Goodbye AvistaZ it was NOT NICE knowing you

AvistaZ as a site itself may be good, but how staff behave is horrible; looking down on new users, bad sarcasm, inside jokes. It’s like a company with very shitty customer service. My stay there has been nothing but bad, and I don’t like how I’ve seen staff interact with users and among themselves.

People come into the #avistaz “support” channel and ask a question, and is met with things like “Reading is hard.” “It’s a dying skill.” Users are being made fun of, ignored (changing the subject).

(16:03) – TheGreenArrow joined
(16:04) <TheGreenArrow>Can someone invite me please?
(16:04) <TheGreenArrow>I really need it sorry
(16:04) <TheReaper>then do as the onjoin msg says
(16:06) <kobbie>man i just joined the channel a few minutes ago
(16:06) <kobbie>its bold and red
(16:06) <kobbie>-_-
(16:06) – TheGreenArrow quit ()
(16:21) <gsmiley>reading is tough
(16:21) <barto>It’s a dying skill

Same thing again.

(09:45) – Kamal2792 joined
(09:46) <Kamal2792>Please invite me
(09:46) <Kamal2792>someone plz INVITE me
(09:47) <Memserv>kick ban Kamal2792?
(09:47) <Memserv>you need to read the topic – it says something about no invite begging
(09:51) – Kamal2792 left (Kicked by dana25 with the foliowing reason: :3)
(10:06) <Sexy>you’re so mean
(10:07) <Sexy>you forgot his ban
(10:07) <Sexy>:3

(14:58) – Luoman joined
(15:00) <Luoman>Hi there :)
(15:02) <Luoman>I created my account before avistaZ changed hsi name
(15:02) <Luoman>his*
(15:02) <Luoman>and seems my account have been deleted :'(
(15:02) <Luoman>why?
(15:02) <r_yapeter>ok
(15:03) <r_yapeter>why not?
(15:03) <Luoman>Thanks for your help
(15:03) <Luoman>_
(15:04) <r_yapeter>your welcome
(15:05) <Luoman>Pretty warmfull here

AvistaZ Staff
You say that after (s)he left,
but you’ve got 100+ people in chat who see it.

I feel like have to weigh every single word I’m about to say on a scale, because I fear being banned. You don’t dare to speak your mind. You end up thinking “There’s no use I say something, I will just piss off staff and might end up being banned.” It shouldn’t be that way. Things are their way, and their way only. Do they ever apologize?

AvistaZ Staff

In February of 2017 I suggested that maybe they could use an application form for invites (before this was introduced), similar to what AsianDVDClub did. Since they seem to have problem with people coming into the general chat channel #avistaz and not #avistazinvite asking how to join.

My suggestion got the following answer. “It looks like an application for Miss Universe”

You could’ve said something along the lines; “Thank you for your suggestion, but it’s not something we’re interested in at the moment.”

A wall of text of rules, rules, rules. Yes, it’s a private tracker and some rules are needed, that I understand. But it’s a ridiculous number of rules they got.

General: 32
Uploading: Close to 100 different rules
Forum: Not included

In general I think rules should be kept short and simple, so after you’ve read them when 4-5 times you should be able to have them memorized.

I started uploading a drama in weekly batches, all of sudden there’s a new rule to upload single episodes for airing dramas. Fine. Even though I think weekly batches is better than single episodes.

At one point I had a question how I should name files to fit the standard at AvistaZ. While asking this I explained how I re-encode videos. Instead of an answer to my question I get “We don’t allow trans-encodes!” (I didn’t see that in the rules). Later someone points it out somewhere in the middle of all the rules. Fine. You don’t want what I got to offer, then you don’t get it.

AvistaZ Ratio
Ratio as of 2018-Mar-07

14 thoughts on “Goodbye AvistaZ it was NOT NICE knowing you”

  1. I agree with your whole heartedly. The folks that are in charge of it are atrocious people. I only keep my membership because they do have a lot of content and members willing to seed for a long time.

    But the moderators are a bunch of A##Holes.

    • At this point, I no longer care. It wouldn’t surprise me if I get banned. “Don’t you dare to criticize.” They dictate the site and its members with fear.

