Oshin (1983) [ENG Subs] (ep1-276 of 297) [ON HOLD]

Oshin 275-02

English subtitles for the asadora Oshin.

Episode 276: First a devastated Michiko visits the Tanokuras, later Hitoshi shows up since he can’t get into his own house.

Oshin (1983)Title: おしん
Title (romaji): Oshin
Episodes: 297 x 15 min
Genre: Human drama
Broadcast network: NHK
Broadcast period: 1983-Apr-04 to 1984-Mar-31
Air time: 08:15-08:30
Rebroadcast: 12:45-13:00 at NHK-G
Viewership ratings: ep01 39.2%, high 62.9%, avg 52.6%
Opening theme song: Oshin Main Theme

Oshin is born as a poor sharecropper’s daughter in a small village of Yamagata. Through hard work and perseverance she eventually triumphs over pain and adversity to achieve fame and success.

Main Cast
  • Kobayashi Ayako as Oshin (6 to 10 years old)
  • Tanaka Yuko as Oshin (16 to 46 years old)
  • Otowa Nobuko as Oshin (50 to 84 years old)
Tanimura family
  • Izumi Pinko as Fuji (Oshin’s mother)
  • Ito Shiro as Sakuzo (Oshin’s father)
  • Oji Michio as Naka (Oshin’s grandmother)
  • Yoshioka Yuichi as Shoji (Oshin’s older brother)
  • Watanabe Eriko as Tora (Shoji’s wife)
  • Sendo Nobuko → Senno Hiromi as Haru (Oshin’s older sister)
  • Watanabe Fumiko as Riki (family friend)
Tanokura family
  • Namiki Shiro as Ryuzo (Oshin’s husband)
  • Sato Hideo as Daigoro (Ryuzo’s father, as listed in the NHK book)
  • Kitamura Kazuo as Daigoro (Ryuzo’s father)
  • Takamori Kazuko as Kiyo (Ryuzo’s mother)
  • Kitamura Soichiro as Fukutaro (Ryuzo’s older brother)
  • Kanze Yoko as Tsuneko (Fukutaro’s wife)
  • ?? as Sataro (Fukutaro’s son)
  • Imafuku Masao as Imamura Genemon
  • Ito Takeshi → 萩堂 → Yamano Reo → 槇浩 → Matsuda Yoji → Fuke Norimasa as Yuu (Oshin’s oldest son)
  • Yamashita Shinji → Takahashi Etsushi as Hitoshi (Oshin’s son)
  • Tanaka Misako → Asaji Yoko as Michiko (Hitoshi’s wife)
  • Kawakami Maiko as Midori (Hitoshi & Michiko’s daughter)
  • Suzuki Mie as Akane (Hitoshi & Michiko’s daughter)
  • Yoshino Yukiko as Tei
  • Kirihara Fumio as Sakita Tatsunori (Tei’s husband)
  • Uenaka Haruka → Nagashima Yuko → Tanaka Yoshiko → Sasaki Ai as Hatsuko (Oshin’s adopted daughter)

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Translation: UTB Channel
Editor: Jean
Timer: Jean, kagi (ep1-28)
Additional help: y0ssy (ep23, 29, 57-58, 66, 71-72, 77-78, 81, 97, 104, 115, 117-118, 140, 150, 167, 192)
Also thanks to: Avallac’h and XrayMind

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    Best Novel drama in the world!No doubt about that!Please watch this.Some episodes are unbearably fantastic.It’s a life time of a experience.Oshin=Biggest gift from Japan

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    Just love watching Oshin- haven’t finished watching it – it’s very moving and touching – showing the
    Injustice done in those times. Oshin plays a very strong character.

  4. Purin says:

    Thanks a lot for your work.
    Recently, NHK World broadcasted the subtitled version of a documentary with the actress Nakamura Yuri going to Uzbekistan. When she met young children living there, they told her that they knew some Japanese greetings. She was a bit surprised to see that they were familiar with Japanese culture. They told her it’s because they watched Oshin on tv. It’s really amazing to see the impact of Oshin around the world.

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    I’m seeing Oshin as you get subtitles. Thank you!!! When it is that Oshin will leave the house of the mother in law? she can not take it anymore!

    1. Jean says:

      It’s an awful situation Oshin is in. I don’t know when she will be able to leave. I watch the drama as I sub it. I wonder what her life would’ve been like if she ended up with the other person. (Try to keep this reply spoiler free.)

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    at last! good headline! Now I will see the episodes that I have behind. It was a very sad part, I hope that now everything better! Thank you!!!

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    Very appreciate for your hard work on the translation. Oshin is an old series but the story and wisdom never ever lasting at any time. It would be great to be watched by young ages instead just hiphops culture

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