Review of Bad Guy (2010)

Bad Guy (2010)

I have finished watching Bad Guy (나쁜 남자), it was my second Korean drama I’ve seen, the first one was Soul.
Kim Nam Gil (김남길) is great as Shim Gun Wook seeking revenge for what happened in his past. It’s so funny see him catch the women off-guard with his witty comments. Same goes for his characteristic whistling in some scenes. *nothing in the world is bothering me~~* :D
Add to that a love triangle between Hong Mo Ne (Jung So Min), the Hong family’s youngest daughter, the art director Moon Jae In (Han Ga In) who works for the wife of the Hong family, and later on Hong Tae Ra (Oh Yun Soo), Mo Ne’s older sister.
Hong Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook), the rebellious and youngest son of the Hong family seems to have an interest in Moon Jae In as well.
It’s a very good drama, the only negative part about it was that I thought there were too many characters to keep track of in the beginning.

“Thorn Flower” (가시꽃) by Jung Yeop (정엽)
of Brown Eyed Soul (브라운 아이드 소울)

Absolutely love the track “Sub Title” from OST.
It makes me think of someone being hunted,
you can almost hear the steps of someone running.

I found a piano cover of the track “Sub Title”.
It’s an arranged version.Great scene from Episode 7.
Not one word is uttered.

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  1. Mélinéee says:

    i already saw this dram ! I loved it…

    1. Jean says:

      It’s a great drama, worth to be re-watched if you got time. :)

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