Strindberg Lamp

For a while I’ve been thinking of the green lamps featured in the beginning movie Seven (1995), from a scene where one of the detectives (Morgan Freeman) wanders through a library looking for book(s) by Dante. Very horrible, but good movie.


To my luck, my oldest sister happened to have one which she was very kind to give to me. I now got it in one of my windows.
The table lamp is from the early 20th century and is called the “Strindberg Lamp” (in Swedish: Strindbergslampa) after one of Sweden’s most famous authors August Strindberg, even though the author did not have a lamp like this at all.

The lamp has a copper base, a colored glass globe (green, white and orange are the most common), and has been manufactured since the early 1900′s in Sweden.

The Library scene from Seven

Excellent use of classical music, Air on the G string by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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