Subtitles Projects

Last updated: 2019-Feb-21

I started creating subtitles in June of 2011. I’ve written how I make subtitles and some guidelines I follow.

English subtitles are usually transcribed, manually typed out from low-quality TV or VHSrips, and timed to higher quality RAW videos. Untimed Japanese subtitles are timed to RAW videos so translators or viewers can use them.

I can read Hiragana/Katakana, some kanji, know very little grammar and some basic phrases. This isn’t enough to fully be able to translate things. If I translate, it’s from Swedish-English, or English to Swedish.

Most of the work on the subtitles are done Thursday-Monday.
Status updates are posted here and on Twitter.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


3-nen A-gumi (2019)

3 nen A gumi (2019) [JPN Subs]
episode 1-7 Complete
episode 8 0% timed.


Inochi (1986) [ENG Subs]

I will not be able to provide subtitles for the complete drama, read more here.

episode 1, 3-5, 8, 10-15, 19-29, 31-35, 37 Complete
episode 38 100% transcribed, 70% timed.
episode 40 50% transcribed, 0% timed.

Oshin (1983)

Oshin (1983) [ENG Subs]
episode 1-245 Complete
episode 246 100% transcribed, 0% timed.
episode 247 0% transcribed, 0% timed.
episode 244-252 (DVDrip) and episode 252 (RMVB) will be released at the same time.

Seoul 1945

Seoul 1945 (2006) [ENG Subs]
episode 1-29 Complete
episode 30 0% transcribed, 0% timed.

Dear My Sister

Dear My Sister (2011) [ENG Subs]
This does not have a high priority, and may not be completed.

episode 1-87 Complete
episode 88 0% transcribed, 0% timed.


Japanese Dramas ENG Subs

Japanese Dramas JPN Subs

Korean Dramas ENG Subs