Dream about Huang and Fin from Law and Order: SVU

This morning I had a dream.
It began with me laying on the floor in my elementary school having some kind of seizure. When I came around I explain for George Huang (B. D. Wong) Law and Order: SVU of an event I had witnessed earlier.
A woman had been kidnapped by a man, the man drove away in a car. Shortly after Fin Tutuola (Ice-T)  followed after in another car.
The dream changes.
Now I’m seeing how Fin is somewhere in a very coppice forest, passing by a cave and going down towards a lake. At some rocks pieces that looks like a puzzle are laying. I get the feeling of that this puzzle, where the goal is to create a cube when done,  has to be solved withing a limited time.
If you’re able to do it, you will get access to a small key that can be used to free the woman kidnapped and locked up in the cave.
The kidnapper comes out from somewhere in the forest and begins to shoot with a gun, Fin jumps and dives under the water and is not able solve the puzzle. The kidnapper stands on land and still shoots.
And I wake up. After waking up I had a very strong feeling of having dreamed this before. Especially the part with the puzzle that was supposed to become a cube and the small key. But I can’t remember having dreamed it, very strange.

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