Orange Days drama notes

Orange Days drama notes.

Episode 01
“Shuraba ga… shuraba… shurabarabanba.”
That is just Japanese mumbling.
Goukon: Group blind date where at the end
some people might exchange phone numbers.
Cream Karokke: Deep fried breaded mashed potatoes and meat veggies.
Onii-chan: Means “older brother.”
Ich Liebe Dich: “I love you,” in German.
“Nani yuuten nen boke.” Phrase in Kansai dialect meaning “What are you talking about idiot?”

Episode 02
Takamori Saigou (西郷 隆盛 / 隆永) was a samurai against the Tokugawa Shogunate. In 1867, his troops supported the emperor in the Meiji Restoration.
He eventually became an imperial advisor in the new government, but after his advice was rejected, he led the Satsuma Revolt in 1877.
His troops were defeated by the imperial army and he commited suicide afterwards. He stands today as a symbol of devotion to principle.
At Ueno Park, there’s a statue of Takamori Saigou with him walking his dog.

A daikon is a giant radish commonly used in Japanese cuisine.

Sign says: Urgent Name Search from me, Sae Hagio. My Naples Galiyan label violin. The person who purchased it, come over here to give information.

100,000 yen = $1090 as of 2013.02.27

Generally this “prostitution” or “dating compensation” is done because the high school girl wants to buy expensive material things. Namely brand name bags and such.

Episode 03
CHEMISTRY (ケミストリー) is an R&B duo, made up by Yoshikuni
Dochin (堂珍嘉邦) and Kawabata Kaname (川畑要).

Episode 04
Matsuzaka is a breed of beef cow that’s raised exclusively in Mie Prefecture and is noted for its tender meat.
Yonezawa is another top breed of beef cattle grown in Yamagata Prefecture, but the brand isn’t as expensive as its rival.

Episode 06
Ohagi is a Japanese treat with sticky rice wrapped in red bean.

Episode 07
Senpai is a term used to address a superior or one who is above you in position, age, experience, or academic grade.

Episode 09
Nattou is a Japanese staple dish of fermented soybeans, often eaten with rice at breakfast.
“Nacchi” is a nickname for Abe Natsumi (安倍なつみ), a former member of the popular Japanese singing group, Morning Musume (モーニング娘), and at the moment a member of Dream Morning Musume (ドリーム モーニング娘).

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