Journey by Sheryl: Epilogue

Title: Journey
Chapter: Epilogue
Author: Sheryl
Rating: PG-13
Excerpt: “Taylor, seeing the new guitar case in his brother’s hand, raced up to him, not noticing Zac hanging back slightly.
“Let’s see it Ike, hurry up!”
Isaac chuckled. “Damp down, will ya? It’s not like you’ve never seen a guitar before.”
“Oh, shut up, this is the first custom guitar any of us have ever owned and I want to see it, so open it up!”
Zac stepped forward, eyes shining. “Yeah, c’mon Ike, open it up.”
He felt vaguely uneasy, but he wasn’t sure why.
Something about the sight of his brother walking in, sun behind him showing him in silhouette, with the guitar. Chills up his back. It just looked creepy to him.

Journey by Sheryl: Chapter 1

“Not to worry, he was so quiet, we didn’t even realize he was there. I’m sure the killer didn’t notice him any more than we did.”
The boy’s parents eyed the detective dubiously.
It was hard to have faith in a man who had allowed their 12 year old son to sit in a train-car of death, surrounded by mutilated bodies, more than likely in shock, for more than six hours, because he was “so quiet we didn’t even realize he was there.”