents had divorced. Years later they meet each other. Both of them have a career within the entertainment industry. Megumi who lives in Matsue, Shimane sings in the band Shijimijiru, and Nozomi is a maiko, an apprentice geisha in Kyoto….

Kita no Kazoku (1973)

NHKs 13:e asadora Kita no Kazoku handlar om en syster och bror som växer upp i Hakodate och Kanazawa….

Ai Yori Aoku (1972)

NHKs 12:e asadora är Ai Yori Aoku som utspelar sig under slutet av Andra Världskriget. Maki är gift med Shuichi och bor i Amakusa, Kumamoto. Shuichi måste bege sig ut i kriget. I Japan för Maki samman kvinnor som blivit änkor till följd av kriget. Hon driver även en Kinesisk restaurang….

Inochi (1986) [ENG Subs] (various episodes)

English subtitles for various episodes of the taiga drama Inochi. The subtitles for this drama are as complete as they can be for the time being, however there might be updates in the future.

This project is dedicated to my father (1952-2017). As well as PannenkoekenNL (????-2019), I didn’t know him very well, but he was an active member of the Asian drama fans community.

The drama is begins in August 1945, three days after the end of the Pacific war. A freight train completely jam-packed with passengers heads for Aomori from devastated Tokyo. Among the passengers is Takahara Miki Takahara and her sister Sachi.
Miki and Sachi are the daughters of a wealthy landlord living in a village in the Tsugaru area in Aomori prefecture but they have been living in Tokyo since before the war to attend school. After seeing her village does not have a doctor, Miki is determined to become a rural doctor….

Little Sweethearts by Deborah Muller

This is what I’ve been coloring from Little Sweethearts by Deborah Muller, and some information about the adult coloring book….

D-Addicts status

D-Addicts was founded in November of 2003 by Ruroshin. In the beginning it started out as only an open tracker, a couple of months later a forum was added. DramaWiki and FansubWiki were both created in spring of 2005. As the years went by the site’s popularity and amount of content grew, all thanks to its uploaders, fansubbers and DramaWiki editors. In November of 2014 the founder decided to close the torrent section, and in September of 2018 a new owner under the same name took his place.

As of September 2018 the subtitles section are members-only. You need to register a free account and have at least one approved post to be able to access it.

When the forum is under maintenance you may still be able to access DramaWiki. If you know who is subbing a drama try to find their website or follow them on social media.

Last updated: 2020-Apr-25
What to do if you are automatically logged out and are unable to log in again….

Mandalas for Beginners volume 1 by Benmore Book

This is what I’ve been coloring from Mandalas for Beginners volume 1 by Benmore Book, and some information about the adult coloring book….

Woodland Wonder by Jen Racine

This is what I’ve been coloring from Woodland Wonder by Jen Racine, and some information about the adult coloring book….

Dandan Episode Guide

This episode guide of Dandan contains spoilers….

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