Koukou Kyoushi

Title: 高校教師
Title (romaji): Koukou Kyoushi
English title: A High School Teacher
Movie released: November 6th, 1993
Genre: Human drama
Theme song: Tatoeba Boku ga Shindara (たとえばぼくが死んだら) by Morita Douji (森田童子)
Related dramas: Koukou Kyoushi 1974 (TV Tokyo), Koukou Kyoushi (1993), Koukou Kyoushi 2003

In a rugby match, disaster strikes as player Kazuki causes serious injury to his friend Takeshi, and as a result he is left as a vegetable. Guilt-ridden he quits the team and settles in a remote Kamakura Girl’s High School as a sport teacher. During a hot summer holiday Kazuki has fallen into a love relationship, albeit unacceptable to the outsiders, with one of his students, Kashiwagi Mayu. Later, he realizes that his attraction to her comes from nothing other than her loneliness and a crime labeled as grossly unforgivable.

Karasawa Toshiaki as Hano Kazuki
Toyama Kyoko as Kashiwagi Mayu
Suzuki Anju as Makino Ryoko
Kikuchi Takanori as Makino Takeshi
Kaneda Akio as Yosuke Maeda
Oginome Keiko as Sakaki Miwa
Tayama Ryosei
Osugi Ren

1994 Japan Academy Prize
Best Newcomer: Toyama Kyoko
1994 Yokohama Film Festival
Best New Actress: Toyama Kyoko

Other Information
The movie was filmed in Niigata, Nojima Shinji’s hometown.
The school in the movie is Musashigaoka College (武蔵丘短期大学).

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