Ranhansha (2018)

Ranhansha (2018) [ENG Subs] (in progress)

2019-Nov-16 Jean 0

One day in bad weather Kayama Mitsue is walking home with her son Shota in a stroller. A tree falls over them both and Shota dies. Mitsue’s husband Satoshi is a journalist who tries to find out the truth.

Musume to Watashi (1961)

Musume to Watashi (1961)

2019-Oct-25 Jean 0

NHK’s första asadora. Musume to Watashi handlar om en författare som är gift med en fransyska. Efter att fransyskan dött så försöker fadern och styvdottern gå vidare, men de två kommer inte överense. Fadern skickar styvdottern till en kristen internatskola. Senare gifter mannen om sig och låter sin dottern komma hem. Efter Andra Världskriget så förbättras hans karriär, men då dör även den andra hustrun…

Oshin 275-02

Oshin (1983) [ENG Subs] (ep1-276 of 297) [ON HOLD]

2019-Sep-24 Jean 14

English subtitles for the asadora Oshin.

Oshin is born as a poor sharecropper’s daughter in a small village of Yamagata. Through hard work and perseverance she eventually triumphs over pain and adversity to achieve fame and success.

Episode 276: First a devastated Michiko visits the Tanokuras, later Hitoshi shows up since he can’t get into his own house.

Hotarugusa IMG

Hotarugusa (2019) [JPN Subs] (Complete)

2019-Sep-15 Jean 1

Japanese subtitles for the historical drama Hotarugusa.

Nana is a servant of the Kazahaya family, She is from a samurai family. Her father was about to reveal wrongdoings within the domain, but had to commit ritual suicide for a crime he hadn’t done. Ichinoshin tries to correct the wrongdoings, but end up being a target himself. After finding out her father’s enemy is the man behind it all, Nana decides to protect Ichinoshin and his children, as she had promised Sachi, Ichinoshin’s late wife.