Nalle 2005-Aug-13

This is such a very sad day. I just got the news that our family’s dog Nalle (teddy bear in English), a breed between Golden Retriever/Labrador and Karelian had to be put down, lately he have had problems with his joints.

I will miss him so very much, I love(ed) him so much.
He’s favorite things to eat was raw potatoes, mandarins, and salad.
Every day in the afternoon he used to sit outside and wait for my dad to come home from work. I think he had built in clock in his body, he knew when it was time go out. :)

It didn’t matter for how short time you would have been gone, he would always be overjoyed to see you. He remained a small dog in his heart as he grew older, always so joyful and he thought he didn’t grow any bigger.