Rakuen (2017)


Title: 楽園
Title (romaji): Rakuen
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 6
Broadcast network: WOWOW
Broadcast period: 2017-Jan-08 to 2017-Feb-12
Air time: Sunday 22:00

While the case of the Doizaki couple who murdered their 15-year-old daughter and hid her body under their home for 16 years is being reported, a housewife visits Maehata Shigeko, a writer working for an editorial production company. This lady says her 10-year-old son may possess the special ability to see the memories of other people and holds out a drawing that he had illustrated. The drawing shows a young lady lying down inside a home with a distinctive weather vane in the shape of a bat and because it is remarkably similar to the case of the Doisakis, Shigeko undertakes the investigation half-convinced. However, at that point, the youth dies in a traffic accident. Seiko, the second daughter of the Doizakis, is told by her parents’ lawyer to severe ties with them while a female high school student is held captive in some neighborhood. – JdramaWeblog

Nakama Yukie as Maehata Shigeko
Kuroki Hitomi as Takahashi Harumi
Kaho as Doizaki Seiko
Kobayashi Kaoru as Doizaki Gen
Kaneko Nobuaki as Miwa Akio
Matsuda Miyuki as Doizaki Kouko
Nishida Naomi as Hagiya Toshiko
Komoto Masahiro as Maehata Shoji
Ikeda Narushi as Akitsu Shingo
Riju Go as Nozaki Eiji
Hosoda Yoshihiko as Inoue Tatsuya
Oshinari Shugo as Amikawa Koichi
Kurosawa Hiroki as Hagiya Hitoshi
Ito Sairi as Doizaki Akane
Ishizaka Koji as Kanagawa Kazuo

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Rakuen JPN Subs

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