Oshin weeks and episodes

Title: おしん
Title (romaji): Oshin
Episodes: 297 x 15 min
Genre: Human drama
Broadcast network: NHK
Broadcast period: 1983-Apr-04 to 1984-Mar-31
Air time: 08:15-08:30
Rebroadcast: 12:45-13:00 at NHK-G
Viewership ratings: ep01 39.2%, high 62.9%, avg 52.6%
Opening theme song: Oshin Main Theme

Thank you ZemusDS for helping out with the following information. Week numbers are unofficial.

Childhood years (ep001-036)
Week 01 ep001-006 (1983-Apr-04 to 1983-Apr-09)
Week 02 ep007-012 (1983-Apr-11 to 1983-Apr-16)
Week 03 ep013-018 (1983-Apr-18 to 1983-Apr-23)
Week 04 ep019-024 (1983-Apr-25 to 1983-Apr-30)
Week 05 ep025-030 (1983-May-02 to 1983-May-07)
Week 06 ep031-036 (1983-May-09 to 1983-May-14)

Adolescence years (ep037-086)
Week 07 ep037-042 (1983-May-16 to 1983-May-21)
Week 08 ep043-048 (1983-May-23 to 1983-May-28)
Week 09 ep049-054 (1983-May-30 to 1983-Jun-04)
Week 10 ep055-060 (1983-Jun-06 to 1983-Jun-11)
Week 11 ep061-066 (1983-Jun-13 to 1983-Jun-18)
Week 12 ep067-072 (1983-Jun-20 to 1983-Jun-25)
Week 13 ep073-078 (1983-Jun-27 to 1983-Jul-02)
Week 14 ep079-084 (1983-Jul-04 to 1983-Jul-09)

Tribulation years (ep087-136)
Week 15 ep085-090 (1983-Jul-11 to 1983-Jul-16)
Week 16 ep091-096 (1983-Jul-18 to 1983-Jul-23)
Week 17 ep097-102 (1983-Jul-25 to 1983-Jul-30)
Week 18 ep103-108 (1983-Aug-01 to 1983-Aug-06)
Week 19 ep109-114 (1983-Aug-08 to 1983-Aug-13)

The special “Mou Hitori no Oshin” (もうひとりのおしん) aired between week 19 and 20.

Week 20 ep115-120 (1983-Aug-22 to 1983-Aug-27)
Week 21 ep121-126 (1983-Aug-29 to 1983-Sep-03)
Week 22 ep127-132 (1983-Sep-05 to 1983-Sep-10)

Independence years (ep137-185)
Week 23 ep133-138 (1983-Sep-12 to 1983-Sep-17)
Week 24 ep139-144 (1983-Sep-19 to 1983-Sep-24)
Week 25 ep145-150 (1983-Sep-26 to 1983-Oct-01)
Week 26 ep151-156 (1983-Oct-03 to 1983-Oct-08)
Week 27 ep157-162 (1983-Oct-10 to 1983-Oct-15)
Week 28 ep163-168 (1983-Oct-17 to 1983-Oct-22)
Week 29 ep169-174 (1983-Oct-24 to 1983-Oct-29)
Week 30 ep175-180 (1983-Oct-31 to 1983-Nov-05)

Struggling years (ep186-225)
Week 31 ep181-186 (1983-Nov-07 to 1983-Nov-12)
Week 32 ep187-192 (1983-Nov-14 to 1983-Nov-19)
Week 33 ep193-198 (1983-Nov-21 to 1983-Nov-26)
Week 34 ep199-204 (1983-Nov-28 to 1983-Dec-03)
Week 35 ep205-210 (1983-Dec-05 to 1983-Dec-10)
Week 36 ep211-216 (1983-Dec-12 to 1983-Dec-17)
Week 37 ep217-222 (1983-Dec-19 to 1983-Dec-24)
Week 38 ep223-225 (1983-Dec-26 to 1983-Dec-28, New Year Holidays, off air)

Note: There was a program: “Waga Kokoro no Oshin” (わが心のおしん), 1984-Jan-04 to 1984-Jan-07 on air (4 eps). Same time slot, but I’m not sure what it is, or if it’s related to the asadora Oshin.

Revival years (ep226-261)
Week 39 ep226-231 (1984-Jan-09 to 1984-Jan-14)
Week 40 ep232-237 (1984-Jan-16 to 1984-Jan-21)
Week 41 ep238-243 (1984-Jan-23 to 1984-Jan-28)
Week 42 ep244-249 (1984-Jan-30 to 1984-Feb-04)
Week 43 ep250-255 (1984-Feb-06 to 1984-Feb-11)
Week 44 ep256-261 (1984-Feb-13 to 1984-Feb-18)

Final years (ep262-297)
Week 45 ep262-267 (1984-Feb-20 to 1984-Feb-25)
Week 46 ep268-273 (1984-Feb-27 to 1984-Mar-03)
Week 47 ep274-279 (1984-Mar-05 to 1984-Mar-10)
Week 48 ep280-285 (1984-Mar-12 to 1984-Mar-17)
Week 49 ep286-291 (1984-Mar-19 to 1984-Mar-24)
Week 50 ep292-297 (1984-Mar-26 to 1984-Mar-31)

You can find a detailed summary of Oshin at English Wikipedia.

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  1. sebarodriguezv says:

    i’m looking for information about the special that was aired between week 19 and 20, does somebody knows something about it and where i can found it?

    1. Jean says:

      These specials aired after Tanaka Yuko had been ordered by the doctor to rest, after having collapsed due to work exhaustion.

      You could try to search YouTube now and then using the original title. もうひとりのおしん

      Japanese Wikipedia and TV Drama Database.

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