Dreaming about death

Just recently I had a horrible dream about death.
In it my dead grandmother had a hard time getting air. I thought “Oh my God, she’s going to die.” So I hurried and called the ambulance.
After that the scene changed.
There was an small helicopter/airplane with dead soldiers whose remains was about to be recovered from the ocean. I’m almost sure they were five, at most seven persons.
What scared me the most was that I did get to see when they brought up the bodies, but they didn’t look too horrible, except for one of them which was most wounded.
When bringing up the bodies they did also say the names, probably when identifying them. I can’t remember them.
There was a woman, maybe from the media. She was following the event and saying things like “They don’t have any teeth anymore.”
Logically that doesn’t make sense, it’s the last thing that decay and it’s often used to identify dead people.

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