Searching for Home: Chapter 24

searching5homeTitle: Searching for Home
Chelle and Nikki

Brianna hadn’t seen Taylor at all and hadn’t talked to anyone about anything except what as happening with work at the time. It was nearly too much to handle in one afternoon.

Chapter 24

Things had gotten busy by early that afternoon. Zac had gone home early because Stacy’s parents were staying with them that weekend. Isaac had been stressed and really was in no mood to deal with if one could help it. Brianna had spoken with him only once… briefly.

She had been swamped with making copies and reservations and completing recording schedules. She had to eat lunch while working and there was a constant flurry of activity going on in the hallways.

Jessica looked beyond tired and Brianna had noticed once while passing in the hall, that Jessica’s hair had begun to become unraveled, however Jess was either too distracted to care or wasn’t aware of it.

Brianna hadn’t seen Taylor at all and hadn’t talked to anyone about anything except what as happening with work at the time. It was nearly too much to handle in one afternoon.

Avery’s computer crashed so she was put on phone duty and that meant Brianna was asked to do Avery’s normal computer work… which required more typing than she was used to.

By the time she had finally gotten done and things started to slow down a little that evening, she discovered that she had not only broken all but one of her finger nails but that her hands cramped so badly she flinched when she tried to stretch her fingers.

It was 5:30, although it felt like it should have been a lot later. Brianna had to get up and walk around her office a bit. She felt and heard her back pop as she stood up.

“Ouch.” she said quietly to herself as she slowly moved her legs. Brianna had been sitting at her desk for the last two hours. Her neck and shoulders were sore and she felt a tingling in her feet.

“Hey, you survive?” Isaac said from her door.

“Barely.” Brianna said with composure.

“Yeah, me too.” Ike replied. “Listen, I need you to check over this and just make sure that studio reservations have been made for everyone. Times were written down as they were confirmed.” Isaac handed Brianna a folder. “You can take off after that. Just take it to Jessica when you’re done or set it on her desk if she has stepped out.”

“All right sure. I thought Avery did this.” Brianna said, putting the folder down on her desk and rubbing her neck.

“She did.” Ike replied rubbing his shoulder. “But to be honest, she normally doesn’t do this kind of work so, ya know. Make sure she hasn’t forgotten anybody. She was thrown off earlier and sometimes her work gets sloppy when she’s been frustrated and has had to switch to something really quick.”

“Okay. I’ll double check it.” Brianna said with a smile.

“Thanks. I’m gonna get out of here. See ya later.”


Brianna sighed and drank the last of her coke. Tossing the bottle into the trash can, she sat down and opened the folder. She picked up her pen and slowly read over the list to make certain that Avery hadn’t forgotten anyone. She jumped a little bit when she heard a loud knock on her door.

“Come in.” She said, glancing up from the sheet of paper. She saw the door slowly crack open and a red rose came into view. Brianna smiled. “Hello Taylor.” She said, looking back at the piece of paper in her hand to check the last few names.

When she raised her head to look up again, she had to giggle at the baffled and amused expression on Taylor’s face as he stood inside the closed door.

“How’d you know it was me?” He asked.

“Just a guess.” Brianna answered.

“Oh.” Taylor said. He handed Brianna the rose and she smiled and said “Thanks very much.” She casually laid the rose on her desk and leaned back in her chair.

“Hard day?” Taylor asked.

“Long day.” Brianna said.

“Yep, glad I wasn’t in the middle of it.” Taylor said with a laugh. “I’ve been in the studio.”

“Uh-huh.” Brianna said, closing the folder.

“Something wrong?” Taylor asked, sensing that Brianna wasn’t in a joking mood.

“I’m just not having one of my best days.”

“Why?” Taylor asked sitting down.

“Nothing really. Just had something on my mind this morning that has distracted me a little.”

“What is it? Maybe I can help.”

“Jessica was in here earlier. By the way she was looking for you.”

“Yeah I saw her this morning on my way downstairs.”

“Oh, okay. Anyway, she was in here and was saying that she thought it was great that we were getting so close.”

“Uh huhhhh.” Taylor replied, dragging out the word.

“She heard from Ike that I could be your girlfriend by the end of the week.” Brianna glanced at Taylor as she continued. “Which is ridiculous because we aren’t moving that fast and besides, I was wondering why Isaac would think that except for the fact that according to Jessica Isaac said that you want me to have dinner with you and your family and now I’m confused ’cause I didn’t think I had given you the idea that we were getting serious but Jess said that having a family dinner with someone one of you is dating, although we aren’t, means that things are getting serious and now she and Ike, I think, have the wrong idea about us and I’m starting to think that you do too and I’d just like to know what is going on.”

Brianna finally took a breath and after a moment of silence,

Taylor asked “Are you finished?”

Brianna glared at Taylor. After taking a deep breath, she nodded and looked down at her pen in her hands.

Taylor sighed and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

“All right now, let’s deal with one thing at a time shall we?” Brianna nodded. “Great. Put that in some water so that it has a chance to survive for a little while.” Taylor said, pointing to the rose on Brianna’s desk.

She reached into the bottom drawer of her desk, where she always kept a package of plastic cups. She took one out and placed it on her desk. She silently reached over and got her bottle of water, poured some in the cup, set the rose over inside and slid it over to the corner of her desk away from her computer.

“Now, Isaac came up with that whole girlfriend thing in his own head. I never said that. Jessica was right. I did want you to have dinner with me and my family and she was right about that being serious in my family. But that’s not what I was thinking. I wanted you to have dinner with me and my family so you could meet them. I just wanted them to know you. Zac and Ike already like you. Avery and Jessica like you and so do Lisa and Stacy. Mom said you seem like a nice girl. I didn’t mean for it to be taken as something serious. Just dinner, that’s all. Okay.”

“All right, but will they think it’s serious?” Brianna asked.

“No, especially if I tell them not to. We’ll worry about the dinner later.” Taylor smiled and Brianna nodded. “Now, I know you don’t want to rush and I don’t either so let’s get that straight and agree. Fair enough?”


“Good. Now that that’s straightened out, tomorrow? You come over about six? We’ll have some dinner, let you and Trixie meet and get to know each other.”

“That’s fine.” Brianna smiled.

“Okay. then. I have to go back downstairs and listen to some drum solo Zac thought up and recorded for a new song we wrote. So I’ll see you later.”

“Fine. See you later.”

Taylor stood up and walked to the door.

“Oh Taylor?” Brianna said.

“Yeeessssssss.” Taylor replied in a singing voice, making Brianna laugh.

“Um, thanks for ya know, the rose and for…”

“You’re welcome.”

He smiled and walked out shutting the door. Taylor silently had already made a mental note to talk to Isaac and to find a nice way to tell Jessica to stop being such a blabber mouth.

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