Yesterday November 2nd Jdramacity went offline and for a time appeared as “invite only”.
Today, the admin furransu announced the closing of Jdramacity because of it being too risky running the site, as well as less time of doing it.

Jdramacity was started by furransu in 2013, but before then (s)he had also been active at D-Addicts. Over the years furransu has contributed a lot, and for that I and many others are grateful.

November is definitely the worst month of the year for drama fans. :(

If you are looking for past dramas shared by furransu. I suggest you join Plotboxes and / or Light of Angels Livejournal. You need to join both to access the files. For ongoing and future dramas, keep and eye at Nyaa, Dark Angel, J-Raws, A Virtual Voyage (cdramas), 540p-ZASK (kdramas and some cdramas), DramaHDTV (kdramas).

All website URLs are listed at Links of Interest.