A Change of Grace by Sheryl

A Change of Grace

It was awfully dark, some of the lights apparently having been dimmed, and he began to fear that being hollered at for wrecking a shot was going to be unavoidable. He could barely see where he was going. Finally, blessed relief surging in him, he spotted the gate, and sped up a little. “Just another fifty feet and I’ll be home… I made it…”

His feet hit the sidewalk, and he glanced sideways, the city dwellers automatic traffic check, and froze in his tracks. There was no traffic. Early on a summer evening, Central Park West should have been humming with as much traffic as at midday, and yet… it was quiet.

This story is rated PG-13

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Excerpts from Grace’s Journals 1883-1963
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with permission from the author, Sheryl.

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