GACKT in Sweden 2013

GACKT appeared as guest artist on YOHIO’s final concert of the BREAK THE BORDER tour October 5th in Stockholm, Sweden.
I (again) sadly wasn’t able to go, but let’s have patience and wait. 🙂
Together they sang Sakura, Chiru (サクラ、散る…) and YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz’s Not Alone (キミは一人じゃない).
The show was recored for a future DVD release.
Review by Ioner
Review by seigan_aurora

YOHIO and GACKT in Stockholm (2013.10.04)

Other news
2013.09.12 Aftonbladet Writes that YOHIO’s mentor will be appear as a guest at his final concert. Also about YOHIO being a fan of GACKT himself and that many of his younger fans might not know who he is.
2013.09.07 Expressen Review of the first concert from the tour. “Dull, awkward, and messy.”

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