Secret Garden (2010) [ENG Subs] (Complete)

2012-Oct-20 keiko1981 2

Yeojin and Girim were best friends in high school, dreaming of becoming successful writers. However, cracks in their friendship began to appear with the arrival of Baek Jonghak. Years later, Girim run into Yeojin and Jonghak, the two people she did not want to see again.

The Great Gye Chunbin

The Great Gye Chunbin (2010) [ENG Subs] (Complete)

2012-Sep-29 keiko1981 1

This is the story of Gye Chunbin, a quirky and spunky kindergarten teacher, and Wang Ginam, a timid art therapist who cannot even earn enough to pay his rent. Ginam’s developing relationship with Gye Chunbin helps him overcome his fear of the dark and fall in love.

A Reason

A Reason (2010) [ENG Subs] (Complete)

2012-Sep-14 keiko1981 0

After her husband ends up in a vegetative state as a result of a car crash, Ji Soo found little reason to live. She went through the daily motions of life in a trance-like manner, until Park Song Yi, a new caregiver, arrived. Song Yi’s contagious energy brings life to Ji Soo’s house and slowly opens her heart.