Searching for Home: Chapter 6

Searching for Home
by Chelle & Nikki

Chapter 6

Searching for HomeRating: PG
Warnings: Deals a little with death, has some drinking in it. Some curse words, violence and sex, but nothing gory or graphic.

“Yes. I know that you and he have spent some time together outside of work. I want you to know that he likes you a lot. I normally don’t get involved in his personal life but he is my brother, and I need you to understand that this company is all we have left.”

“Excuse me, Isaac.” Brianna called from Ike’s office door.

He glanced up from writing and asked “Yes, what is it?”

Brianna approached his desk and answered, “There was a message that you wanted to see me.”

Ike motioned for her to sit down and he leaned forward on his desk. “Brianna, I wanted to talk to you about Taylor.”

“Taylor?” Brianna asked, getting nervous.

“Yes. I know that you and he have spent some time together outside of work. I want you to know that he likes you a lot. I normally don’t get involved in his personal life but he is my brother, and I need you to understand that this company is all we have left.”

“I do understand.” Brianna said almost defensively.

Ike raised his hands. “Honestly, if you and Taylor want to see each other, that’s your business and it really has nothing to do with me. In fact, I’d be happy for both of you. But I just need to make it clear that if you are going to continue spending time together, that you continue to keep it out of the office. We just can’t have any, ya know, anything going on here at work. I just wanted to make sure that you know that. Taylor is well aware of it but I wanted to tell you.”

Brianna looked down at her hands and then back at Isaac. “I do understand that. But Taylor and I are not, seeing each other. We’re just friends.”

“All right. I wanted to tell you just so I knew that you knew.” Ike said raising his eyebrows. Brianna stood and walked out with a quick nod of her head. She closed Isaac’s office door and went back to her own work.

She was now a little frustrated. She couldn’t believe what she had been told. And the way it had been said to her made her feel as though Ike thought there was more going on between her and Taylor than there really was. Taylor had been in and out of meetings all day so he and Brianna never saw each other.

That evening, however, Brianna was surprised to find a note on her car. She unfolded it glancing around the parking lot. All it said was: Meet me at the diner. 8:00 tonight. – Taylor.

“Hmm, he’s just not going to stop.” Brianna whispered to herself with a shake of her head.

She sighed and then climbed into her car. She knew that it was time for her to take the risk and tell Taylor everything he wanted to know. She was starting to like him a lot and she was scared that after he found out about her family that he would leave her. But she wanted it to be over with before she liked him ‘too much.’ Brianna hadn’t told anyone in a long time about herself or her family… not that a lot of people had asked. Everyone in her small hometown knew her as ‘the adopted kid’ or ‘the family misfit.’ But now, for the first time, someone wanted to know about her. Someone cared enough to ask constantly and she was tired of avoiding his questions.

Brianna stepped into her motel room and went to take a shower. After that, she hurriedly put on a bit of makeup and fixed her hair. She pulled on a casual blue dress and her black boots. She changed to her black purse and quickly walked out and got into her car. Her stomach tightened more the closer she got to the diner. As she pulled into the parking lot she parked close to the door and checked her hair before locking her car and walking in. Taylor was sitting alone in a booth at the back. He smiled at her and she took one last deep breath and walked over.

“You look great.” Taylor said standing briefly as Brianna sat down.

“Thank you.” Brianna said.

“What can I get you drink hon?” a waitress asked.

Brianna quickly replied “Sweet tea and no lemon please,” with a smile. The waitress walked away and came back in no more than a minute with a tall glass of tea. “Thanks.” Brianna said wrapping her hands around the glass. She slowly took a few sips.

Taylor suddenly spoke. “Brianna, I have tried to talk to you before and you always somehow avoid any question at all about you. I am out of ideas. You are making me crazy.”

“Taylor, before you say anything else I want to tell you some things.” Brianna replied. Taylor was surprised but sat back to listen. Brianna swallowed hard as she felt a lump in her throat. She began to tell him everything.

“Taylor, I like you a lot. I want us to be friends too, but I have to tell you some things, and after that if you still want to be friends then we’ll see how it goes. I haven’t opened up to anyone in a long time. It’s not just you. There’s been a few other guys who have asked about my life that never did get their questions answered. But I, I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I want you to know though.”

Brianna took a drink of her tea and sighed then continued. “It’s hard to tell you, to tell anyone. It’s hard to talk about my life.”

“Brianna, I…”

“No Taylor, please. Let me finish. Let me say this while I can.”

Taylor leaned forward on the table and listened quietly as Brianna told him everything about herself that she had kept hidden.

She told him about being adopted and about her parents, she told him about the way the other family members had treated her, and how she’d been treated by the other kids in the neighborhood and in school.

She told him about her parents dying and how she’d been bought out of her house. She told him about deciding to move to Oklahoma and seeing the ad in the paper to work for their company.

By the time she finished, Brianna had tears rolling down her face. She took a napkin from the dispenser on the table and wiped at her eyes, careful not to smear her makeup to badly.

Taylor reached over and took her hand. “Oh Brianna. I didn’t know it was that hard for you. I didn’t know… I’m sorry I ever brought it up. I had no idea that it was… I…”

“It’s all right. I was going to have to tell somebody.” Brianna said with a little laugh.

Taylor smiled and said “Well, I’m glad you aren’t some kind of outlaw on the run to avoid murder charges or anything.”

Brianna glared at him and blinked several times.

“I’m sorry but I didn’t know!” Taylor said, noticing her shocked expression and trying to defend his own conclusion. They both laughed and Taylor asked “Are you hungry?” Brianna shook her head as Taylor wrinkled his face and said “Nah, me either. Why don’t we just get out of here.”

Brianna slid out of the booth, taking Taylor’s hand, and they walked out.

“I’ll follow you back to the motel okay?” Taylor asked. Brianna nodded and got into her car. They drove back to the motel and when they got there, Taylor walked Brianna to her door.

She felt almost relieved. A weight had been taken off of her. She had opened up to Taylor and he hadn’t left her like everyone else had done.

In fact, Taylor also felt a sense of relief because what she had told him wasn’t nearly as bad as the things he’d thought. To him, she was still Brianna, the sweet, cute girl that he was attracted to. The same girl that was just as determined to succeed in life as he was if not more. She was strong, he knew now more than ever. She was pretty and nice. She wasn’t going to use him or his brothers.

Brianna slid the key into the door and she and Taylor walked in. After closing the door, Brianna pulled her suitcase onto the bed and for the next hour, she and Taylor looked over photos of her as a little girl, and of Anna and Ray. Brianna had a need to let him know more. She wanted to share her past with him. And possibly her future.

“It’s late. I really need to get home.” Taylor said standing up.

Brianna stood and crossed her arms. “I guess so. I’ll see you tomorrow?” She tilted her head and raised her eyebrows.

Taylor smiled. “Yeah, tomorrow.” They walked to the door and Taylor turned around to face her. “Thank you Brianna. For sharing this with me. I’m glad that I know.”

Brianna sighed and said “You’re welcome and thank you for not running away when I told you like everyone…” She was interrupted by his hand grazing her cheek.

“I would never run away from you.” Taylor said. His fingers dropped down to her neck and then slowly back to her face. He leaned down close to her causing his hair to fall into his face.

“Taylor…” Brianna whispered.

“I know…” Taylor replied as he leaned his forehead against hers. “I’m going.” he said. Quickly he walked out of the door and got into his car. He drove away with a wave.

Brianna stood outside for a few minutes waiting for her heart to return to it’s normal pace. Then, with a smile, she turned and walked back into the room.

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