GACKT opens Show Your Heart Fund

Show Your Heart Fund

Show Your Heart FundGACKT has opened up a fund named Show Your Heart after the 2011 Tohoku region earthquake and tsunami that recently struck Japan. The fund was established together with the popular online gaming website Hangame.

Several famous people such as; LUNA SEA’s Shinya, h.NAOTO, Fujiwara Norika, Izumiya Shigeru, Nightmare’s Ni~ya, BREAKERZ’s DAIGO, Jinnai Tomonori, Haruna Ai, Koike Eiko, Tamaki Nami, Ohguro Maki

The donations, which are being accepted through a Sumitomo Mitsui bank account, will be given to the Japanese Red Cross and prefectural welfare organizations.

Official Website: (no longer exists) of Show Your Heart.
English translation can be found at the Live Journal community ohgacktyoudidnt.

GACKT blog post related to this fund, translated by amaiakuyume


I’m still in the process
of calling out to many of my colleagues
Many of them have believed me
that we can do together what we cannot do alone.
One after another, my friends across the world are taking action.

The preparation for the charity site has finally been completed.
First, we’ve got to make a start.
We’re doing everything else we can. Even businesses have stepped in.
I’m still trying to get more businesses involved from this point on.

We will not abandon those in the affected areas.
Anyway, it’s a time when even one person can help many friends.
It’s not someone else’s problem.
We now have to proceed as one.

Right now at this instant,
even one of us can deliver warmth and peace
to someone shivering as they wait for help in the cold disaster area.

There’s something that we each can do.

Just have a little courage
Just have a little kindness
I want you all to say, “Let’s help” to the person next to you.
For us Japanese to be Japanese,
there is a certain “soul” we must not forget.

I want you to remember.
We have friends shivering in the cold right now.
There are many terrified children crying.
While we are warm in our homes,
watching over the situation,
there are many people waiting for help.

We have begun to take action.
Now it’s your turn.
Let’s all join hands and get through this together.

The world is watching.
Let’s move first.
If we don’t, no one will reach out to us.
It’s time to call out to the world.
It’s not time to feel ashamed of it.
It’s not time to think it’s someone else’s problem.
It’s not time to put on airs.

I’ll beg if I have to.
Let’s all get through this, together


Let these words be a call to everyone’s heart.
Many artists are each calling out to their own fans.

To all my DEARS

I can’t believe how many of you there are in the Tohoku region.
And all your friends and family are there too.
There are also many of my friends who I haven’t been able to contact.
They are waiting.
For our help.

Let’s start now.

Finally, to everyone in the affected areas
Hold on just a bit longer.
We will absolutely not abandon you.
The world is reaching out their hands now.
We’re doing our best too.
So everyone, hang on just a bit longer.
I am with you.


Sources: Tokyograph, ohgacktyoudidnt, Natalie

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