GACKT in Sweden 2013

2013-Oct-04 keiko1981 0

GACKT appeared as guest artist on YOHIO’s final concert of the BREAK THE BORDER tour October 5th in Stockholm, Sweden.
I (again) sadly wasn’t able to go, but let’s have patience and wait. 🙂
Together they sang Sakura, Chiru (サクラ、散る…) and YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz’s Not Alone (キミは一人じゃない).
The show was recored for a future DVD release.

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2012-Nov-24 keiko1981 0

In 2013 GACKT will be holding a tour based on all the singles he has released over the 14 years as an artist. The tour dates for Japan have now been announced.
I can dream he’ll tour in Europe with this.

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Imai Akira share thoughts on tabloids regarding GACKT

2012-Sep-15 keiko1981 0

On GACKT (correctly spelled this time), No.3: Tabloids first choose whom they’re going to prey on. Then, they choose only rumors that are filled with malicious intent. Then, the main writer creates a scandalous story in his/her own fantasy world, and then ambushes the very person for an interview. You may try to argue, but their article has already been finished, so they won’t listen to you anyway. To them, the truth is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is sales.

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[2012.06.23] GACKT’s Line Message

2012-Jun-23 keiko1981 0

Yesterday during the rehearsal, many friends would nonchalantly open up the page in FRIDAY, stop in front of me to get in my view on purpose, and say “You’re in the article, aren’t you~”