I’m a woman from northern Sweden. I was born 1981 three and a half month too early, due to that is nearsighted with vision on one eye. Ever since I was in 3rd-4th grade I’ve had the philosophy of not drinking, smoking or do drugs. I have never liked the effect alcohol have on people, and it can so easily lead to ugly situations.

I like to draw, I remember when I was young and looked at my oldest sister’s drawings and though. “I want to draw that good.” I think that’s what inspired me.

I’ve always liked to read books. The genres I mostly read are crime/thriller, fantasy, historical-fantasy.

In 2001 I discovered Jpop/Jrock, and 2014 I started listen to a little Kpop.

On several occasions when I was in secondary high school, I asked if a class in Japanese could start up, but it never happened. It led me to take a 10x3h evening course in my neighbor city, that’s all the education I have in the language, the rest I’ve picked up myself over the years.. I can read Hiragana/Katakana, know some kanji, basic phrases, and very little grammar.

In 2006 I started watching Japanese dramas and joined D-Addicts, a community dedicated to Asian popular culture, especially TV dramas. A couple of years later I got interested in Korean dramas as well. In 2011 started making subtitles. I mainly transcribe and time subtitles. If I translate, it’s from Swedish-English, or English-Swedish.

Since January 2014 I’ve been a moderator at D-Addicts. I’m also an editor at DramaWiki where I mostly work on the Japanese pages.

Why the blog name Gifted Ones?
I chose the name Gifted Ones for my website because I believe everyone is talented in one way or another. Be it a practical or theoretical subject. Acting, art, music, math, sports etc. Most things in life can be learned or improved by training, but some people are born with an unique talent.

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  1. Kelebek says:

    Hi from an Old Chick in the US! I stumbled across your blog via Drama Addicts and I just wanted to say you sound like a really neat person! I don’t think we have much in common…I do love Gackt, adore Ayu and like X Japan (and think hide was an amazing and under-appreciated genius) and I was a Twin Peaks maniac back when it was originally on here in the States…but I think I always get impressed more by people I do not have similarities to. Maybe a kind of confirmation that there are so many interesting and cool people in the world that as long as I am willing to look outside of myself they are there and life is better.

    I like how you express yourself, I often feel like a stranger to the human race. I was born in one country, lived my childhood in another and finished school in yet another and none of them feel like home, none where I fit in.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell you that you gave me hope and brightened my day. Wishing you much joy, wisdom and growth!

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