A Change of Grace: Chapter 1

A Change of Grace

Isaac wandered aimlessly, not sure which direction to take. He knew Tay had a thing for the Dakota apartments. The John Lennon memorial, with it’s pretty view of the building, was one of his ‘places’, but he hadn’t found him there. The words he’d said jabbed at him, and he felt a growing urgency to find his brother. He wanted to talk, to tell him he didn’t mean what he’d said… at least about wishing him dead.

A Change of Grace by Sheryl

A Change of Grace

It was awfully dark, some of the lights apparently having been dimmed, and he began to fear that being hollered at for wrecking a shot was going to be unavoidable. He could barely see where he was going. Finally, blessed relief surging in him, he spotted the gate, and sped up a little. “Just another fifty feet and I’ll be home… I made it…”

His feet hit the sidewalk, and he glanced sideways, the city dwellers automatic traffic check, and froze in his tracks. There was no traffic. Early on a summer evening, Central Park West should have been humming with as much traffic as at midday, and yet… it was quiet.

Nalle 1999/05/03-2010/10/21

Nalle 2005-Aug-13

I just got the news that our family’s dog Nalle (teddy bear in English), a breed between Golden Retriever/Labrador and Karelian had to be put down, lately he have had problems with his joints.
I will miss him so very much, I love(ed) him so much.