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Time Goes On: Epilogue

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I have only asked one thing of the fans over the years since Zac has been gone. That they love him for the reasons he wanted to be loved… for the joy their talent brought to people all over the world, to remember what they enjoyed most about him: his kindness, his ability to make people laugh and his music… oh that music.

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Time Goes On: Chapter 10

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I heard all of the things said about me during the time I was with Zac. I heard what a lucky girl I was to have him. How I should be thankful because you would be. I heard how you all would give anything trade places with me even just for a day. I kept getting asked “Would you tell us what it’s really like being with Zac Hanson?” Hmmm, not really the answer you were expecting is it?

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Time Goes On: Chapter 9

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It was a happy family again, we weren’t pretending. No one thought about what had happened or what could possibly. We just soaked up the jubilation we were all feeling at that moment. It was a lot, almost too much. I felt Zac’s arms slide around my waist. I leaned back onto him as he hugged me gently. If only it could have stayed that wonderful. If only Joshua would bring and keep peace and happiness among us like we’d all expected him to do. If only we could have had some sign at what a disaster was right upon all of us. One that no family could every prepare for. The ties that had held us together were about to come unraveled.

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Time Goes On: Chapter 8

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I looked back outside, waiting to see a passionate kiss between the two. What I saw though confused me more than I already was. Zac pulled something out of his pocket and gave it to Karen. I couldn’t believe it. Isaac and I exchanged confused glances. Money? Zac was giving her money? A lot of it too.

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Time Goes On: Chapter 7

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I still couldn’t understand why he’d been so upset about what I’d worn. Maybe he thought the shirt was too tight? Maybe too low cut? Maybe he thought the skirt was too short? I finally drifted off with the hope that things would not return to the way they had been and a mental note not to wear that shirt or skirt again.

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Time Goes On: Chapter 6

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“Oh Jess, I…” he was cut off though by Isaac jerking him away from us and pulling him onto the couch saying “Sit down Zac and don’t you ever think about touching them again. Got it?!” Zac looked confused “Ike what are you talking about?” Just then Walker came back into the room and puts a cup of coffee down in front of Zac.
“He’s talking about your display last night and the fact that it’s over. Do you hear me? It’s over Zac, done, finished. We’ve had it and we are going to make sure that you never hurt anyone in this family, including Melissa, ever again in any way.”

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Time Goes On: Chapter 5

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“Do you remember what I told you about staying out too late? Do you remember agreeing that you wouldn’t?” Tears fell from my eyes and I nodded. “You, being the defiant person you are, were out until 3 a.m. Do you think that’s late? DO YOU?!” His grip suddenly tightened when I hadn’t answered him right away. I nodded quickly as fear and uncertainty took over. He began to breathe deeply. “Do you know that I can kill you right now?” He gave an evil smile and I realized that was his hook in this particular situation. Zac would never kill… but oh how he loved mind games! I started crying harder but knew better than to scream or… or look away from him. That was another part of the mind games I think. Not being able to look away forced me to see the rage in his eyes and the satisfaction he got from it all.

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Time Goes On: Chapter 4

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Being with Zac was like being on a never ending roller coaster… you know what the ride is going to do because you’ve already been over it, but you don’t get off. You know about the dark tunnel, the steep hill and the fall down the other side. You know about the sharp turn just after the corkscrew. No matter what, when you see each part ahead of you, you know what will happen next. It becomes predictable. Yet, you also get tired of the same ride and have to get off at some point, the ride has to be stopped… whatever it takes.

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Time Goes On: Chapter 3

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“Now, please, we know what’s going on but the fact that neither of you will admit it worries us and makes us think that the two of you are so ashamed about what you’re doing because you know how my parents feel about it. But I’m not my parents. I can’t tell you how many time Karen and I met secretly. Please just admit it. I’m telling you it’ll be a lot easier for everyone.” I stared at him, taking in everything that he had said. I was surprised that he had said it but not surprised that he knew it. “I love him Isaac.” He nodded and said “Well, that’s good. I think he loves you too. But Zac is not an easy person to love. In fact he makes it very hard to love him sometimes. I just don’t want either of you to end up hurt.”

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Time Goes On: Chapter 2

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Title: Time Goes On
Chapter: Chapter 2 of 10
Author: Chelle
Rating: NC-17
Warning: This fictional story contains mature content such as; alcohol-usage, profanity, sex and violence, consider youself warned.
Excerpt: “I’ll pick you up at 7. Be ready and dress in something pretty.” I giggled at his comment. “Ok,” I said as I walked toward him. With a quick goodbye hug he walked out and toward his house. I began to feel butterflies in my stomach. I knew that this was going to be the best date of my life. And it was.