Dandan 025-01

This episode guide of Dandan contains spoilers. For cast and English subtitles see this post.

Dandan Episode Guide
The weekly titles are songs by various artists.
Week 01 ep001-006 Red Sweet Pea
Akai Sweet Pea (赤いスイートピー) by Matsuda Seiko (松田聖子)Dandan 006-02
Episode 001
We are introduced to the twin sisters Megumi and Nozomi. Megumi lives is a high school student who lives in Matsue, and Nozomi is a geisha apprentice in Kyoto known as Yumehana.
Episode 004
Megumi gets a chance to talk to her father about the offer Tomoya has given her. Tadashi isn’t happy of about it.
Episode 002
Megumi is given an offer to record in Tokyo by Ishibashi Tomoya of Sally Music. Yumehana struggles with dancing “Kimi ni Ogi.”
Episode 005
Megumi is upset at Tomoya over a change in an upcoming live that her band Shijimijiru is supposed to perform in.
Episode 003
Megumi’s father is against the idea of his daughter becoming a musician. There is some rivalry between Yumehana and the maiko Suzuno.
Episode 006
It’s the day of Shijimijiru’s live in Matsue. Megumi gets unexpected help from Yumehana.
Week 02 ep007-012 Two Lonely People
Hitoribocchi no Futari (一人ぼっちの二人) by Sakamoto Kyu (坂本九)
Dandan 007-04
Episode 007
After thinking things over, Megumi gives up on her dream of becoming a musician, and is planning to go to nursing school instead.
Episode 010
Megumi begins to question her background more, while Yumehana tries to convince her mother of letting her have a cell phone.
Episode 008
A camera and its pictures of Yumehana who performed at Shijimijiru’s live mysteriously disappear.
Episode 011
Yumehana’s grandfather lets her have her own cell phone. Megumi and Yumehana keep thinking about who their real parents could be.
Episode 009
Yumehana calls Megumi and tells her she suspects they’re twins.
Episode 012
Yumehana asks Megumi to look at the family registry so they can find out the truth.
Week 03 ep013-015 As Time Goes By
Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni (時の過ぎゆくままに) by Sawada Kenji (沢田研二)
Dandan 014-01
Episode 013
Megumi is upset by what she’s found out. Tomoya tries to console her. It’s the day of the annual Geisha and Maiko performance in which Yumehana will participate.
Episode 016
Megumi and Yumehana switch places, and to people around them they seem a little different.
Episode 014
Megumi and Yumehana talk to each other on the phone. Yumehana is lectured by her mother after the mistake she made at the dance performance.
Episode 17
Megumi and Yumehana have switched places. Now, both of them learn about how their mother Makiko, and father Tadashi met each other.In his youth Tadashi was a boxer. One day he happens to meet the maiko Makiko in Kyoto. The two of them fall in love, but it’s forbidden for a maiko to have a relationship. Tadashi quits boxing and Makiko leaves Gion, Kyoto so they can marry.
Episode 015
Yumehana convinces Megumi to travel to Kyoto.
Episode 018
Tadashi and Makiko run away from home. They try to be a normal family, but the task of raising twins take a toll on their relationship, and they break up. Tadashi and Makiko end up raising one child of their own.
Week 04 ep019-024 Song of a Journey
Tabidachi no Uta (出発の歌) by Kamijo Tsunehiko (上條恒彦) & Roku Monsen (六文銭)
Dandan 008-01
Episode 019
Megumi’s and Nozomi’s family each find out the truth about the secret twin.
Episode 022
Kentaro asks if Megumi really wants to become a nurse.
Episode 020
Makiko brings Megumi back home to Matsue.
Episode 023
Shijimijiru do their final performance at Hinageshi, a home for the elderly. Megumi tells her mother in Kyoto she’s decided to become a caregiver. And Yumehana gets her cell phone back.
Episode 021
Makiko and Nozomi visit Megumi’s family in Matsue for a short while. Later they return home to Kyoto.
Episode 024
Makiko writes a letter to Tadashi. They meet in Matsue to discuss Megumi’s future.
Megumi tells her family she wants to study in Kyoto.
Week 05 ep025-030 The Coming Spring
Haru no Yokan (春の予感) by Minami Saori (南沙織)Dandan 025-01
Episode 025
Megumi gets the result for her entrance exam to Kyoto University. She has been accepted, and her family agree to let her stay in Kyoto with Makiko and Nozomi.
A farewell party is held for Megumi.
