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Zorro the Finnish Lapphund

Zårro (English: Zorro) my sister’s dog.
He’s a Finnish Lapphund, very lovely dog, very calm personality….

Crown Princess Victoria gives birth to Princess Estelle

On February 23rd 2012, Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to her daughter Princess Estelle….

North Korea’s Kim Jong Il dead at 69

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has died at the age of 69, state-run television has announced….

Strindberg Lamp

The Strindberg Lamp has a copper base, a colored glass globe (green, white and orange are the most common), and has been manufactured since the early 1900′s in Sweden….

Nalle 1999/05/03-2010/10/21

I just got the news that our family’s dog Nalle (teddy bear in English), a breed between Golden Retriever/Labrador and Karelian had to be put down, lately he have had problems with his joints.
I will miss him so very much, I love(ed) him so much….

Tribute to Golden Retriever COCO-chan

A special post for the Golden Retriever COCO-chan known from YouTube….

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