I have made a translation of this Swedish program. I thought it would be interesting for fans of Japanese as well as Korean dramas to see.
The show is about LiLiCo from the Japanese show KING’s BRUNCH and Lasse Lindh who’s song “C’mon Through” have been featured in the Korean drama Soulmate (소울메이트).
Please forgive me for possible grammatical errors.
The show is about another guy as well, but I translated just the parts about LiLiCo and Lasse.

“Svenskars Hemliga Liv” aired 2011.11.29 22:00
(10:00pm) at TV3.
Episode 5, season 1.

Do you know who you sit beside at the bus?
Or what your neighbour really does when he/she has closed the door?
In “Svenskars Hemliga Liv” Swedes tell about their unusual interests, odd choices of living life and unbelievable life stories.
In today’s show we meet Swedes who have moved abroad and become real big celebrities in their new homelands.

Lasse Lindh came last in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2009, now he lives in Seoul, South Korea where he’ve had a mega-hit and is a loved pop star.
Tonight we follow along as he performs his new single for an exclusive number of people.

The anchor woman LiLiCo (リリコ) moved to Tokyo and had to live at a parking lot, now she’s one of Japanese biggest TV stars and she’ll be hosting a live show in addition to the Oscar Awards.

1:36-4:44 minutes
LiLiCo is an appreciate talent from both radio and TV, one of Japan’s most well-known faces. Interviewing big Hollywood stars is part of her life.
KING’s BRUNCH (王様のブランチ) is a live broadcasted entertainment show which is followed by 10 million viewers every Saturday, and LiLiCo is one of the shows most notable profiles.

LiLiCoLiLiCo: I was really nervous, after the first time I appeared on KING’s BRUNCH. It was live broadcasted, the number of viewers so large.
The first years I was quite broken, I was really tired and thought they would like me to quit.
After the first nervous episode I’ve been on the show every Saturday for nine years, so now I’ve appeared on 500 shows.
What I do here is talking about movies that will premiere here in Japan, it can be Japanese, Korean, from Hollywood etc.
Sometimes the celebrities visits the show Charlie ?? (think she means Charles Sherron), Tim Burton, he actually like this show so he visits often. Quentin Tarantino as well.
Will Smith was in really good mood when he appeared, we know each other, so was really happy so he jumped up on the table and had fun here.
So it’s here the celebrities sit, as well as Japanese actors/actress.
Before working at KING’s BRUNCH I had the opportunity to go to a press conference for the movie “Men in Black.” When the the press conference was over he said from the stage “I want to take a photo with that girl,” and pointed at me. Later on when I began to work at KING’s BRUNCH I met him again, showed him the photo and he remembered it. Then we were holding this photo and took another photo, so it became like a photo in a photo. We have done it every time. So it has become a photo, in a photo, in a photo.
He liked my interviews so that’s why he visited KING’s BRUNCH, he thought it would be nice. It’s a good memory I have.

4:44-8:47 minutes
Seoul, South Korea
Lasse Lindh lives in the city of Seoul, in Sweden he’s most known from Melodifestivalen (2009).
Melody no. 2: “Jag Ska Slåss i Din Kvarter” with Lasse Lindh och Bandet.

After one of his older songs had been used in a South Korean drama series, Lasse got much attention and decided to move to the other side of the globe.

Lasse: This is so classical. Here begins the area where, university campus. It’s a place for people to meet. Let’s go and check out.
Again, this is the area where I live…
Female fan comes rushing.
Girl: I love you! Can I have your autograph
Lasse: Okay. What’s your name?
Girl: My name is Sunho.
Lasse: How do you spell it.
Girl: S-u-n-h-o
Lasse: Yay.
Girl: Thank you.

Lasse LindhLasse: Actually I’ve only had one kind of work my whole life and that’s being a pop star. I’ve released CD’s abroad since year 2000 both in; USA, Spain, Italy, but it was 2006 things began to happen. By chance I got a very big hit in South Korea and since 2010 I’ve lived here.
The main reason I came here was because of the big hit in this Korean TV series, which is like a good version of Friends and some other drama. It was such a success especially among young girls and couples in love. It became like James Blunt‘s “You’re Beautiful.”
It sounds so cliche, but I don’t think so, it’s really good.
I’ve met so many people who’ve had the song as their cellphone’s signal, woken up to, fallen aslseep to, listened to. It becomes much more powerful than if it would have been a rock hit.
It’s the kind of song that people sing in karaoke bars when they’re about to proclaim their love to someone. I only sing in karaoke bars when I’m drunk.

