[2011.08.11] GACKT: YFC World Tour 2011 *Show Your Soul* in Moscow, Russia

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At the airport in Moscow

YFCz appears on the program PRO НОВОСТИ

Rough translation of the program by mind_cell
The Japanese Jrocker Gackt Camui gave his fiery concert in Moscow.
Moscow clubs have never witnessed such a wave of non-conformism and kawaii, which was provoked by Jrock guru Gackt Camui’s first live in Russia.
His band’s name is Yellow Fried Chickenz – a rather unusual name for a hard rock band.
GACKT “I know we have lots of fans in Russia. I think there’ll be a fullhouse tonight and we’ll finish our tour with a bang.”
Then follows some info about a contest organised by one of Russia’s biggest music channels and dedicated to GACKT’s show.
The winner of the contest is Tatyana who embroidered GACKT’s portrait, which took her 3 years to complete.
GACKT “OMG. This is amazing.”
Tatyana received a poster signed by all band members, a VIP ticket and a couple of warm words from GACKT himself.
GACKT “Tatyana, darling, thank you!”
Jrockers had a full club that night and gave their all to the crowd. They played the whole setlist, threw shirts into the crowd, danced in sync… blah blah… Which is understandable given than 2500 people came to watch the live.
GACKT “It’s not the end, it’s only the beginning. We’ll be back soon, and we’ll bring new songs with us.”

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