AvistaZ as a site itself may be good, but how staff behave is horrible; looking down on new users, bad sarcasm, inside jokes. It’s like a company with very shitty customer service.
My stay there has been nothing but bad, and I don’t like how I’ve seen staff interact with users and among themselves.

People come into the #avistaz “support” channel and ask a question, and is met with things like “Reading is hard.” “It’s a dying skill.” Users are being made fun of, ignored (changing the subject).

(16:03) – TheGreenArrow joined
(16:04) <TheGreenArrow>Can someone invite me please?
(16:04) <TheGreenArrow>I really need it sorry
(16:04) <TheReaper>then do as the onjoin msg says
(16:06) <kobbie>man i just joined the channel a few minutes ago
(16:06) <kobbie>its bold and red
(16:06) <kobbie>-_-
(16:06) – TheGreenArrow quit ()
(16:21) <gsmiley>reading is tough
(16:21) <barto>It’s a dying skill

Same thing again.

(09:45) – Kamal2792 joined
(09:46) <Kamal2792>Please invite me
(09:46) <Kamal2792>someone plz INVITE me
(09:47) <Memserv>kick ban Kamal2792?
(09:47) <Memserv>you need to read the topic – it says something about no invite begging
(09:51) – Kamal2792 left (Kicked by dana25 with the foliowing reason: :3)
(10:06) <Sexy>you’re so mean
(10:07) <Sexy>you forgot his ban
(10:07) <Sexy>:3

(14:58) – Luoman joined
(15:00) <Luoman>Hi there :)
(15:02) <Luoman>I created my account before avistaZ changed hsi name
(15:02) <Luoman>his*
(15:02) <Luoman>and seems my account have been deleted :'(
(15:02) <Luoman>why?
(15:02) <r_yapeter>ok
(15:03) <r_yapeter>why not?
(15:03) <Luoman>Thanks for your help
(15:03) <Luoman>_
(15:04) <r_yapeter>your welcome
(15:05) <Luoman>Pretty warmfull here

You say that after (s)he left, but you’ve got 100+ people in chat who see it.

I feel like have to weigh every single word I’m about to say on a scale, because I fear being banned. You don’t dare to speak your mind. You end up thinking “There’s no use I say something, I will just piss off staff and might end up being banned.” It shouldn’t be that way. Things are their way, and their way only. Do they ever apologize?

In February of 2017 I suggested that maybe they could use an application form for invites (before this was introduced), similar to what AsianDVDClub does/did. Since they seem to have problem with people coming into the general chat channel #avistaz and not #avistazinvite asking how to join.
My suggestion got the following answer. “It looks like an application for Miss Universe”
You could’ve said something along the lines; “Thank you for your suggestion, but it’s not something we’re interested in at the moment.”

A wall of text of rules, rules, rules. Yes, it’s a private tracker and some rules are needed, that I understand. But it’s a ridiculous number of rules they got.

General: 32
Uploading: Close to 100 different rules
Forum: Not included

In general I think rules should be kept short and simple, so after you’ve read them when 4-5 times you should be able to have them memorized.

I started uploading a drama in weekly batches, all of sudden there’s a new rule to upload single episodes for airing dramas. Fine. Even though I think weekly batches is better than single episodes.

At one point I had a question how I should name files to fit the standard at AvistaZ. While asking this I explained how I re-encode videos. Instead of an answer to my question I get “We don’t allow trans-encodes!” (I didn’t see that in the rules). Later someone points it out somewhere in the middle of all the rules. Fine. You don’t want what I got to offer, then you don’t get it.

Ratio as of 2018-Mar-07