Episode 028
Episode 026 Episode 029
Episode 027 Episode 030
Week 06 ep031-036 My Little Brother
Otouto yo (弟よ) by Naito Yasuko (内藤やす子)
Episode 031 Episode 034
Episode 032 Episode 035
Episode 033 Episode 036
Week 07 ep037-042 Summer Love
Koisuru Natsu no Hi (恋する夏の日) by Amachi Mari (天地真理)
Episode 037 Episode 040
Episode 038 Episode 041
Episode 039 Episode 042
Week 08 ep043-048 Wavering Heart
Yureru Omoi (揺れる想い) by ZARD
Episode 043 Episode 046
Episode 044 Episode 047
Episode 045 Episode 048
Week 09 ep049-054 Love Vacation
Koi no Vacation (恋のバカンス) by The Peanuts (ザ・ピーナッツ)
Episode 049 Episode 052
Episode 050 Episode 053
Episode 051 Episode 054
Week 10 ep055-060 Surely I Can Fly
Sora mo Toberu Hazu (空も飛べるはず) by Spitz (スピッツ)
Episode 055 Episode 058
Episode 056 Episode 059
Episode 057 Episode 060
Week 11 ep061-066 Journey of the Heart
Kokoro no Tabi (心の旅) by TULIP (チューリップ)
Episode 061 Episode 064
Episode 062 Episode 065
Episode 063 Episode 066
Week 12 ep067-072 I Want to Sing with You Again
Mou Ichido Futari de Utaitai (もう一度ふたりで歌いたい) by Wada Akiko (和田アキ子)
Episode 067 Episode 070
Episode 068 Episode 071
Episode 069 Episode 072
Week 13 ep073-078 In a Dream
Yume no Naka e (夢の中へ) by Inoue Yousui (井上陽水)
Episode 073 Episode 076
Episode 074 Episode 077
Episode 075 Episode 078
Week 14 ep079-084 That Wonderful Love Once Again
Ano Subarashii Ai wo Mou Ichido (あの素晴しい愛をもう一度) by Kato Kazuhiko (加藤和彦) & Kitayama Osamu (北山修)
Episode 079 Episode 082
Episode 080 Episode 083
Episode 081 Episode 084
Week 15 ep085-090 Walk with Your Head Held High
Ue wo Muite Arukou (上を向いて歩こう) by Sakamoto Kyu (坂本九)
Episode 085 Episode 088
Episode 086 Episode 089
Episode 087 Episode 090
Week 16 ep091-096 Song of Life
Inochi no Uta (いのちの歌) by ManaKana (茉奈 佳奈) feat. Shijimiru (シジミジル)
Episode 091 Episode 094
Episode 092 Episode 095
Episode 093 Episode 096
Week 17 ep097-102 This is My Life
Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi (これが私の生きる道) by PUFFY (パフィー)
Episode 097 Episode 100
Episode 098 Episode 101
Episode 099 Episode 102
Week 18 ep103-108 If You Have the Courage
Yuuki ga Areba (勇気があれば) by Saijo Hideki (西城秀樹)
Episode 103 Episode 106
Episode 104 Episode 107
Episode 105 Episode 108
Week 19 ep109-114 Days of Love Gone By
Itoshiki Hibi (愛しき日々) by Horiuchi Takao (堀内孝雄)
Episode 109 Episode 112
Episode 110 Episode 113
Episode 111 Episode 114
Week 20 ep115-120 A Bridge to Tomorrow
Original title: Bridge over Troubled Water
Asu ni Kakeru Hashi (明日に架ける橋) by Simon & Garfunkel
Episode 115 Episode 118
Episode 116 Episode 119
Episode 117 Episode 120
Week 21 ep121-126 Don’t Give Up
Makenai de (負けないで) by ZARD
Episode 121 Episode 124
Episode 122 Episode 125
Episode 123 Episode 126
Week 22 ep127-132 Just Being with You
Kimi ga Iru Dake de (君がいるだけで) by KOME KOME CLUB (米米CLUB)
Episode 127 Episode 130
Episode 128 Episode 131
Episode 129 Episode 132
Week 23 ep133-138 Love Will Win
Ai wa Katsu (愛は勝つ) by KAN
Episode 133 Episode 136
Episode 134 Episode 137
Episode 135 Episode 138
Week 24 ep139-144 A New Tomorrow
Ashita ga Umareru (あしたが生まれる) by Four Leaves (フォーリーブス)
Episode 139 Episode 142
Episode 140 Episode 143
Episode 141 Episode 144
Week 25 ep145-150 end String of Fate
Enishi no Uta (縁の糸) by Takeuchi Mariya (竹内まりや)
Episode 145 Episode 148
Episode 146 Episode 149
Episode 147 Episode 150 end