Secret Garden (2010) [ENG Subs] (Complete)

Secret Garden (2010)
Secret Garden

Title: 비밀의 화원 / Bimilui Hwawon
Also known as: Secret Garden
Genre: Drama
Format: Drama Special
Episodes: 1
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast date: 2010-Jul-17
Air time: Saturday 23:15

Yeojin and Girim were inseparable best friends in high school, dreaming of becoming successful writers. However, cracks in their friendship began to appear with the appearance of Baek Jonghak, who seemed to lean towards Yeojin. Years later, Girim is still struggling to get herself published, and her financial problems are wearing her down. When she finally scores an interview with a publisher, she goes to the interview with enthusiasm, but is shocked to meet Yeojin and Jonghak, the two people she did not want to see again. Their sudden meeting brings back a rush of both beautiful and unwelcome memories.

Baek Jin Hee as Park Yeojin
Min Ji as Kim Girim
Lee Dong Gyu as Baek Jonghak

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Translation: KBS World
Transcriber/timer: Jean

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  1. hello. Do u know where can i watch this drama? i’ve watched it when it was aired in the TV 8 years ago. The drama is super similar to a friend’s real life story, that it left a huge impression on me. However, for some reason i didn’t manage to finish the drama. I really want to know the ending. It has been a long time, but i’m still hoping to finish the drama. please help meee 🙏🙏

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