I’m a woman from northern Sweden. I was born 1981 three and a half month too early, due to that is nearsighted with vision on one eye.

Ever since I was in 3rd-4th grade I’ve had the philosophy of not drinking, smoking or do drugs. I have never liked the effect alcohol have on people, and it can so easily lead to ugly situations.

I like to draw, I remember when I was young and looked at my oldest sister’s drawings and though. “I want to draw that good.” I think that’s what inspired me.

I’ve always liked to read books. The genres I mostly read are crime/thriller, fantasy, historical-fantasy/rustic romance (The Legend of the Ice People by Margit Sandemo, Raija by Bente Pedersen etc) If I read a regular romance book I often end up bored and stop reading it. I find rustic romance more interesting since it takes place back in time.

Some of my favorites are all books by Roslund & Hellström, as well as Lars Kepler, Millennium by Stieg Larsson, The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Nothing to Envy by Barbara Dernick, very good book about the life of regular people in North Korea.

Anime/Manga/Comics: Angel Sanctuary by Yuki Kaori, Candy Candy, Confidential Confessions by Momochi Reiko, ElfQuest by Wendy & Richard Pini, Gravitation by Murakami Maki, NANA by Yazawa Ai.

I like to listen to music too: ’50s & ’60s, Hanson, Eva Cassidy, Evanescence. In 2001 I discovered Jpop/Jrock, and 2014 I started listen to a little Kpop.

My favorite Japanese and Korean musicians are: GACKT, Hamasaki Ayumi, Ieiri Leo, INFINITE, Morita Douji, Nakajima Miyuki, Nakashima Mika, Nanamusica, S.E.N.S., Uematsu Nobuo, X JAPAN, Yamasaki Hako, Yiruma.

On several occasions I asked if a class in Japanese could start up at my secondary high school, but that never happened. It led me to take a 10x3h evening course in my neighbor city, that’s all the education I have in the language, the rest I’ve picked up myself. I can read Hiragana/Katakana, know some kanji, basic phrases, and very little grammar.

In 2006 I started watching Japanese dramas and joined D-Addicts, a community dedicated to Asian popular culture, especially TV dramas. A couple of years later I got interested in Korean dramas as well. In 2011 started making subtitles. I mainly transcribe and time subtitles. If I translate, it’s from Swedish-English, or English-Swedish.

Since January 2014 I’ve been a moderator at D-Addicts. I’m also an editor at DramaWiki. I usually work on the Japanese dramas/actors/actress pages.

Nowadays I rarely listen to or watch Western music, TV dramas or movies. I still watch the news and read newspapers online daily to keep myself informed on what’s going on in the world. I do also like to watch documentaries on different subjects.

My favorite Western dramas are: Cold Case, House, NCIS, The Forgotten, Twin Peaks, Without a Trace, The X-Files.

And Jdramas/Kdramas: Asunaro Hakusho, Byakuyako, Last Friends, Ichi Rittoru no Namida, Koukou Kyoushi 1993/2003, Mother, Bad Guy.

Why the blog name Gifted Ones?
I chose the name Gifted Ones for my website because I believe everyone is talented in one way or another. Be it a practical or theoretical subject. Acting, art, music, math, sports etc. Most things in life can be learned or improved by training, but some people are born with an unique talent.


  1. Hi from an Old Chick in the US! I stumbled across your blog via Drama Addicts and I just wanted to say you sound like a really neat person! I don’t think we have much in common…I do love Gackt, adore Ayu and like X Japan (and think hide was an amazing and under-appreciated genius) and I was a Twin Peaks maniac back when it was originally on here in the States…but I think I always get impressed more by people I do not have similarities to. Maybe a kind of confirmation that there are so many interesting and cool people in the world that as long as I am willing to look outside of myself they are there and life is better.

    I like how you express yourself, I often feel like a stranger to the human race. I was born in one country, lived my childhood in another and finished school in yet another and none of them feel like home, none where I fit in.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell you that you gave me hope and brightened my day. Wishing you much joy, wisdom and growth!

  2. Hello Keiko,

    I am a guy from Mexico (58yr.) interested in Taiga Dramas. I want to thank you for your hard work in your English subbing projects. Kokoro kara domou arigatou gozaimasu!. I can understand Japanese to some extent but not all (lived in Japan, used to be fluent but forgot now because of lack of use).
    Have been downloading TD from D-Addicts forum for a while and from other sources as well however I am frustrated that Mori Motonari was only posted up to Ep17 w/English subs and the other version which I have is full 1-51 but only with Chinese subs.
    I respect whatever the reasons you may have to stop feeding the posts but is it possible to get the rest of the Eps in torrent of zip for a humble simple human being interested in Mori Motonari and the whole TD?
    I love Japanese culture and Taiga Dramas in particular. Do you think it is possible to translate the subs into Spanish in order to make available this wonderful cultural expressions of Japan history to the Mexican and Latin American public? I do not have much time available but maybe I can start translating little by little some of the new TD. The best I like so far are: Gou (Great story and the music is just beautiful: touches my heart), Musashi (wisdom in sword), Ryoma Den (intelligent and big, big heart) and Atsu Hime (love, determination and stregth) in that order. What do you suggest? is it possible to get the text:timing of the TD? Are there softwares that can be used to sub the raw feed? how to get the raw? Sorry for too many questions but I know nothing about this.
    I may also get help from my wife which is Japanese and speaks Spanish/English.

    Your thoughts will be appreciated.

    Best regards


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