Hot Coffee (2010) [ENG Subs] (Complete)

Hot Coffee (2010)
Hot Coffee
  • Title: 끝내주는 커피 / Kkeutnaejuneun Coffee
  • Genre: Romance
  • Format: Drama Special
  • Episodes: 1
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast date: 2010-May-29
  • Air time: Saturday 23:15
  • Insert song: I’m All Out of Love by Julienne Taylor
  • Insert song: Coffee Time by Natalie Cole


Oh Jong is a single mother of three children, all from different fathers. She has a talent for coffee roasting, and her bright personality and desire to share happiness and stories through her coffee makes her a popular sight at Ji Suk’s coffee shop. Choi Chang, a straightlaced and no-nonsense businessman, disagrees with Oh Jong’s methods and believes that coffee-making is a mathematical science that uses exact measures. Despite their clash of personalities, Choi Chang finds himself opening up to Oh Jong’s warmth, discovering a love as exciting and flavored as the coffee she serves.


  • Yoon Hae Young as Oh Jong
  • Jo Yeon Woo as Choi Chang
  • Moon Hee Kyung as Ji Suk
  • Lee Han Na as Oh Jong’s daughter

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Translation: KBS World
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  1. Do you happen to know who sang the version of All out of love? The version in the episode is not by air supply


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