A Change of Grace: Chapter 33

Title: A Change of Grace
Chapter: 33 of 41
Author: Sheryl
Rating: PG-13
Taylor ends up traveling back in time to New York in the 19th century. There he meets Kathryn, Benjamin, Joshua and Grace among many others. The story follows both Taylor’s adventures in the past and Isaac and Zachary’s search for him in present (1997/1998) time.

Chapter 33

Now though, as much as he was enjoying Josh’s wide eyed wonder, and his company, Taylor was exhausted. He had to sleep, had to. No way around it.
“Listen, bud, I gotta get some sleep… I mean it, I can’t stay awake anymore…”
Josh jumped to his feet, taking hold of Taylor’s hand.
“Yes you can, you need to help me find a song… hey!” Laughing in spite of himself, Taylor only shrugged. “What…”
“You told me you and your brothers sing…”
“Well is any of that…” Josh made a face. He’d sampled the discman, marveling at the clarity of the sound of the “infernal gadget”, finding the music horrific. “That stuff you call music in there… yours?”
Taylor’s eyes widened. It had never occurred to him to play his own stuff for Josh.
“Yeah, I have one of our CD’s in the case, get it out.” Josh made a face, and unzipped the CD case, impressing Taylor with his lack of hesitation.
“How… Taylor… how am I to know which is which? What was that noise before?”
“I don’t know, open it up and read it.”
Josh’s finger hovered over the open key, and he glanced up, questioningly.
“Yeah that one.”
Shrugging, Josh pressed, the top popping open, startling him.
“Oh my! Um…” he gingerly picked the disk out, Taylor wincing as his fingers hit the reflective surface.
“N’no, you don’t touch that part of it, you gotta hold it on the edges… like that. Now read it”
Josh did, eye’s wide. “Rob Zombie… is that a person?”
Taylor giggled, and took the CD, popping it into it’s case. “Ok, techno thrash was probably not the right thing for you to listen to. See if you can find mine. Go ahead…”
Josh looked up at him again, smiling.
“You’re enjoying this. I see you’re awake again. Here…” He handed Taylor the CD case with his picture on it. “I’m not stupid you know.”
“I know… believe me…” He put the CD in, and set it, slipping the headset over his friends ears. “Relax, this is nothing like Rob Zombie, you have my word.” He’d deliberately picked a slow song, hoping it would be easier on Josh’s ears, laughing as he winced anyway.
“What’s all that noise?”
“No…” Josh laughed, shaking his head “Not the music… although… well no offense intended but… but what’s all that OTHER noise?”
“You mean the yelling and screaming?”
“The audience.”
Taylor pulled the liner notes from the CD, showing his friend the concert shots.
“Oh, Taylor, so many people!” His eyes fell on a snapshot of the empty arena, and his hand came up over his mouth. “The size Taylor!” Taylor nodded, face serious.
“Believe it or not, it does the same thing to me.”
“Why do they scream?”
“Josh… we don’t know.”
“You really do sing as a job… are you famous?”
Taylor shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess so. I don’t feel famous though.” He slid the headset off again, and stopped the music, eyeing Josh carefully. “What did you want the song for?”
“Grace. I need a song for Grace.”
“Well, what kind of song?”
Josh fell back on Taylor’s bed, sighing. “I don’t know how to say it, I just need something to sing, only for her, that will be JUST for her… to show her how I feel. I don’t know how to write a song, Taylor, I only sing other peoples songs.”
“We write our own…”
“So you’ve said, if you can call them songs.”
“You makin’ fun of my music?”
“I figured so… Josh when do you want this song by?”
“Um… tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow! Josh!”
“Well if you hadn’t been from another TIME Taylor we wouldn’t have wasted so much of it!”
“Shut up… ok. I have an idea. Does it have to be a song you wrote?”
“Well… I guess not, but it has to be a song nobody ever sang to anyone else… I want it for GRACE. And only for Grace.”
“Well do you think it would bother you too much if a HUNDRED YEARS from now someone sang it again??”
Josh sat up, suspicion etched on his face.
“Well… there’s this song… and if you promise me… this is really important Josh, that you will only EVER sing it for Grace, and never for anyone else, I’ll teach it to you.”
“No offense Taylor, but if it’s from your time, I don’t think…”
“Yeah, yeah, shut up till you hear it. Do you promise?”
Josh nodded slowly. “If I like it… I promise. Only Grace and nobody else.”
“In your entire life?”
He slipped the earphones back over his friends head, trying not to laugh as he cringed.
“I didn’t write this song, my brother did. It’s him singing it, and you sound just like him, so I think it’ll work out. Ignore the audience. And he’s playing a piano, and not an electric guitar, so the music won’t be too bad…” J
osh nodded, dubious, wincing as the screams filled his head… the wince becoming wide eyed concentration, and finally, to Taylor’s delight, a smile.
When the song ended, Josh took off the earphones, eyes glimmering suspiciously. “Yes. Yes, what’s it called? Yes…”
“It’s called “More Than Anything”, and I’m gonna get a pen and write it down for you. I wish there was a piano here so I could teach it to you…”
“There is…”
“NO there’s…”
“Taylor, do you not live here that you don’t know you have a piano?” Taylor sighed, too tired to argue.
“If you say so. I haven’t been in all the rooms yet…” He dug around in his backpack, pulling out a spiral bound notebook and a pen. “I don’t have to tell you you don’t want to show this paper to anyone. Give it to Grace, I mean it, don’t keep it…”
Something in him knew, knew, that once Josh’s memories faded, it would be bad for him to see anything that would bring it back.
“Now show me where this piano is.”
Josh laughed, and led Taylor down the hall.
Minutes later, the music of another time filled the summer night

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