Knitting: Blue Shirt

I began knitting in February of 2009 when I was watching Hakusen Nagashi (白線流し). Since then I’ve done two scarfs, one gray and one red, and a red cap.
Now I’ve begun with a new project, a blue shirt.
I hope I haven’t taken on a too hard task.
I find it easier learning by seeing than reading. YouTube is really a wonderful tool, KnittingHelp is also a good site. There is a lot of helpful knitters out there. Thank you everyone.

2010/09/16 So, finally after 3½ month I have (almost) finished the back-piece of the blue shirt. I was a little worried over how it would go to knit the neckline, but it went just fine with a little help from the ladies at the local yarn store. Now it’s time to begin the front-piece, it will be knitted almost the same way as the above with a few exceptions.

2011/09/30 I have been taking a break from the knitting during the summer
I have begun to knit the front-piece and am little more than halfway.

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