Hot Coffee (2010) [ENG Subs] (Complete)

Hot CoffeeTitle: 끝내주는 커피 / Kkeutnaejuneun Coffee
Genre: Romance
Format: Drama Special
Episodes: 1
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast date: 2010-May-29
Air time: Saturday 23:15
Insert song: I’m All Out of Love by Julienne Taylor
Insert song: Coffee Time by Natalie Cole

Oh Jong is a single mother of three children, all from different fathers. She has a talent for coffee roasting, and her bright personality and desire to share happiness and stories through her coffee makes her a popular sight at Ji Suk’s coffee shop. Choi Chang, a straightlaced and no-nonsense businessman, disagrees with Oh Jong’s methods and believes that coffee-making is a mathematical science that uses exact measures. Despite their clash of personalities, Choi Chang finds himself opening up to Oh Jong’s warmth, discovering a love as exciting and flavored as the coffee she serves.

Yoon Hae Young as Oh Jong
Jo Yeon Woo as Choi Chang
Moon Hee Kyung as Ji Suk
Lee Han Na as Oh Jong’s daughter

Director: Lee Jae Sang
Screenwriter: Lee Seon Young

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Translation: KBS World
Transcriber/timer: keiko1981

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  1. Do you happen to know who sang the version of All out of love? The version in the episode is not by air supply

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