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Notto disu shitto agen!

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IRC channel
1. Go to https://client00.chat.mibbit.com/
2. Connection: Choose “Rizon [webirc]” from the list.
3. Nick: Choose a nickname you want to use in chat.
4. Channel: #d-addicts

D-Addicts status thread at Jdorama.com


When the forum is down you can not access the subtitles section. If you know who is subbing a drama try to find their blog/follow them on social media. You may still be able to access DramaWiki and FansubWiki.

Downtimes at noon
At 11:00 and at 12:00 (noon, European time) we do our daily scheduled backups. During that time the servers (forum and Wikis) may be more or less unusable for some minutes. The critical database backups take only 1-2 minutes. After that some uncritical file backups and file transfers start, which take about 30-60 minutes. During that time the servers may run slower than usual. If the forum server is very busy then the forum and/or the search function will be automatically disabled.

On November 19th 2014 D-Addicts closed down its torrent section.

Only the torrent section is closing. Discussions, subtitles, DramaWiki, etc will remain according to Ruroshin’s post.

At first, when I saw the I announcement I thought, “Maybe it’s an old thread.” I had to double check the date. Sadly it wasn’t. I wish it was April 1st. And I happened to be the last one.

See Links of Interest for places on where to find information, dramas and subtitles.


  1. Thank you for all those constant updates. My name is namihodai on d-addicts, so we already know each other 😉

    It sucks that d-addicts is down so often. Maybe we should try to install a mirror site. But I think that is not so easy with a forum. So maybe just a mirror site with the srt and ass files and the torrents. The subs could be linked to the wiki, which never goes down as far as I remember. It would be quite convenient to see if subs exists in the wiki.

    Thanks again for your effort with Orange Days!!

    • Thank you for your comment. 🙂
      Getting the whole site a facelift would maybe be the solution, but it would be quite some work behind it.
      As you say, a temporary solution would be to add the subtitles to the Wiki on D-Addicts.

      • The torrents are already available via rss (thanks for your guide). So we would just need a mirror of the subtitle forum. Just Imagine a link in the wiki which already states the number of subbed episodes.

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