Gomen, Aishiteru (2017) [JPN Subs] (Complete)

Gomen Aishiteru
Gomen Aishiteru

Title: ごめん、愛してる
Title (romaji): Gomen, Aishiteru
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 10
Viewership ratings: 9.72%
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 2017-Jul-09 to 2017-Sep-17
Air time: Sunday 21:00
Theme song: Forevermore by Utada Hikaru
Related TV shows: Sorry I Love You (KBS2, 2004)

When Ritsu was little, he was abandoned by his mother Reiko. He happens to help Rinka. One day, Ritsu gets involved in a case and gets severely injured in the head. He can die at anytime. He attempts to find his mother and be good to her before his death, and finally finds his mother, but learns that she is leading a happy life with her son Satoru. Ritsu decides to take revenge on his mother, then meets Rinka again, who is Satoru’s childhood friend… — TV Japan

Nagase Tomoya as Okazaki Ritsu
Yoshioka Riho as Mita Rinka
Sakaguchi Kentaro as Hyuga Satoru
Otake Shinobu as Hyuga Reiko
Ikewaki Chizuru as Kawai Wakana
Daichi as Kawai Sakana
Onishi Ayaka as Furusawa Touko
Yamaji Kazuhiro as Kurokawa Tatsuomi
Kusamura Reiko as Tachibana Satoko
Rokkaku Seiji as Kagami Shuhei
Nakamura Baijaku as Mita Tsuneo
Lee Soo Hyuk as Baek Ran

Feel free to retranslate. Please, do not stream or make profit from these subtitles.

JPN Subs / 日本語字幕: Jpsubbers
Timer / 計時機構: Jean

1. I have added timed empty lines for the spoken Korean (Japanese on-screen captions).
2. The song Rinka sings at the end of ep2 is Mozart’s Lullaby (モーツァルトの子守歌 / Mozart no Komoriuta).

Gomen, Aishiteru JPN Subs

Subtitles sync to 480p at Nyaa, 720p-DoA at Dark Angel, Nyaa, or AvistaZ.


    • I can’t provide timed subtitles much faster. I only work on the Japanese subtitles, not any other language.

      The drama air on Sundays, RAW videos in 480p usually become available the earliest 2 days after an episode has aired.

  1. I see. So the English subtitles for the fourth episode is gonna be available on Tuesday? To be honest, I have anxiety and oddly the voice of the female protagonist seems to calm me down :D Doesn’t matter. Ganbaru arigatou!

  2. Hi Jean, when will the English subs for episode 7 be available?
    By the way, would you do the sub for “Ito-kun A to E” too? Big fan of Kimura Fumino. Thank you in advance.

    • Hello, I have nothing to do with the ENG subs, so I don’t know. I will consider timing JPN subs for Ito-kun A to E.

  3. Waiting for subtitle of ep 10 Gomen, Aishiteru, I think this is the best version of Sorry I Love You. Please to complete it, thank you. :)

  4. Hello Jean,how are you? it’s me,the one who kept commenting on your Gomen, Aishiteru post last year. looks like im still into yoshioka riho,and been wondering why nobody does English subs for Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita. Anyway, I remembered you who did the Ito kun A to E, and replying my questions nicely. I noticed your blog changes too. Keep up the good work!

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