One year since D-Addicts torrent section closed

I have been an active member of D-Addicts since 2006, and visit the site almost daily. In January of 2014 I was contacted and asked if I wanted to become a moderator and I accepted the offer.

One year has gone by since D-Addicts torrent section closed. I still clearly remember that day, and the following turbulent days. It was a very sudden announcement, and I got very very very sad when reading about it. Those days I listened much to Tusen Bitar (Thousand Pieces) by Björn Afzelius. To my knowledge, none of the other admins or moderators were aware of what was about to happen.

I’m not angry at the founder Ruroshin for the decision he made, but so sad that this had to happen to such a great community. With the closing of the torrent section and new layout a lot of people left, and the drama discussion threads got less active.

I want to thank all members at D-Addicts from the bottom of my heart, those who left (I miss you), stayed, returned, or recently joined for still sharing your love for Asian dramas. Many whom I consider a friend, and a few of you mean very much to me.

A special thank you to some, I’m sure many more could be added here.

The founder Ruroshin, for keeping the site up. The community surely did panic the day when half the site all of sudden went poff GONE.

Groink: Thank you for teaching me to appreciate older Jdramas.

\( -o _ o- )/, Ais (SkewedS Studios), AkiraMike, amrayu (SARS Fansubs), ap, arakira, Avallac’h, avieamber, BaekSoo, Candylemon, carameltz, cha2, Chiaki (Dorama World), Chuks, danburi, dhisashi, DN_Ayu, earthcolors, Ethlenn, ersby, esmer86, Fighting! Fansubs, furransu (Jdramacity), GGib, GiriGiri Fansubs, groink, gryzze, Haru2subS, Heiwa Fansubs, HPriest, huyie, izzyosa, jadefrost (Jdrama Weblog), Jiang Hu Fansub, k361, koshonin, micehell, MoerkJ, Nanashi No Gonbey, Orion1986, Resie (DoReMii Fansubs), RetroHelix, Schwefelhexafluorid, saigo_x, semi-fly, sensei991, sinecure, suany (Ame no Uta), subie06, Takez0, The Chaos, thundie, tinkerbell (Unsolved Cases), UsagiYojimbo, uedajirou, VampireXxX, waf, Watanuki (Araei), WITHS2, ZemusDS, zdorama, xaxa (Rare and Old Doramas), XrayMind, y0ssy

Jpsubbers 有り難う御座います

The following song I’ve come to associate with D-Addicts, the community and everything that’s happened to it over the years.

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2 thoughts on “One year since D-Addicts torrent section closed”

  1. i was and still member of d-addicts , but till now i can not understand why they have been decided to close it !!

  2. Hi Jean, this is very sweet of you. Much thanks to you!
    And thanks to D-Addicts and all of those you mention!


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