Hanekonma (1986)

Hanekonma (1986)


Hanekonma (1986) DVD
  • Titel: はね駒
  • Titel (romaji): Hanekonma
  • Även känd som: Vigorous Pony
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Arbete, drama, historisk
  • Antal avsnitt: 156
  • Längd (per avsnitt): 15 min
  • Tittarsiffror: Medel: 41.7%, högst: 49.7% (Kanto)
  • Originalkanal: NHK
  • Originalvisning: 7 april 1986 – 4 okt 1986
  • Sändningstid: måndag-lördag 08:15


NHKs 36:e asadora Hanekonma handlar om Tachibana Rin från Soma, Fukushima som genom hårt arbete får möjlighet att studera Engelska på en prestigefylld skola för flickor i Sendai, Miyagi. Efter att gift sig flyttar Rin och hennes familj till Tokyo. Där börjar hon skriva för en tidning och blir en av Japans första kvinnliga nyhetsreportrar.

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Okaasan Musume wo Yamete Ii Desu ka (2017) [JPN Subs] (Complete)

Okaasan Musume wo Yamete Ii Desu ka (2017)
Okaasan Musume wo Yamete Ii Desu ka (2017)
Okaasan, Musume wo Yamete Ii Desu ka
  • Title: お母さん、娘をやめていいですか?
  • Title (romaji): Okaasan, Musume wo Yamete Ii desu ka?
  • Also known as: Mom, May I Quit Being Your Daughter?
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Family, suspense
  • Episodes: 8
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2017-Jan-13 to 2017-Mar-03
  • Air time: Friday 22:00
  • Theme song: Little Doll by Sarah Àlainn


A suspenseful family drama revolves around a mother and daughter who have an excessively close relationship. They have overcome many challenges together based on mutual trust; however, the tight-knit relationship was shaken by an encounter with a man. As the daughter becomes intimate with him, she begins to keep a distance from her mother. Being deeply disturbed by her behavior, the mother makes a radical move to have her daughter nearby. — NHK

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Heart Loss (2016) [JPN Subs] (Complete)

Heart Loss (2016)

Fukaya Sakurako is married to the owner of ‘Fukaya’, a long-established miso shop in Nagoya City. She lives comfortably with her husband Kazuhisa and their daughter Yuko, a university student. Sakurako is content with Kazuhisa, a family man whose redeeming feature is his kindness. Her worry is Yuko who pays no attention to school work because she has been chasing after Shugo, a popular singer-songwriter in Nagoya. One day, Sakurako sees Shugo’s post on social media and an exchange with a young man who is not even her own child begins over smartphone. This is in contrast to her ordinary daily routine and all very exciting for Sakurako. She naturally does not tell her daughter about it. Having aspired to become a songwriter when she was young, Sakurako starts to give Shugo advice on the lyrics for his new song. Then one day, Shugo proposes that they work together in Tokyo but… Is this love? Will Sakurako choose her family or him?

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