In the end of 1991 the Swedish channel TV1000 aired Roxette’s “Join the Joyride World Tour”, before the concert they showed an interview with band. Below is my translation of it.

Video: Roxette – Join The Joyride Dokumentär Del 1/2 removed by YouTube.

Part 1

Per: ….last concert of our European tour at Hallenstadion in Zurich. Come along.


Per: The tour has been incredible* for us we began early September in Finland and have, and when 45, 46* concerts so far. Now there’s only 110 left. (Marie laughs). Ends in September next year.
[* Had a little hard time haring exactly what he said.]

Marie: The audience have been wonderful during our tour. The most amazing was in Spain I think. There was everyone, from 15-60 year old. They danced constantly, all the time, even during “Watercolours in the Rain”

*Watercolours In The Rain*

Per: Marie speaks such good Spanish.

Marie: It’s very fun, it’s appreciated when you tries to speak their language between the songs. Even the Barcelonians [spelling?] who speaks the Catalan language, that differ quite compared with Spanish. That was a great experience.

Per: I think Joyride have sold in 6½ million copies worldwide so far, in 6 months. That’s great. I don’t know, yeah… I think only Guns N’ Roses and someone else have sold more, soon Michael Jackson comes.

Marie: Rules. [Marie says “Sopa mattan” (lit trans. “Wipe the rug”, but it means more ‘to rule’).

Per: But we have had three wonderful years. I think someone said that we had sold somwhere between 25-28 million records since we began internationally. That’s fun.

*Dressed For Success*

Marie: I know that they wrote home in Sweden that we got bad critic in England, I think some paper possibly wrote it down. The rest have been been praises, so it doesn’t really match up.

Per: The problem with English press is, when you’ve got a press conference and there are 60 people, they aren’t that interested in the music… they are more interested of, sick parents etc.

Marie: How many boyfriends.

Per: Much more gossip and scandals and it’s very tough to sit and talk, but when you want to talk you want to talk about your music and why you make it. But English press is a pain in the ass.

*Band Members*

*It Must Have Been Love*

Per: When I began to work seriously with Marie in 1986 was it a new revolution for my songwriting… because I could evolve my way of writing, since I worked with such a good singer.

*Spending My Time*

Video: Roxette – Join The Joyride Dokumentär Del 2/2 removed by YouTube.

Part 2

Per: …And I think, if people know my history and what I did before I think you can hear that my songs and way of writing have developed, much becasue I’ve been able to work with Marie. And not only a hoarse guy like myself. (Marie laughs)

*The Look* and fans

Marie: Per is very outstanding in his way of writing and he has a very characteristic way of writing.

Per: To girl.

Marie: I don’t listen.

*The Big L*

Marie: Hm, the most common question we get is if we are a couple. That question is a constant “No, we’re not together”, but very good friends. I think the tours are the best. Because then it’s really about the music, it’s communication, you can improvise. There have happen so fun things onstage, Per have fallen. I love touring, it’s wonderful, but you have to have a vacation and be home a few weeks now and then otherwise it becomes tough. Next week we’re free for four days, then there’s Australia, it’s very intense and the traveling is tiring, but for me it’s worth it, it’s so great being part of a world tour.

Per: It’s an impossible way to live your life, to go on rock tour.

Marie: You/we know you got an end. A goal. [I think not say this directly to Per, more in general that it’s good knowing that you got a set date when the tour is over]

Per: I don’t understand how people tour for 10, 15, 20 years. It’s very tiresome and straining for your friends and family. Your personal social life is gone completely, but egoistically it’s a kick standing onstage and that you can’t get anywhere else.