      Just because you’re in a position where you can be an asshole doesn’t mean you should be one. I think a (community?) site should definitely not be run like that. Know where the door is and leave.

  2. Hello there, it was fun reading this. Now let me try to answer to some of your claims.

    1. At the time we had an invite channel, the topic of the main channel aka #AvistaZ clearly stated where to go for invites. It was red and bold, almost every IRC client, be it desktop or web, shows the topic in top bar. Additionally you were spammed when joining the channel with the same message.

    2. Application form was suggested long before you did it. The form you have showed as an example was exactly how you described our rules. It had a lot of questions and they were basically like “What will you do to make the world a better place?” and you couldn’t skip them, you had to answer them all.

    3. Users don’t read rules no matter if they are short or long, believe me (at least most don’t). If I have a choice to have a few more rules and be able to cover things more clearly and avoid confusion I will gladly go for that. I believe the rules should be written so that I don’t have to further explain them, because they were too vague.

    4. I don’t see a good reason for having weekly batches, single episodes and complete/season batches make much more sense. Rules are bound to change as we try to improve them. Yearly batches is an example of that. We introduced them for shows without distinct seasons that air for long periods of time (over a year).

    5. We don’t allow transcodes and there is a very simple and logical reason for that. The problem with transcodes is that you are taking video that has already been encoded at least twice and encode it for the third time (at least twice, because strictly speaking the sources we commonly consider as RAW: raw BluRay disc/raw HDTV/raw IPTV are in fact already encodes of the “master” raw). After every encode some of the quality is lost and depending on the encoder settings it may be quite severe. That’s why we don’t allow re-encoding, because we have no sure-proof way to check if encode quality is good for re-encode nor do we have time for that.

    6. We see every user as an adult, intelligent one at that. If you treat someone as an intelligent adult you have some expectations of them and one of those is being able to read. The way I understand it, you want us to run the community like a kindergarten or an elementary school.

  3. Jean, you aren’t banned, nor will you be banned. i do not know what pissed you off, if it was me, i apologize. anyways some comments are made because ppl completely over look simple things like msgs that tell them the information they require before they even ask about it. after 10 million times of this, it gets tiring, when it gets tiring, ppl say things.
    our rules are right up front for anyone to read, if they have questions about the rules they can ask in the forum or even in the channel as long as they do not ask the most dumbest question of all time ‘can i ask a question?’.
    that also gets very tiring to see and the most obvious answer to it is ‘i don’t know, can you?’ sure they could ask may i ask a question but still it’s unnecessary and rather annoying when they could just get to the point and ask the question they so desire to have answered.
    also speaking of rules, your own site you moderate d-addicts i’ve never seen the rules listed, you only know you’ve broken one after you’ve broken it. we at least tried to cover everything that could possibly occur and give them information albeit it’s a lot.
    i’ve always thought that to be much better than to hide the rules and not tell anyone until they’ve broken one.
    another thing, many of the ppl who pop into the channel begging for an invite regardless of the topic or the onjoin msg are ppl who already have accounts or were banned for breaking a rule such as creating duplicate accounts. why defend those ppl? they are scum.
    anyways, if you don’t use the site, eventually your account will be deleted due to inactivity. which doesn’t always happen, personally i used my own account one time and then left it alone for well over a year and it was still there tho the inactivity period was 45 days. the purge script doesn’t always catch ppl who are inactive but when it does, it does a soft-delete and then eventually a hard-delete where the account is gone forever.

    so use your account or don’t. it’s not up to me, but i will do what i can to keep anyone from banning your account cuz that would be childish, you have the right to criticize the site.
    although many of our members aren’t americans and even the moderators aren’t americans, i still strongly believe in the first amendment and will do what it takes to make sure it matters to others as well or die trying.

    • But you see my point, things went downhill from the start.

      First I upload weekly batches, then out of the blue it’s changed to single episodes.
      Then I ask how to name files properly and get back “We don’t allow trans-encodes!”

      And then I saw staff behave like this…

      “Reading is hard~” *lol*
      “It’s a dying skill~” *lol*
      “You forgot his ban~” *lol*
      And even “Sends an invite to go fuck yourself”

      This is what upset me the most because I saw it happen over and and over again. As a moderator I think you should try to treat users better.

