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MegaUpload – Closed.
FileServe – Closing does not sell premium.
FileJungle – Deleting files. Locked in the U.S.
UploadStation – Locked in the U.S.
FileSonic – The news is arbitrary (under FBI investigation).
VideoBB – Closed! would disappear soon.
Uploaded – Banned U.S. and the FBI went…

Three website banned in U.S. = CENSORSHIP!

Quoting Ethlenn
Anyway, I know, copyrights, and company losses are behind this move. But, out of curiosity, I took a look at one, only one Korean agency, hated all around the world – SM Entertainment.
As you may see, their profit went really up those past 3 years. despite music, DVDs and all being pirated. Why, because damn loyal fans download the album, and then purchase it!!

I don’t buy the excuse of company losses. Especially in Korea, when they pay artists 0.00001 cent from each album sold (well this is an exaggeration, but you get my point).
As I said – loyal fans will always spend their money on merch, whatever it is.

Quoting Orion1986
I would not have coughed up 150 euros to buy a damn You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD had I not downloaded and watched the show first. Neither would I have bought movie DVDs or bags and watches based on anime.
With Hollywood, you can at least rent the movie and buy it IF you like it. But how are we supposed to know if we WANT to buy an asian drama or movie? Just spend hard-earned money without knowing what you’re buying?

As I said myself in the post “Why isn’t more Japanese and Korean dramas aired on international TV?” I myself bought the Japanese drama Koukou Kyoushi (1993), this AFTER I had watched it by obtaining it online, with English subtitles done by fans. The DVD on the other hand does NOT have English subtitles.

The other day I did actually send an e-mail to Swedish TV4, TV3, and Kanal 5 asking them about why they don’t show and Japanese or Korean dramas.

I haven’t gotten any reply yet, from none of them.

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