Fansubbing and restricted subtitles


These are some of my thoughts about Asian subtitles and the fansubbing community. Recently there’s been a lot of discussion about fansubbers locking their subtitles to a varying degree. From different forums (D-Addicts, DarkSmurfSubs etc) where you only need to create an account for free, to locked communities where you need to follow a number of rules, or be a fan of artist/band X, Y or Z.

I don’t think the fact that there are some people taking advantage by profiting from subtitles, and having no bad conscience of what they’re doing will ever go away. People have been copying things for decades. From recording music from radio to/from cassette tape, or CD, TV shows to/from VHS tapes. The technology just keeps developing and methods change.

If you are so worried your subtitles will get in other peoples’ hands. Put up a paywall to increase the barrier of getting to them. If it doesn’t help, increase the price! It would become like a bidding contest. How much would regular viewers vs illegal streaming sites be willing to pay? I think you can figure out who the winner would be. It would result in paid subtitles becoming ridiculously high.

If you worry about making profit from the subtitles, donate 100% of the money to charity. Personally I’ve never accepted or asked for any kind payment for the subtitles I’ve worked on, because of the legalities of it. Being paid for subtitles made from pirated videos. I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole, and I’m not running a business.

I myself accept it. That’s just how it is. No use in getting upset and spend energy on trying to stop it. We don’t live in a world with fluffy pink clouds, there will always be people with bad intentions around. Instead, I focus on those who appreciate what I do. There are other things in one’s life, or this world to worry about over more.

How often haven’t you heard.

“Why do you make subtitles?”

“To share/spread the love for Asian dramas.”

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