Girl 1: This song is very popular in Korea. Yes, this song…
Girl 2: Yes, “C’mon Through” is very good. The song is romantic and at the same time very powerful.
Girl 3: I was at his concert last year and it was very impressive. When I was depressed this song gave me the courage, and this is my iPod he signed last concert.

Lasse: My first performance here was in 2006. I was shocked over that I was so popular. You can’t understand that when you’re at home. (I guess he mean’s Sweden in this case.)

Thanks to “C’mon Through” Lasse has appeared on most of Korean’s big TV shows, but to keep topping the charts new material is needed.
At the time Lasse is working on his upcoming single.

8:44-11:40 minutes
Tokyo, Japan
LiLiCo isn’t just famous of interviewing Hollywood stars on TV, she is a host of a radio show as well.
LiLiCo: We’re at Bunkaho’s Radio, it’s a big radio station in Japan, today’s guest is Ogi Mama, he’s very popular.
When I moved to Japan I couldn’t speak any Japanese at all, back then I had no money, so I couldn’t study at school. I watched TV each day, every lunch, every evening and it actually works. I did learn much Japanese from watch TV.
Reading and writing did I learn from karaoke, since the Furigana and Kanji change color, you can listen to what the person sings and understands it. It was my way of studying Japanese.

Today LiLiCo knows the language like any other Japanese, so good that she’ve been dubbing movies.
From: “Spöket Laban” (The Little Ghost Godfrey), LiLiCo as narrator.
From:South Park“, LiLiCo ans Eric Cartman.

Other than dubbing movies, radio shows and “KING’s BRUNCH” LiLiCo hosts the Japanese version of Miss Universe as well.

LiLiCo: I’ve been working in the Japanese entertainment industry for 22 years now. I have one day off each year, and it’s New Year’s Day.
If you’re here in Tokyo and doesn’t work, you feel so… afraid, that someone else will take all the work. I love to work. I don’t feel like “Oh no, I have to work today.” If you get a new job, you’ve got something new to achive. It was what I wanted to do.

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12:20-21:03 minutes
Tokyo, Japan
LiLiCo: My name is LiLiCo here in Japan, my real name is Ann-Sofie and I grew up in Stockholm. I’ve got a Swedish father and a Japanese mother. I lived in Stockholm until I was 18-years old.

LiLiCo had big dreams and chose to move home to her grandmother in Tokyo.
LiLiCo: I wanted to become a singer, that’s why I moved to Japan. At first I took singing lessons, the tutor had some friends that needed a vocalist who could sing at a terrace. I was really happy, I could perform and earn money. I felt as if I performed at Globen. (Stockholm Globe Arena)
After my first performance at this small terrace I met a guy, who later on would become my manager. He told me I could perform much in Hamamatsu (浜松市), so it would be better if I moved from Tokyo to Hamamatsu.
It took a long time before I had my breakthrough. I had no work, no money at all. So lived in a car for five years. I had to sleep at different parking lots

We’re almost here. Let’s see how it looks. It’s much that has changed.
It was about 15 years ago I lived here. Wow, it was a long time ago.
You couldn’t sleep well, so you were always sleepy, whatever you did. I isn’t good for the voice either, when performing in the evening.
This was just a small restaurant and toilets. The worst was that there isn’t any hot water at this kind of parking lot. You couldn’t take a shower. Take a small towel and dry yourself.
You could get one meal each other day. I ate dried octopus for 1 ½ month, during that time I lost 23 kg, I was rather chubby when I moved here.
Even now, I’m used to not eating. Now when I’ve got much to do, even though I’ve got money to eat. It doesn’t matter if I don’t eat lunch, I don’t eat breakfast either.
When I wake up I have to begin working, start up the computer, write articles, run to some screening, I don’t have time to eat, but I’m used to it.
My grandmother didn’t know anything, I didn’t want her to worry about me. She belived I had a house… that I didn’t have. But I had a dream, it can be something to hold on to in life. The only thing you can do is try to make it come true.
I’ve just released a book about my life, about when I moved here, my grandmother and how I became presenter of movies.
To do your best is good. I think those who have gone through hardships, they know how to fight. When I read all these idol magazines when I was little, Sylvester Stallone had a tough childhood. If you know things like that, then it’s easier to fight, at least for me. And Madonna ate from everyone’s trash cans when she lived in New York, if you know that, it you feel better. Then you get power to climb up the ladder in the entertainment industry. I think it’s made me strong.