      It’s not exactly the best first impression, is it? So I don’t feel particularly inclined at using the site anymore.

      I do however understand that it at times can be frustrating being a moderator. This I did notice when D-Addicts closed its torrent section back in 2014, at that time a lot of people PMed me asking where to find this drama or subs.
      I ended up forwarding them the links of interest I compiled.

      I still think that trying to cut down the amount of rules would be good. Everyone doesn’t have an attention span that long when reading a lot of text. Therefore I personally think it’s better to keep things short.

      D-Addicts rules can be found here.

  4. Sounds really, really butthurt. I don’t even frequent that site, but all I read is “There are so many rules, and I broke some of them, but it’s not my fault, I’m the victim here!” Man, I’m gonna use that in court one day, wonder what will happen.
    As for the behavior, get the fuck over it. It really pisses me off how absurdly weak and eternally offended some people have become. “OMG, language!” Yeah, yeah. What a farce. Get off your high horse, princess, the world doesn’t revolve around you or your hurt feelings.

    • I left, and I feel much better.

      It was not just how I was treated, but also how I saw others being treated. As I said before, being a moderator myself I think you try to behave better. I got a very bad first impression of AvistaZ staff. I don’t think you’d be seen as a good-natured person if you’d behave like that in real life.

  5. I have to agree with you, Avistaz is a great private tracker but as a community is very toxic. The rules section is understandable. but on the other hand there is a way to make constructive comments and toxic comments, here is an example

    For me Avistaz is just an RSS Feed and nothing else.

  6. I just saw this lol….

    well i still like the site…for download….and not for upload….to much hassle…different from the old AT

    I even had to change the format of the file i upload….I do re-encode 480p video…and i just know they don’t like it form this post lol

    i also forward DoA RAWS and sometimes i upload a ts file. Then again like Jean said…fine with me…if you don’t like it…i’ll take them somewhere else


  7. Where does someone go if not to AvistaZ? It is easy to be upset by the service. I agree that the rules are very overwhelming and it is very hard to correctly post torrents.
    I have looked over your list of subtitles and videos for asian dramas and many of them have not been active since 2013-2014.
    There are many communities that have shutdown (
    My question repeats, even though this site is hard to deal with, is there anywhere else to go that provides current fan subtitles and close community asian drama distribution?
    If you do have some suggestions, I would love to hear them.
    As a jdrama fan, the fan access has greatly decreased and it would be nice if you knew of other places to go.

  8. Just had the unpleasantness of interacting with one of their moderators for the first time and your post appears to be spot on.

    God forbid us peasants act like normal human beings. I wish I came across this post sooner, I would have avoided that toxicity altogether. I am privileged enough to be in a position of power in my professional life and it really bothers me that people let power to get their head. I literally feel sick having supported and contributed to the site.

    I’ve asked them to just ban my account as I don’t want that toxicity in my life. I don’t intend to take or contribute to that site any longer knowing that behavior is tolerated and actively pursued by its staff. Like you, I feel better already.

    To other users, if the benefit of membership is too great to turn away from – my advice to you is to get comfortable with following their rules and hope not to have to cross their staff. Certainly, don’t seek help unless you want to be made felt like a lesser being.

    • I’ve been told there’s been a change in staff recently, but apparently things hasn’t changed. There might be a few good people, but they’re far and few between.

      It’s such a shame that the site is so heavily run on the concept of instilling fear into its users. Do it too much, and you’ll end up pushing people away. You end up being a silent bystander and don’t dare to cross paths with anyone. Alternatively leave, don’t support it, and save yourself from the headache and worry.

      As I said in my initial post, I would have left completely, had I not been convinced by someone to stay. If I for some reason would be banned, it wouldn’t matter to me. The only reason why I stay active now is for it to serve as a backup, nothing more.

      Thank you for your comment. Take care, I hope you’re well and stay safe in these crazy times.

  9. 2021 and their staff still acts like this. Kinda annoying since the site is a good source of old K-Variety shows that I watch. But now I’m kinda fessed up with them and now completely left the site. I now just have to find a good source of other K-variety/drama downloads.


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