Seoul, South Korea
Lasse: I think this is a cool place because the river is so central in Seoul. Now you can’t see it, since it’s so hazy, but this is one of the world’s largest cities with 25 million citizens.
Thamsen feels like a rather small river compared to this.
People doesn’t know anything in Korea, they think of Japan and China, but Korea it’s major.
They have almost all big companies that we think are Japanese is Korean.
I got tired of living in Stockholm so many years (he’s born in Malmö, but mostly grew up in Härnösand), I began to detest everything that had to do with the city. Now I’ve began to like it again. What I miss about Sweden is the people, mainly I think Swedes is nice people and it’s my home country so of course I will always think Sweden is the best.

It was year 2010 Lasse decided to move to Korea, he is now working hard on completing his new album.
Lasse: Let’s listen to one of the songs from the album. We did just record it. He’s now been mixing the song, so now we’ll be listening to hear how it sounds.
I have never thought I can do something else. I think it’s necessary if you’re supposed to work with music. It doesn’t work to just do it halfhearted. It sounds ridiculous, I think my music has soul and that’s what I care about.

Currently Lasse is working on the last preparations before a live performance where he will play new material for an exclusive number of fans.
The song “Fix You” is supposed to become Lasse’s next big hit.

Lasse: The theme of the song is something that I often write of and think is interesting. For example when one person doesn’t dare to let another one into their life. I’ve had problem with it myself, it’s what I think is the tough part about love. You have to be at bottom before something good can happen. “How Can I Fix Your Heart” if you don’t let me.
I believe the reason it work out so well for me here has to do with the love theme of my songs. Koreans are very emotional, they’re actually very much like Swedes. My songs has this melancholy feeling to it.

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30:00-33:19 minutes
Tokyo, Japan
LiLiCo will be the host of a big TV show about the Oscar Awards, then you should be well-dressed.
LiLiCo: I don’t want to become the kind of person who can’t dress themselves, so I choose all the clothes I wear by myself. You have to think exactly like at the Oscar Awards; “Who will I meet today? How old are they? What do they work with? What do they like?”
LiLiCoEverything is so cute here. (holds shoe) It’s small pink roses.
For example when I meet Clint Eastwood, he’s 80 years old, so it wouldn’t be becoming wearing a tank top. It’s rude. Then you wear a shirt, maybe a jacket, with a tie sometimes and some beautiful necklace.
(Hold’s a dress) I think this one will do. It looks tall and I’m tall, compared with Japanese people. It’s hard finding a dress that fits me.
Now when I’ve become famous it isn’t easy eating at restaurants since everyone listens to what you say. So now and then I arrange a house party.
Tonight my little brother Thomas and his family will be visiting me, as well as my best friend.
My little brother has just moved here. Well, about 1½ year ago. Finally I can use my Swedish language. At least it feels as if you’re a family. I’ve been alone for such a long time after my grandmother passed away. It feels good to have a real family.
Thomas: You understand that she’s famous, but not really how famous she is. And it changes over time as well, her celebrity status. Like she says she’ve became more famous lately. She appears here and there, for example in my TV show, before movies have premier she tells a little about them.

35:30-38:40 minutes
Seoul, South Korea
Lasse LindhLasse: I’m sitting here with some of my friends, we’ll be eating a little before the concert. I think it’s nice to relax with a little food before, not too much good. My friends are a mixture of all kind of nationalities.
Most of the time I don’t become nervous. It will be fun to play new songs and see how the fans like it.
You can see in the eyes if a song is good if play acoustically compared to playing with a band. I really enjoy playing that way.
It feels as if they liked the songs, it was good and something I needed to know. Especially the song I liked the most.

Guy 1: His voice is very sweet. I like his songs and Lasse.
Guy 2: Especially the music.
Girl 1: I like him, of course his voice is very attractive and his songs is amazing. And his very cute, especially when he speaks Korean.
Girl 2: He’s wonderful!

Lasse: Now it feels as if I got things under control. I will be releasing one records, no two records and one book. I think this year will become a good year for me.

41:08-44:10 minutes
Tokyo, Japan
LiLiCo: Today we will be recording a special program about the Oscar Awards. I will be talking about the movies and about the fashion on the red carpet. I will be the host, I’m a little nervous.
I thought I would become famous after three months, but it took 13 years. You feel happier, if you haven’t been at the very bottom, then you can’t get up.
I haven’t been singing much after becoming presenter of movies, but I haven’t given up. My dream is to take part in Melodifestivalen.
Tonight I will be having a nice evening with my best friends. I’ve asked a guy to cook sushi for us, afterwards we end up having a kind of masquerade. It is with them I can relax, I can be myself. Not LiLiCo.
It’s hard to explain, I think I’m the only one who does this in Japan.
They work a lot here, they want to do something fun, that can’t be done somewhere else. That’s why I have this masquerade. Have a good time and the next day you can go to work with full power.